An Open Letter To The UK Parliament MPs: “Impeach Cameron”

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An Open Letter To The UK Parliament MPs: “Impeach Cameron”

Whatsupic — I’ve been feeling a bit rough lately & I must admit listening to David Cameron talking about establishing a ‘NATO Attack Force’ is actually making me ill. What he’s saying about Russia taking Crimea when the West was instrumental in ousting the democratically elected government of Ukraine. But this only scratches the surface! We’re blaming Russia for what Poroshenko is doing! He’s the one murdering his own people! Putin is bursting blood vessels trying to deescalate the situation! 

David Cameron and Ed MilibandDavid Cameron and Ed Miliband (Photo: Reuters)

Yet Cameron’s lies have gone positively stratospheric! Today he said “Russia is ripping up the rule book” when they’re doing nothing of the sort! All this while Israel displays a wanton disregard to international law & HE SAYS NOTHING! Displaying such outrageous double standards is simply unacceptable! One is forbidden to say a word about any country annexing land if one does not initially condemn the systematic annexation of Palestinian land, as well as the building of illegal settlements! This has gone way past being a joke! 

Look at what happened to the Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine! Having been diverted 300 miles south into a war zone by Ukrainian air traffic control, within 20 minutes of it being shot down, Netanyahu’s tanks moved into Gaza! Now, at that time some 400 or so Gazans had been killed but the day before, when 4 kids were deliberately targeted & murdered while playing football on the beach, the world’s media was focused firmly on Gaza. There seemed way too much pressure, even on Netanyahu, to send the tanks in! So we had a Zionist who illegally seized control in Ukraine; we have Zionist puppets, Obama & Cameron, immediately blaming Putin for this outrage, as well as a Zionist controlled media flat out accusing Putin before any evidence could be gathered, let alone assessed & most significantly Cui Bono pointed an accusing finger at Benjamin Netanyahu! What he needed was an event to divert media attention away from Gaza. Miraculously – THIS OCCURS! 

If the West’s complicity wasn’t staring at us squarely in the face, why has the media suddenly dropped this story from the news? I’ll tell you why! The few decent politicians we have like RON PAUL as well as experts & families of victims, challenged America to release satellite footage! It’s common knowledge the US knows exactly what’s going on. This would reveal conclusively who shot down flight MH17! The Russians submitted evidence which pointed the finger at Ukraine’s air force; one of the investigators then went on RT Moscow & said part of the fuselage was riddled with bullets & that the West were telling blatant lies by saying Russia was impeding the investigation when it was Poroshenko all along! So, all the findings were sent to London……….. & SUDDENLY IT’S ALL GONE QUIET! Why are they holding back & why has the media clammed up? 

The fact Cameron had the temerity to accuse Putin of such a heinous act when he well knows this was yet another Zionist/ NATO set up job is bad enough. Such incompetence, even if you can call it that, is anything but the action of a man who’s been entrusted with the welfare of the people of this country! Anyone who believes we should be antagonizing a country who, if push comes to shove, have more than just a capability of destroying our nation, has to be completely off their rocker!

Cameron should be impeached. He is not fit to lead this or any country. His actions are akin to treachery for he is deliberately risking the lives of every single person living in the UK, with very little, if any justification to do so. I sincerely hope you & your colleagues make it absolutely clear he has already gone way too far.

Yours sincerely 

Michael Aydinian

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