Andy Burnham’s turn to grovel for support……

I work 12 hours a day for very little money. Today Google refused to allow me to earn a few Shekels with Adsense on my website. Unlucky Burnham. You’re the one that got it from both GMM barrels. Two days ago I joined the Labor Party. Yesterday I replied to e-mails from Kendall & Cooper. Today was Burnham’s turn to get it in the ribs.


Dear Michael,

Andy Burnham will be in Central London on Monday evening, 24th August. Book your place now to meet him as ballots, for you to choose the next leader of the Labour Party, continue to be delivered.

In polls of Labour voters and the wider public, Andy Burnham has been named the candidate people are most likely to get behind to beat the Tories in 2020.

This is your chance to listen to Andy’s vision for our Party, how he’ll change Labour, and how he’ll lead us to power in 2020. It’s also a great chance to ask him any questions you have.Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start, at: St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA. The venue is a five minute walk from both St Pancras and Euston stations.

We really hope you can join us.

James Bolton
London Regional Co-ordinator
Andy Burnham: Be Part of the Change


A perfect Zionist puppet by Mike Aydinian

BTW – this retort went straight to Andy Burnham’s HQ!

I’m struggling financially but if you offered me £200 I still wouldn’t come & see that Zionist arse-licking puke. I didn’t give a damn for who became Labor’s leader because I know, whoever gets in will be leaned on big time by the Zionists. But when I saw how Burnham & those two useless slags ganged up on Jeremy Corbyn, along with that war-mongering liar Blair & the despicable Zionist controlled media all having a go at a man who’s always stuck by his principles – anti-war, pro-palestinian, a true man of the people – that was the catalyst – I JOINED THE LABOR PARTY JUST TO SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN!


AND JAMES BOLTON, WHAT A LIAR YOU ARE – get this folks – “In polls of Labour voters and the wider public, Andy Burnham has been named the candidate people are most likely to get behind to beat the Tories in 2020.” Now remember the piece I wrote a while back how the Zionists cleverly play with words? “HAS BEEN NAMED.” All the media has to do is ask…… BY WHOM?……. This is the beauty of a media that doesn’t ask questions. People simply do not realise that just by keeping schtum, you couldn’t be further away from a level playing field. Has been named my arse. What by Blair; Genghis Khan or maybe Snow White & the 7 dwarfs!

Talk about telling porkies! You must be a Zionist. Either that or you’ve learned well. On my website I’ve told people the Zionists don’t just tell lies; THEY TELL ABSOLUTE WHOPPERS! Why’s that? Because if you’re going to lie, you might as well go the whole hog because that way you inadvertently take people further away from the truth. And boy, have you done that here – instead of people thinking this little runt will get slaughtered by Corbyn you say the exact opposite, to at least create an impression that the election is closer than some people think. This will at least allow the possibility of the kind of election fraud that’s synonymous with Zionists.
I’d bet any amount of money that not only Corbyn is the man to beat the Tories; so long as Corbyn is not assassinated, the moment he becomes leader, Labor will go huge odds on to win the next election. That means the Zionists will have to rig the elections AGAIN! The trouble is, the way the media is being made to tell so many lies even the dumbest of the dumbest are now catching on. This is precisely why Cameron is chomping at the bit to make people believe Muslims hate our freedoms when in fact HE’S THE ONE WHO WANTS TO CRUSH FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That’s why Google have refused to monetize my website.
Oh but “Andy has laid out a plan for our Party?” So I don’t have to worry all that much do I? This snivelling rat will sort everything out! Yeah, plan my butt! Another Zionist one where Israel’s outrageous genocidal treatment of the Palestinians will be ignored & all the while our fundamental rights will slowly but surely disappear down the Swanee. When this happens we will have no recourse against these people. I know exactly what the plan is – simply to do everything that’s asked of him by the Rothschild banking crooks while the people of this country are well & truly shafted. Like Cameron he will be working for the best interests of Israel. It’s not even a plan. IT’S THE AGENDA! But James, be careful. You’ve got to go some to make sure you’ve got your place booked in one of them underground bunkers.
Burnham looks as if he’s had a silver spoon rammed so far up his arse frankly I’m amazed a knife & a fork hasn’t emerged from his ears! How can a no-good, non-achieving pencil-pusher who’s just another Cameron/Blair clone have any idea compared to a guy that’s paid his dues & been an MP for 32 years? You lot make me sick! There is no shame in people like you any more.


  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    Hope you don’t mind me saying but maybe you should add a facility for us to donate to support your work…. It’s quite commonplace now, I donate to global research and Corbett for example and would gladly contribute a bit per month if it would help, even if it puts me on some NWO watch list!

    • You’re so kind Sam. Really I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if I’m ready to do that just yet. However, we are looking at options to hurdle Google’s obstacles. If we remain unsuccessful I may have to consider this option. Thank you so much

      • JD

        Good idea. You can add a Paypal Donate button at the top. The adsense is not as much as you might hope/expect Michael. There are probably better ad/monetization options available for your type content/niche with higher click thru payouts.

  • Sam has a very good point Michael – Donations to keep your good work running is no shame but truly a thank you from the many who appreciate your hard work. You actually work too hard. Time you worked SMART!!!
    Get over you feeling you can’t and give others that decision to support in that way or not. It becomes a win win.

    Now get back to work!!!!

    • Don’t worry Trapman – I’m typing away, eating food, watching A Touch of Frost & I’ve got a broomstick up my arse so I can sweep the floor at the same time! Seriously Jonathan – thanks ever so much for all the support. It’s such a shame because the past 6 days is somewhere around 300,000 hits! Anyway it’s great to know there are some mighty fine people around. Love you guys.

      • Thanks matey – In my experience of Adsense on my sites I found even a milllion hits never really earned me decent residual. Hits against visitors are vastly different thus a PayPal donate button would be far better. Hyper easy for your techies to set up. We all really need to extract that broomstick. You have many respectful readers who would be more than happy to support your research.
        You keep us all highly amused and very well informed. The trolls need only exercise your light hearted slings that show them for the poverty they are

        • Jonathan – what can I say? The broomstick has been extracted. A feel a lot better now thank you very much! After what you & JD say about Adsense I’m now convinced I have to do as you guys suggest. I’ll speak to the Wonder Woman today & hopefully start to get the ball rolling.. Cheers mate.

  • Nicky Nelson

    I have told you before Michael, you should give people the OPTION to help support your work! There is no shame in offering a way for people to donate to you for God’s sake! We need you in this fight and we all benefit from your work. By the way, I saw the letter rejecting you for the ads and quite frankly I have never seen it happen before, so you must be making a difference to the point they are afraid. Thank you for all you do! xoxox

  • les

    cant help, would love to do so . just keep up the brilliant work
    i love the job you do

  • Linda Morrison

    Ah Michael I can contribute 4 adult kids, one dog, and an old Spanish peseta hope it helps 😘

  • Simon

    I’ll always help you out mate.
    I ain’t loaded but i will always contribute to a good cause.
    I love the blatant truth and the way you tell it and like Jonathan said,
    it is also highly amusing sometimes. Cracks me up anyway.
    We have a similar kind of humour when it comes to ridiculing idiots.
    Get the paypal button sorted and get what you deserve.

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