Are we ever going to be allowed to forget the Nazis?

It’s relentless. Every day we’re reminded of the Nazis. 80 years have passed & it’s still being pounded into us. While this brainwashing continues unabated, less & less is being said about the atrocious plight of the Palestinians. What makes this all the more infuriating is those responsible for this incessant bleating about Nazis are every bit as bad. In fact in my opinion what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians is far worse than what the Nazis ever did to Jews. I only hope people realise what’s going on here but let’s not dwell too long on this. I’ve had my belly-full for over 40 years. Even when I was at school I knew something didn’t quite add up. It was as if two sides of the story did not exist. Of course back then I had little idea the school curriculum itself was loaded so that the history we learnt was a version which did anything but reflect the truth.
What amazes me today is how more people aren’t questioning the media. I was 11 when I thought the narrative regarding the 6 day war didn’t make sense. How could Israel have been attacked from all sides yet after 6 days they’d seized the Sinai Desert, the Golan Heights & gobbled up another considerable chunk of Palestine? With Arab nations knowing only too well attacking Israel would see America jump to it’s defense, they’d never do such a thing. This is obvious as is the fact Israel started the 6 day war & the media then did what they do best – lie through their back teeth & ride shotgun for this pariah state! As per usual, in order to fool the uninitiated, the emphasis is placed on how Israel is surrounded by enemies who want to wipe them off the map. The only truth about this is, sure, Israel has several enemies & IT’S ENTIRELY DOWN TO ISRAEL’S WANTON DISREGARD FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW!
Yet there was far worse. Israelis are that deluded they actually risked nuclear annihilation when they tried to sink an American reconnaissance ship the USS Liberty, in the hope of blaming it on Egypt & so drag America into the war. Fortunately, LBJ’s administration knew precisely what happened but such was the power of the Zionists even back in 1967 nothing was done. An act of war on America was swept under the carpet. 34 US sailors were killed; some 170 suffered serious injuries. How the ship never sank was a miracle. Then the Israelis tried to make out they didn’t realise it was a US ship, a lie so insulting for time & again the Liberty pleaded for the attack to stop. The entire MSM blanked out this earth-shattering news. You’ll be lucky to read about this heinous act in any history book. Oh but let’s make sure nobody forgets the Nazis!
I had good reason to be pissed off too. The same people moaning about the Nazis never gave a shit about the Armenians massacres which effectively brings us to the other side of the coin. Who talks about the Rwandans or the people of Iraq? These mass-murders were far more recent yet the media never mentions this. I mean haven’t we learnt from the Holocaust? ‘No. Everyone else is fair game. Let’s not worry about the chaos we create. It’s the Nazis. The Nazis. The Nazis. They were real bastards & they had it in for the Jews even though those responsible for engineering the creation of Israel were actually the ones who financed Hitler.’ Confused? Well, you should be because god forbid once you start using your brain the dawning realisation is the media is a lying machine & is simply a tool for the greatest mass-murderers in history.
Case in point: The Ashkenazi Zionists (80-90% of Israel’s population) were responsible for the massacre of 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution. While the media ignores this fact like the plague, we’re forever reminded of the Holocaust. Ask yourself who was responsible for lies which continued unabated for 15-18 months before the Iraq war: ‘Saddam had WMD’s.’ ‘Saddam had links with al-Qaeda.’ ‘Saddam could attack any city in Europe within 45 minutes.’ Answer – THE MEDIA! These lies were originally concocted by 3 dual national Zionists – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith, needless to say, warmongers to the absolute core. But before you ask if the media so much as lifted a pinkie to corroborate such claims & so present some real evidence, find out who was responsible for installing Saddam as Iraq’s leader in the first place? Answer – WE WERE! I mean doesn’t this change everything?
So not only are we being deliberately deceived but real facts that would turn the dynamics of going to war on its head are withheld from the public. What we have here is a catalogue of lies & deception off the Richter scale. Incredible as it is Mossad’s motto merely confirms this – ‘by way of deception, thou shalt do war!’ And this is exactly what’s occurring. Zero mention of the fact the West was instrumental in overthrowing Qasim, the man who told US & UK oil companies – ‘Iraqi oil is for the Iraqi people.’ The whole truth is Saddam & his brother were trained CIA assassins who initially were sent to Iraq to kill Qasim. They failed & had to go into hiding. The CIA then sent in the big boys. Job done. Saddam came out of hiding & the rest is history. Well, if you’re not seriously pissed off that I’ve had to tell you this, then you damn well should be! At least if this sinks in you’ll begin to understand how the media operates.
Of course there was no evidence. The whole Iraq war was manufactured by Zionist warmongers & the very same people are inextricably linked to media barons. Orders come from the top down. The agenda was the creation of Greater Israel & that’s why instead of the kind of meticulous scrutiny one would expect before any declaration of war, we had to endure a synchronised choir of Zionist lies. It’s the same with 9/11. Every single newspaper, radio & TV outlet sang the same tune. Oh but did the media bother to mention how the West couldn’t wait to supply weapons to Saddam? Or crucially how after Desert Storm the ultimatum for him to stay in power was all his weapons had to be destroyed. Over 10 years this task was duly carried out by international weapons inspectors. Britain’s chief weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly confirmed Saddam’s weapons & missiles had been destroyed. SO HOW THE HELL COULD THE MEDIA NOW CLAIM HE HAD WMD’s? 
Thanks to Jo-anne Sollis for this – 

