Allowing legislation to ban certain firearms is tantamount to signing a death warrant

I’ve no idea how accurate this caption is so if anyone is thinking about playing silly bollocks, forget it! The finer detail is more or less irrelevant because what’s beyond any doubt is nearly all gun crime in America is committed by those who acquire firearms illegally. This is what matters so think about this before you go mouthing off about how bad guns are. You see – I’LL DO THAT! I hate all violence & I positively loathe the idea ANYONE has guns & that most definitely includes policemen who’ve been hoodwinked into believing they’re doing a great job fighting terrorism. In fact if I had my way I’d disarm the police & pass laws stating that anyone caught with a firearm faces a minimum of 10 years in jail. 





When it comes to examining the current situation regarding firearms in America though one simply has to cast aside personal feelings. The bigger picture is what counts. What is that you may ask? Simply this. The undeniable truth is each & every US politician pushing for new legislation to ban firearms is perfectly aware their new laws will DO NOTHING TO CURTAIL ILLEGAL GUN CRIME. THEY KNOW THIS! So…. this begs the question – why are they so insistent on doing this? What the hell are they up to? The answer lies in what will occur if such legislation goes through – it will dramatically effect the ability of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves. In other words it means good folk will be giving up their only line of defence against what is not just a political system that’s corrupt to the core but a government that’s totally in the hands of Zionist banksters hell bent on establishing a one world government. A foreign entity that couldn’t give a shit about America & its people.



I said it years ago. I was convinced then & I’ve not wavered one bit – if these scumbags have their way, the 66 million Russians who were horribly tortured & murdered by Ashkenazi Zionists in the 1917 Bolshevic Revolution will seem like a mere warm-up! I’m in no doubt, this time around they’ll murder 100’s of millions if not billions. And I’ll tell you something else – they’ll enjoy doing it! So, I’ll say it again, under no circumstances should Americans give up their firearms. Again, the caption is not great: I believe guns are a problem but the greatest danger to Americans & indeed all folk throughout the world by far is the fact the media & our politicians are owned by a handful of NeoCon nutters.



Finally, since all this involves ‘our security’ I’d just like to have another dig at this so-called war on terror. It makes my blood boil how so many more UK citizens die every year from freezing to death because they can’t afford the outrageous energy prices. THERE’S NO WAR AGAINST THESE GREEDY BASTARDS! How many more billion do they need? Far as I’m concerned, these multi-national companies owned by multi-billionaires are murdering people. So what earthly reason should I have to hate terrorists any more than them? At least terrorists aren’t in it for the bread & often they die for their cause. So in my eyes these energy companies are far worse than any terrorists. 






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