If I had to select one fact, the one point I felt people most needed to hear, no thought required – it’s a no-brainer. In my three & a half years on FB, from the get-go I ran the risk of alienating American friends because time & again I’d state – America has been taken over. The fact there’s been no declaration of war, no invasion has merely served to lull Americans further into a false sense of security. This takeover has come from within. The end result is no different to a country that’s been conquered, except in this case the invader has the added advantage of knowing most Americans remain oblivious. They’ve little or no idea they’re under occupation.


And many Americans terminated their friendship. Well, the last thing I’m ever going to do is court popularity. If you’re fool enough to think I’m insulting America & its people by suggesting this then you’re in for a rude awakening. Yet, confounding the situation ever further is the distinct likelihood almost all those pulling the plug on me would admit in a heartbeat that a higher, hidden tier of power transcending the entire political spectrum exists! Sometimes I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In fact, the Zionist power base is never satisfied. It’s an entity that has to keep growing, expanding, gobbling up whatever matters, gaining even more control, all the time. If they have 80% of Congress, do you honestly believe they’re not working on the 20% they don’t have?


Time & again I’ve said, nothing occurs in America unless dual national Zionists want it. Why do you think US police have been given the green light to kill Americans. What earthly reason would Obama have. Well the big giveaway here is, prior to this sudden spike of indiscriminate killing of unarmed civilians, it was deemed the US police force should seek training from the master thugs of the Universe – Israeli experts in riot control. Not that they or anyone else has ever had the need to control riots. We know when the Israelis say one thing it means something altogether different! This ‘training’ is all about eliminating compassion toward fellow citizens & instilling an entirely false notion that one’s actions, painful as they may be, nevertheless serve the needs of your country. You Mr hooligan thug are a true patriot!


All these cold-blooded murders & I’m still waiting for one US media whore to mention this spike in Police violence coincided with the decision to utilize Israeli advisors. It’s the same old story, all the time. When referring to the Middle East, 99.9% of those commenting on the media talk of America’s nonsensical foreign policy. I scream at the TV – the reason it doesn’t make sense you wally is because this is all for Israel’s benefit. If you keep thinking US politicians are doing this, you’ll never make head or tail of this. Only when you recognize Zionists call the shots in America, as they do here in the UK too, does everything make sense. Of course, rule No.1 in the Zionist controlled media – SLIP UNDER THE RADAR! Israel’s role must never be mentioned. If anyone does, at best it could well be a career neutralizer!


Believe it or not, I’m as open-minded as one should be. However on this issue, I’d stake my life & I’d lose no sleep doing so. Frankly, it amazes me no end why I’m forever having to spell this out. Therefore, no surprise I’m posting this because Greg Felton not only echoes my very sentiments but he does so in front of an audience flush with a healthy supply of delusional Jews who typically, jump to the erroneous conclusion Felton is criticising them & harbors ill-feeling toward Jews. There’s the odd Zionist spouting the obligatory bile too. The best part starts on 28 minutes. I know someone went to the trouble to send me this clip. I apologise for misplacing your name. I’d like to thank you personally.





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