Tony Blair blocked coroner’s inquest into death of Dr David Kelly ‘within minutes’ of body being found, explosive new book claims

We are treated with utter contempt because way too many of us are incapable of thinking for ourselves. So like fish we’re reeled in; like sheep we aimlessly follow. They laugh at our stupidity. Small wonder. Dr. Kelly a man brave enough to time & again go to Iraq & incur the wrath of Saddam apparently, after being well & truly hounded by media & politicians alike, kills himself in a field. Considering Dr Kelly had no motive to mislead the public while Blair was the one far more likely to be lying, the media insults us by completely ignoring the distinct likelihood Blair was in the pockets of Zionist warmongers. Instead we’re fed the pathetic lie this was suicide. Strike me down dead if Kelly wasn’t murdered on the orders of Tony Blair.
Same thing happened to Robin Cook. George Michael, another one opposed to the Iraq war, dying prematurely in mysterious circumstances…… but let’s forget all this. Instead let’s ask were any WMD’s found? Have any media safeguards been put into place to ensure such ‘errors’ can never happen again? Has anyone in the media even apologised for getting it so wrong? I mean how does one even gauge this monstrous crime – to destroy an entire nation on a pack of lies. I often say to those who seemingly don’t give a shit, ‘what if another nation bombed & invaded your country without any justifiable reason? How would you feel seeing your home reduced to rubble, you & your family’s livelihood destroyed, being rendered a refugee? 
Incredibly, all we’ve seen is the continuation of the same foreign policy. Oh but when GW Bush jokes how ‘those WMD’s got to be somewhere’, the media’s reaction was as if he wouldn’t be out of place on stage as a stand up comic! This is the ungodly level of criminality. Media barons are every bit as bad as the most evil war criminals. The media is entirely a criminal entity yet the deception continues to this day with the emphasis always being placed on the Nazis & so-called terrorists. At least Menachen Begin once admitted WE’RE THE REAL TERRORISTS! It’s about the only time he ever told the truth. As many as 2 million innocent Iraqis lost their lives; millions more rendered homeless; the country’s infrastructure has been decimated & in the meantime Israel, along with Dick Cheney’s Haliburton are stealing Iraq’s only major asset, it’s oil & reaping the enormous profits.
Quite why people still buy newspapers mystifies me? Anyone with half a brain should know Blair & Bush are war criminals who should be put up against the wall & shot. Going to war on a lie is a crime of Nuremberg proportions but don’t for one minute think media barons aren’t aware of how people are increasingly wary & distrustful of the media. This is why they manufacture ways of convincing folk the media is not all bad. Why do you think every day, each & every hour we see adverts about the children of Yemen & Syria giving the impression the Zionist controlled TV cares? We’re literally bombarded with messages begging us to donate our money to what is an entirely legitimate cause.
So why do I always scream at the TV when these adverts come on? Two reasons: Firstly because the West & the media were instrumental in creating the carnage we’re seeing today in Yemen & Syria & secondly, though I’ve no proof, simple common sense tells me these are merely massive financial scams. The millions donated by unsuspecting folk never reach the children of Yemen & Syria. The money simply falls into the hands of Zionist warmongers. Why do I say this? Surely, if these vermin are prepared to lie in order to create war & so kill millions & bear in mind they know they’re going to get away with it, then what won’t they do? Then when you consider the media is a Zionist entity & that Zionists are grand masters when it comes to fraud, it’s like putting 2 + 2 together. The media is a weapon of mass distraction & it’s job is to reel in all the saps & constantly deceive the public. 

Here’s an interesting article regarding Bob Geldof, aman I’ve always believed is a fraud & a proper scumbag. Thanks to Jo-anne Sollis for this too – 

Live Aid: The Terrible Truth


  • zakimar

    I remember the German Nazis as the intelligent and brave people to stood up to fight the evil of the satanic/zionist english and french filth and recognized the danger the jew are to humanity AND had the courage to fight the world to protect their Fatherland. Today every western country is run by a satanic/zionist regime that worships the devil and is a slave to APARTHEID israel instead of a servant to their own citizens.

