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The media mastered the art of how to get a message across long ago. Considering literally all they ever do is tell lies there had to be a certain formula in order to suck in as many people as possible. It’s not so much they keep repeating the same lie; more tell a lie & then make sure every follow up story is spun in order to lend credence to that lie. It’s a form of repetition that for goodness knows how many years has worked wonders. I often refer to it as subliminal brain-washing.


And how frustrating it is for those who know the truth. We do not possess anything like the options the media have. Moreover, most of us know only too well, any kind of repetition is often construed as trying to ram your beliefs down people’s throats. For sure it’s not easy being a writer/activist. Yet I feel compelled to reiterate a point I’ve been trying to make recently regarding censorship & why certain people suffer the brunt of it, while other activists who generate far more traffic somehow escape such scrutiny. Needless to say it’s all about the Z factor.


The Real Threat


Yesterday Gail Parker sent me a video SECRET STATE by Chris Everard. What caught my eye was a week earlier I’d watched a clip by the same chap for the first time & it was regarding the tragic death of MP Jo Cox. I felt Everard was jumping the gun & it prompted me to post –

The tragic murder of Jo Cox: If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the media for inciting hatred on the 17th


“it bothers me no end many activists make the grave error of not so much immediately thinking ‘hold the phone a minute’ but by doing exactly what mainstream media does – declaring a certain view with at best flimsy evidence or as often is with the MSM, no evidence whatsoever! The MSM answers to no one but when activists behave in such a slipshod, devious manner, it provides all the juice our detractors need in order to label us daft ‘conspiracy theorists!’ Why do this? Isn’t our predicament tough enough?”
Anyway I watched the video & I liked it. It was all about how the EU was one big con & how the super wealthy elite families were running the show. I couldn’t agree more but I told Gail I would not be putting it up because throughout the entire video the enemy was referred to as Nazis! There was no mention of Zionists & above all, the Rothschild’s. For me, this is not good enough. It defeats the whole object of the exercise. Rule No 1 for the Zionists is slipping under the radar! If you don’t know that you’re not worth a Mars bar! Hardly surprising he has a huge following. Let’s face it – referring to the chief protagonists as Nazis is exactly what the Zionists Rothschilds want. The uninitiated will assume the Krauts are it again! Therefore, it goes without saying, Everard is anything but a target for censorship.


Now the flip side of the coin: In my opinion here is an infinitely more informative video where Mark Dankof is interviewed by Patrick Slattery. What I would give to have Reverend Dankof’s delivery. My voice sounds like a sniveling rat in a threshing machine. That’s neither here nor there. What’s of paramount importance is, unlike Everard, Dankof says WHAT HAS TO BE SAID! We’re running out of time. The integral reason the world is in this current dire predicament is because of power-crazed Zionists. We have no need for people who wish to massage their egos. If we had any sense we’d be avoiding those who are rarely censored & looking out for those who are! Please. Listen to all of this clip & don’t even bother with the other one.



The Israeli Lobby – A Danger To The World – Banned Documentary

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