Animal Cruelty: The Secret Ingredient in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

It’s hardly surprising we treat animals so appallingly; we’re forever fighting among ourselves. Quite why we are so cruel I believe to a great extent requires tutelage. If we were taught to be kind & generous, most of us would be. Instead we’re taught Religion, Nationalism & Culture, all concoctions of man’s imagination that merely serve to divide & as a result we are as we are. 

I know there are war-mongers & politicians who don’t give a damn about killing millions of people, child molesters & murderers, yet though I’m not sure why, for me there’s something so inherently evil about animal cruelty, I’d think nothing of eradicating these people altogether, along with all the other scum. But then what of those who make millions out of getting our children to eat this shit? Thanks to new friend David Hereaux for the link.

Beware: those of you who are a touch squeamish there is a GMM health warning on this video –


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