Angelina Jolie slams UN security council for Syria inaction.

Fair play once again to ANGELINA JOLIE. After watching her performance in Clint Eastwood’s superb film CHANGELING there’s no question she can act. Yet she’s not just the real deal as an actress but as a human being too. Got the Cohones to boot & I bow to thee lady –


HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY BE? The entire mainstream media is oblivious of the fact none of these people EVER WANTED TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES YET ACROSS THE BOARD THEY’RE REFERRED TO AS MIGRANTS? THEY’RE REFUGEES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Make no mistake – what the media’s doing is deliberate – it’s all about DIVIDE & CONQUER!


Of course. Even though it’s patently obvious Bush, Blair, Obama & Cameron are under the Zionist cosh & this is all about Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel, I find it astonishing those directly responsible for this catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions continue to escape admonishment.


Whichever way one looks at this, this crisis was created by the West’s insistence to meddle in the affairs of other countries we have no right interfering with. We did this because our politicians are in the pockets of the Zionists – THIS ALL ABOUT THE ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST POLICY TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! Their media has dutifully serviced lies that have led to the illegal wars & the whole phoney war on terror. 


  • Stop the Greater Israel agenda and this criminal insanity will stop. The creation of the terrorist factions like al ciada, the taliban, syrian rebels, and now isis is done to perpetuate the lie of the “war on terror”. The terrorists are the US, Israel, Uk, and Saudi. Israel was founded on terrorism by the zionist rothschilds in 1948. Israel exists on the propaganda spread by the Khazarian Mafia of the “jews” being the chosen ones and promised israel. Israel has been engaged in illegal occupation, genocide, and ethnic cleansing for the past 67 years against the Palestinian. Now the Khazarian Mafia want the oil rich muslim countries and have created the Greater Israel Agenda to murder and dislocate millions of middle easterners. Stop the Illegal occupation of israel and the insanity stops.

    • Hanya Imam

      The mafia plot is clearer than crystal. It takes someone with a low average IQ to figure that this is the zionist Lobby hand in hand with America, Saudi Arabia to create this intentional unrest via ISIS which is no doubt an Israeli creation for the States. The Curtains are not prevailing what is behind the stage. The sad issue here is that Human beings (supposedly) ceased to deserve the word human being. This lady spoke very well, and was as frank as she could be in her humane statement. Yes the Politicians are unfortunately well in the pockets of the Zionists. This is gradually spelling the downfall of both the States and Israel and all followers and part takers . ISIS does not stand for Islamic state but for Israeli Intelligence for Israel Security… Consciousness is frozen to death ,awareness melting away rapidly , that is when human beings conclude on their humanity and being.

    • Absolutely right PP. I think this can only happen if the Zionist media stranglehold can be broken & that’s going to be hard enough to do. For me Zionism is an entity that simply has to expand. It cannot stop because it cannot afford to be found out!

    • Nicky Nelson

      Well said PeoplePower!!!

  • It is uptime to work less hard and create peace, it is time to rekindle awareness where it lost. Economy for the greedy will be more beneficial when there is peace on earth. Humanity is scarce these days, it has been washed away just like the poor syrian child was washed by the waves ashore. Wake up world, Peace is healthier to All. Humanity needs to be preserved.

  • israel forever

    Anti-Semitic . miserable little talent and no brains. Lucky to have a famous father. only because of his name managed to get some roles in films. Her father however big supporter of Israel. I would be very happy to see her in the UN also talks about the situation in Syria. Hate Israel is an easy target. I want to see how she going to blame Rothschild and the Jews Hollywood directors who not gave her roles in films for risponseble for the events in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc.

  • Sam

    Qui Bono matey – Israel is the only beneficiary so Israel is to blame – you don’t have to be a genius to work it out (and she certainly isn’t that!) Suddenly it’s really important for the west to destroy all Israel’s enemies even though it could hardly be any less in the wests own interests…..
    John Voight was a better actor than his daughter though, I agree!

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