    I was so sick of the brainwashing and sheeple in my satanic/zionist western cesspool, that I reverted to Islam in April 2016 and insha’Allah will make Hijra to an (as close as I can get to an) Islamic country next year. A country in which I have the FREEDOM to Boycott APARTHEID israel and question the so-called holocaust without fear of sanction or jail.

    I love my Uncle Adolph Hitler and sadly, the behaviour of the APARTHEID israel jew makes me wish he did more than just expel the satanic jew from Germany, so they wouldn’t have been able to infest and destroy Palestine and genocide my Muslim Brothers and Sisters and Christian friends there.

    May Allah join the genocidal jew with all of their supporters in eternal Hellfire insha’Allah #BDS #BDSusa

  • Linda

    I’m so pleased to wake up to your incredible writing and research again. I’ve noticed as well the massive jewification of every single piece of film, documentary, series or report. They manage to get in on every single piece of TV almost as if they are trying to perpetuate the myth that there are more than 20 million. They are over represented everywhere, in every walk of life.

    • Thank you Linda though I have to admit there was no research. this one was all off the top of my head. But what you say is so right – they seek to dominate for their own benefit & usually to the detriment of everyone else, The Zionists are the most destructive, evil race.

  • Patrick

    The Bad War, by M.S. King (now banned by Amazon, you can still order it directly from the publisher).

    Also by M.S. King: The British Mad Dog.

    Both are available in pdf or hard copy from

    I hope everyone here will read them both, and I hope Michael Aydinian (our gracious host here) will read them also.

    I don’t know if I am allowed to leave links here, but in case I am, here’s one very interesting “expose” from Mr. King:

  • Eileen

    You know by now I am sure Michael that the winners always write history about the wars, etc and
    sooo many sheeple swallow their lies 🙁

    • Yes indeed. This goes without saying. What amazes me Eileen is so few folk are able to work this out for themselves. What does it take for instance to work out Rudolf Hess was sent to England to make peace? We not only refused but threw Hess into solitary confinement so no one would ever know what he was up to & the fact the last thing the Allies wanted was peace. Now consider what followed. The Dresden bombing. This alone caused more deaths than the two atom bombs. Moreover the Allies were quite aware there was no reason militarily to bomb Dresden. Only civilians lost their lives. It was out-&-out mass murder. And of course the atom bombs when Japan had no air force, no navy & it’s army was in total disarray. According to two members of the Trueman cabinet in their autobiographies they stated Japan had twice surrendered only for this ground-breaking news to be kept under wraps. Again the deliberate mass-murder of civilians. THIS IS WHAT THE ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS ALWAYS WANT – TOTAL ANNIHILATION. This way their economic supremacy can never be challenged. Ask yourself – what did Germany & Japan do to incur the wrath of the Zio-West? A – THEY BECAME AN ECONOMIC THREAT! That’s why WWI occurred & by ensuring Germany remained on the floor, this ensured WW II would take place. As soon as a big enough lunatic like Hitler came along, all of sudden the Zionist bankers financed the building of a German army, navy & air-force. Now consider how many times the contemptible media try to make out there is no real policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria. WRONG! It’s the same policy of totally destroying anyone who opposes the Rothschild Zionist banksters. What people need to realise is ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS! This is all by design. The thing is I didn’t need to do one iota of research to know this. All one has to do is use their brain.

  • CB

    The Jew LBJ green-lit the Jew attack on the USS Liberty.
    The CIA and Pentagon were certainly in the loop.
    This Jew criminal scheme was sold to the US Govt
    by James Jesus Angleton, the notorious Mossad whore
    within the CIA, as a ‘diagonal strike/revenge’ against
    the Soviets for the American failure in Vietnam – and
    apparently included a US 6th Fleet A-bombing of Cairo
    leading to the annexation of the ‘Suez Canal Zone’
    in favour of the Jews.

    The bravery of the Liberty’s crew saved perhaps
    nearly as many Arabs in Egypt as were eventually
    exterminated on behalf of the Jews in Iraq.

    And perhaps a not so accidental (demonstrative)
    surfacing of a Soviet submarine helped to assure
    the survival of the Liberty’s crew, in the first place.

  • Thank you CB. Though I prefer using the word Zionist to describe these bastards I’m sure all you say is correct. They are behind all the shit.

  • Excellent as usual. I suspect you will be blocked by FB for your post. No comparisons are allowed there between israel and Nazis. Also, you mentioned the “P” word. But I have your email notifications, and I will continue to read & share on VK. Hope to see you there some day. Happy NY.

    • I have been blocked for a month Fredi. Unfuckingbelievable! I actually joined VK a while ago but then gave up about the same time I stopped writing. I wanted to concentrate on moving but now I’ve done all that I might start posting on VK again. HNY to you mate


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