“Anti-semitic: It’s a trick we always use it”

Two days ago a good friend told me, “you’ll find that many potential readers see the prefix Zion & instantly dismiss all that follows as some sort of crazy hateful diatribe.” Sure enough, this morning I received this comment on my website, “Your posts are good but marred by the constant references to Zionism – making sharing out of the question.” I just wrote back to the chap asking his advice on what label I should use to describe what are the greatest gangsters in history!


Boy. The chief power-brokers really did their homework on this one. They’re responsible for making this a no-go area. In fact the way people have fallen for it hook, line & sinker, I frankly can’t see a way round this. Along with the advent of their ‘trick’, the meaningless, derogatory label of anti-Semitism every time anyone spouts the word Jew or Zionist, simply for the purpose of highlighting their deceit, manipulation & downright skulduggery, one is ambushed. As a result even activists shy away from naming & shaming those behind JFK’s assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty & the daddy of them all, 9/11. Zionists were the culprits each & every time yet I’m attacked merely for using the word Zionist! It really is a mad, mad world!


To hell with this ridiculous phrase anti-Semitic. The irony is the vast majority of those utilising this abortion haven’t the slightest idea of what it actually means. In any case, when a bank robber is caught red-handed, he can’t turn round to the judge & say I don’t recognise this court because you’re anti bank-robber! I will continue naming & shaming the Zionists & if it means I lose a few punters then to hell with it. I’ve never courted popularity & I never will. If people are too dumb to realise there isn’t a racist bone in my body, then in my eyes they’ve got the brains of a rocking horse!


If only this clip (1.21) “Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it” would go viral….


So this morning, once again I had to explain what I meant by Zionists. Quite why I even bother I’m not sure because the chap’s reply made it abundantly clear he knew more about this than me. I’m not one for detail. I merely know when I’m being told a pack of lies. I also know there are several people out there on the payroll just to discredit people like me. The proof is in the pudding – if I was talking a load of rubbish would my website be targeted so? Anyway, this was my response….


Jews & Zionists are two different animals. I’ve actually defined Zionism a million times. In short Judaism is a religion; Zionism is a political ideology originally promoted by Yehuda Bibas, a Sephardic Rabbi (1789-1852; Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874), an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi; Judah Alkalai (1798- 1878), a Sephardic Jewish Rabbi, though Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) is often credited as being one of the founding fathers of modern political Zionism. Quite how I can explain this every single time I write a piece I’m at a loss. Perhaps I need to put this up on my homepage because you are not alone. I’m inundated with people who insinuate I’m racist or anti-Semitic.


I can understand new readers finding it offensive but then 200 years of hard work & incessant lying via the Rothschild Zionists have fooled most people into thinking Israel, Jews & Zionists are one & the same thing. I find it particularly interesting, as well as nauseating, how people do not take offense when the media refers to Islamists but do so when people mention Jews or Zionists. This anomaly typifies just how the Zionist controlled media operate. They know humans are programmable. What’s more, they know humans can’t wait to plonk their moral high-hat on!


All one has to do is discover who owns the 6 major media conglomerates, each & every major newspaper, the radio stations, magazines etc. The list is way too long to publish. I have one somewhere. If you insist I will endeavor to dig it out. You will perhaps be surprised to find 90% of media barons are Zionists ie Ashkenazi fake Jews whose ancestors originated from Khazaria. Pretty much all of them answer to the Rothschild banking dynasty. Pretty much all of them do as they’re told. This region is now known as Georgia. Between 80-90% of Israelis are Ashkenazi; each & every Israeli Prime Minister has been & is Ashkenazi ie void of even a drop of Semitic blood.




Jews on the other hand are Semitic folk ie of Middle Eastern origin, as are Syrians, Iraqis & incredibly Palestinians. In short Judaism has been hijacked by Rothschild Zionists who are using the Jews good & proper. Quite how therefore I should say Jews, as you say, is beyond me. I hope you can understand the dilemma I have. I’ve done my homework. All it takes is for others to do theirs! Furthermore, I put myself up there to be shot at. Let someone try. I guarantee not many do & the few that try inevitably end up scarpering with their tail between their legs.


As for the point you make about Trump supporting Zionism, in the great words of Voltaire “TO LEARN WHO RULES OVER YOU SIMPLY FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE!” Trump is no fool. He knew what he had to say when he was electioneering. I’ll merely finish off by stating actions speak louder than words Since the media is so opposed to him, let’s wait & see what he actually does.


I just thought I’d add this link. What are we supposed to do when this is happening right in front of our eyes? How am I going to tell people that UK democracy is being undermined by Zionists when some people get offended by the use of the word Zionist? All I can say is thanks CRAIG MURRAY for having the balls to speak out. 
As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed



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