Anti-BDS Legislation: How will Cameron enforce this criminal law? And Pink Floyd star says Celebrities are scared shitless to criticise Israel

Passing this criminal law is one thing but quite how Cameron intends to police this is another story. Okay. So you make it illegal to boycott Israeli products – does that mean inadvertently filling one’s shopping basket void of Israeli products is a violation of the law? This is what happens when politicians are over a barrel, especially when the people they’re beholding to are career criminals who feel God gave them the right to do what the hell they like!


Bye Bye Government


For me, there’s good news & there’s bad news. The good news is, the more the Israelis are forced to show out, not only do more people feel they do not have right on their side but they realise the media is lying on their behalf. The worrying aspect is, this is merely another step in the wrong direction. Another law here; another law there; throw in the TPP & a hate law that allows the media to incite Islamophobia but woe betide if you say anything derogatory about the evil IDF murderers & suddenly we’ll have no rights & the Zionists will be able to do what the hell they like……
Here’s the piece I wrote for Whatsupic –


UK to Advance anti-BDS Legislation. Now we’re Being Told where to Spend our Money!


Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this caption – 




And Pink Floyd star Roger Waters says Celebrities are scared shitless to criticise Israel. Thanks to Paul Stewart for sending me this link…..


Pink Floyd Star Says Celebrities Are Scared To Criticise Israel




  • Rashad Mobara

    We know what Judas got, 30 gold coins. We know what Blair got….psst please don’t mention it. Have you ever wondered what Cameron got? Don’t worry you will eventially come to know.

    • Yes indeed Rashad. Can you imagine? Cameron even WORSE THAN BLAIR! Just unbelievable. If there were no Zionists pulling the strings David Davis, would have been Proime Minister. Compared to Cameron, Davis would be a godsend,

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