All wars are Bankers wars. They just have to divide us first!

These people initially were prepared to think on a different wavelength & thus pursue strategies few would even consider. Moreover, this family knew it was imperative not just to instill, but to embed this mentality into their offspring and each generation thereafter, so that this family would eventually realise their long term goal – to be THE one world government. We’re talking about the one & only Rothschilds. Their wealth is estimated to be somewhere between $300-500 trillion. No other family can boast trillionaire status. I’ve said it many times – you’ve got to hand it to them. In 250 years what they’ve achieved is something quite extraordinary, even miraculous. If there were a billion earthlike planets where humans would evolve, I cannot imagine this achievement could be emulated, time-wise at least.


Enough is enough!

Enough is enough!


Sadly, the Rothschild’s used their ingenuity for nefarious means. Had this been channeled for purposes beneficial to mankind who knows what may have occurred. That’s just it. Their goal was for a future where they would decide what the future would be! The harsh reality is, for their goal to be realised, wars had to be manufactured thus a central theme was to set people apart. Here was the process of divide & conquer. Weaken your opponents while you have the bases covered. Every major war in the past 200 years has been manfactured by the Rothschilds. Both World Wars were beautifully engineered so that all major European powers drained their resources in a futile quest to defeat what they were made to believe was their enemy.

In order to ensure this could be achieved whenever desired, the Rothschilds realised they had to have total control of all the newspapers but significantly without too many people knowing they did. Paradoxically achieving their goal would have been all the more problematic if their achievements were recognised. They knew from the word go, slipping under the radar was rule No.1. Their strategy was based on a long term goal. The fact that it would take 2,3, 400 years, maybe more, did not deter them one bit! Now just think about this. 99.99% of businessmen & entrepreneurs would never dream of striving for something that could only bear fruit long after they’ve kicked the proverbial bucket. Which billionaire does that?


  • Yes Michael; you are absolutely correct about the Zionists bankers. They put in Clinton (an 11), then Obama, (an 11) then tried to put in Gore (an 11) when Bush stole the election, and all this was manipulated by Kissinger an 11. They are all ETs in human form. Purely clinical and logical and they all take their orders from the Zionist bankers. That is why Obama was in, to give the bankers all their money. Watch for McCain, another 11. They are all conceived to what “Big Daddy” bankers tell them what to do. The do not make emotional decisions because they do not feel the emotions earthlings do. They operate on clinical input that is necessary for their decisions. Obama is a perfect example of this clinical/logical decision making. How many people understand what I am saying?

  • dave spart

    One should always suspect websites which refer to “zionist bankers”.
    “Zionist bankers” existed way before zionism got up and running.Infact they are Jewish bankers…..
    Camerons ancestors were Jewish bankers.
    Calling them zionist bankers is just another method of deflecting attention away from jewish culpability.

    Are the jews who control the pornography business “zionist pornographers”.Or the jews who control Hollywood,…Zionist producers and directors.
    Or all the jewish movie actors,zionist actors.Is Jennifer Lawrence the jewish actress actually a zionist actress.No,she is a crypto jew,that is a jew who conceals the fact she is a jew,and who would,if asked,donate money to Israel.

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