An integral reason the world is in such a mess today – men of this ilk are virtually non-existent

Two great men. I wonder of their amazing insight & integrity & instantly I feel this is what is sadly so lacking in the 21st century – men of true calibre. What Otto Von Bismarck said of Lincoln 150 years ago is particularly thought provoking. Just imagine how powerful the Rothschild Banksters were even back then for Bismarck to say this –

“The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots & the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness & tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America & use it to systematically corrupt civilization.”


  • Ted Duggan

    Bang on the Nail Michael

  • brian

    fabulous i really miss the coleman experience but thankyou for this michael

  • brian

    The BBC have always employed a large number of sex perverts,
    Maurice Cole better known as Kenny Everitt died of AIDS in 1995.
    Kenny was a tortured man who longed to be normal, and like several others at the BBC was sent for treatment to one of the worlds leading psychiatrists at the famous Maudesley Hospital in London, Dr Ruth Seiffert.
    Kenny went with DJ. Allan “fluff” Freeman, both declined to continue treatment.
    Kenny told Dr.Andrea McDougall, that underage boys were being abused by several BBC staff, and Jimmy Saville was actually just one bringing in boys aged 10 and 11 to abuse in his dressing room.
    Paul Gambaccini turned queens evidence in exchange for non prosecution and named many other abusers.
    With the mass closure of mental hospitals all patients info should have been burnt or shredded
    but much was saved, kept under the file name of “social Deviance” we can see without a shadow of a doubt the BBC and police and many social workers and psychiatrists knew what was going on, that these homosexuals were abusing kids.
    Robin Gibb as one of the Bee-Gees pop group was said on radio to have boasted to roadies he had had sex with a thousand boys, this man was the multi billionaire left wing racist who asked for public money to build a statue honouring the RAF who were bombing Germany and strafing refugee columns after the war. ( see statue pic below )The queen unveiled the statue, the ceremony was boycotted by many surviving wartime RAF bomber crews, as the bombing is listed as a major War Crime.
    Arthur Harris took the blame when it was Winston Churchills idea all along/

    The Roadies claimed Robin Gibb was part of a web of Show biz homosexuals abusing boys mainly from care homes.
    George Michael was the singer with the successful pop group Wham, and was said to have committed suicide at age 53, pop singers are usually “programmed” and if this starts to wear off are then suicided.
    Screaming Lord Sutch Michael Jackson Witney Houston John Denver Jimmi Hendrix Bob Marley Elvis Presley and Amy Winehouse are part of a long list of pop stars who died early and often mysteriously,
    and in the case of Amy Winehouse her replacement was named same week she died, as Stacy Solomons.
    Now George Michael was begining to speak out and name names, he stated Cliff Richard and Boy George were “evil” but speaking out for the Palestinian cause against Israeli genocide sealed his fate.
    George said that Cilla Black was close to several show biz Homosexuals such as Graham Norton and Cliff Richard, this was at a time when Cliff Richard was involved with bisexual Tony Blair.
    Homosexuals obviously dont actually like women, they see them as rivals, but women like Cilla who associate with the enemy are known as “Fag-Hags” or Faggot-Followers” George claimed Cilla knew all the dirt on this crowd, and not all were BBC employees or politicians,some would attend kinky parties at Fred Wests house but records kept by the psychiatrists from the Maudesly hospital are now believed to be in the possession of the BBC,which is now just a mouthpiece for Mossad. so who was blackmailed here ? we know Cliff Richard went and performed in israel against his will

  • …….absolutely WOW !
    I did not before know the full extent of the evil depravity that has existed among the glitterati,until i read your comment !
    tTank you for sharing this with all who read the contents/comments on this site – it’s a real eye-opener !
    I for one am pleased to see that Bojo is going all-out to trim back the BBC and i hope he succeeds – the BBC has by now outlived it’s usefulness & it’s viability,and in fact needs to be shut down – it has become way too much of an overgrown & unwieldy behemoth,which needs to go out of existence !
    I have on occasion listened to the songs made by those that you’ve listed in your comment,without ever realising what they were up to behind t he scenes !
    i wish (with your permission) to copy your comment to send to others,so that they too can become enlightened with regard to the perversion which takes place within the ranks of the BBC.

    • Yes indeed Terence. I’m quite surprised more people don’t see it as you do. This clearly shows that statesmen in the 19th century not only deserved their hallowed positions but they were far wiser & honest than the garbage we have today. As for the BBC it is merely a mouthpiece for Mossad. And please you don’t need to ask to copy anything you may require.

  • Linda

    John Wilkes was also a knight of the golden circle. That’s an interesting rabbit hole.,

  • CB

    Did Bismarck refer to ‘foreign bankers’
    or to Jewish bankers?

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