America has been Taken Over from within

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America has been Taken Over from within

Whatsupic — If there was one point I’d dearly love to get across to everyone, it’s the fact I believe behind almost everything occurring today, is the deceitful, manipulative hand of Zionism! Indeed almost all US policies are designed to help Israel and no one else! Since the rigged Florida Primary allowed GW Bush to steal the Presidency, what happened? Almost immediately the wishes of the PNAC group were brought into play resulting in 9/11! There’s no question this was an inside job. Blaming Bush though is sheer folly; far more constructive if one looks at the PNAC group – loaded to the brim with dual national Zionists and those controlled by them!


Sure, 9/11 was planned and executed by these people but it could have never been carried through without a fully compliant media. If just one MSM news channel in the West had asked anyone of the patently obvious questions, the whole sordid plot would have speedily unraveled! The crux of our problems in the world today stems from the fact the entire mainstream media is either owned or controlled by Zionists! How else could it be? Israel commits more crimes, breaks more international laws than any country on the planet and no one dares to criticize them! Of course if we carry on shirking our responsibility, Zionists will continue to run roughshod over us……. AND THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING!

Its often been said before the ‘creation’ of Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East! After 9/11 it has few friends – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar,and Bahrain, all 4 with appalling records on human rights; all 4 harboring little desire for democracy! So much for human rights and democracy! None of this is ever mentioned by the media but when our meddling in the affairs of other countries has to be somehow justified, these are the lame excuses the media gives – human rights and democracy! I can’t believe they have the effrontery; sadly there are just enough people who are either too dumb or don’t care!

So who has gained from all this unbridled mayhem? Answer – Israel and the huge corporations involved mainly in Armaments, Energy and Banking, which more often than not have an extremely healthy array of Zionists at the helm! So powerful is their stranglehold over the US and UK, these two countries did all the fighting, while Israel is now the beneficiary of cut-price Iraqi oil! All the pipelines built solely for Israel is courtesy of the US tax payer! As Netanyahu said “9/11 is good for Israel!” It’s one of the few times he’s ever told the truth!

Back in America arch Zionist Michael Chertoff was made head of Dept. of Homeland Securities by Bush. Quite how this appointment never turned heads amazes me no end but then if one controls everything it’s easy. In little time dual national Zionists controlled all positions of any note when it came to the ‘defence of America’s homeland!’ First thing they did was built 800+ Fema camps, just in case the American people started to wake up …….. and all on tax payer money; all this while their liars in the media began trumping the ludicrous notion there could indeed exist homegrown terrorists! True, only that the terrorists ARE THE DUAL NATIONAL ZIONISTS! Anyway, why not start collating data on everyone, most especially on those who are trying to get the truth out about how Zionists control every major aspect of US life……….. and guess what? THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING! 

Another Netanyahu quote – “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP and BLOW AWAY!” 9/11, the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Fema camps, the Patriot and NDA Acts, the rigging of the last 4 Presidential elections, the policy to destroy Libya and Syria, the gun laws, the systematic destruction of the US Constitution, all this spying crap, even the banking fiasco – ALL HAVE OCCURRED BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THE ZIONISTS WANT! The only terrorist threat there exists, is the one the Zionists have manufactured out of thin air! 9/11 was the catalyst to make all the dumbos out there believe the Muslims are the enemy! The only way America and indeed the UK, can save themselves, is if we can somehow eradicate what’s become a most virulent carcinogenic strain. If we don’t, we will get blown away!


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