American Jew posing as Jihadist inciting terror attacks -Arrested!

GET A LOAD OF THIS………. I mean we’ve heard of Jihad John but I never thought I’d be writing about Jihad Jew! But sure enough, a Jewish American troll named Joshua Ryne Goldberg was caught bang to rights posing as a Jihadist trying to incite terror attacks. Unbelievable. They do 9/11; they blame it on Muslims & here they are pouring oil on the fire……. & I’ll bet my bottom dollar Zionists are bashing heads to make sure the US media somehow play this down & find a way to let this vermin off! Check out the video in the link…..

American Jew posing as Jihadist inciting terror attacks -Arrested!

I mean these people put a new meaning to the word evil. With all they’ve done to brand Muslims as fanatical extremists they have no conscience. There’s no backing off yet it is the Israelis who are the greatest terrorists in history by a mile. The only reason they get away with such skulduggery is because they own the media. Not only is this kept under wraps but any nation standing up to their wanton disregard for international law is vilified. Moreover, so great is their hatred, the media never let up. It’s a non-stop barrage of lies that they know is bound to fool the ignorant masses. Thanks to Dizzy for the heads up.

American Jew posing as Jihadist inciting terror attacks -Arrested!




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  • mo sheik

    this is done on a 24hr basis

  • ramon

    Yep, Zionist (Jews)control the media, the government, the world and now they are coming after Michael Aydinian, because obviously they know where he lives.

  • Jon de Kerguelen

    Yes, they are pure evil. Unfortunately, most Americans have been totally brain washed by their endless propaganda. If this story were about any other group it would be front page news. But I doubt it will ever see the light of day as we know they own/control all the media. This world would be such a better place without them as they produce nothing. Create debt enslavement of the masses and spread porn, deceit, war, poverty and crime. They truly are Satan’s children.

    • EXACTLY RIGHT JON. But don’t worry. By doing what they are they may well succeed in ruling the planet but they’re effectively signing their own death warrant because evil can never win. Sure they can over the short term but it is inevitable – if there’s one Netanyahu, there can be another exactly like him, neither compromising for the greater good, both hell bent on domination. THEY WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING!

  • Will people stop spreading hate and inciting more reasons for extremists to come after Americans. You fools don’t speak for most of us. That man in the video doesn’t speak for us and he should be charged with inticting hate. Most of these people should including man in Va. At that meeting. Donald Trump just to name a couple.I’m so sickof all these people who are so full of hate.

    • Look – who’s spreading hate? It’s not my fault you construe the truth as hate! No one is bad-mouthing the American people. If anyone did I wouldn’t allow it. I lived in America for a year & the people there were great. It’s your politicians & the Zionist scum who control everything there that are causing all the grief. We’re in the same boat as you. MY GOD!

  • Why am I not surprised ? By deception, thou shalt do war.

  • This story came out a few months ago and nothing since. Not a word. Someone must have put him up to it. Let’s see how many life sentences he receives. NONE!

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