Are Zionists actually trying to say when people with opposing views discuss the Holocaust & do so in a civil manner, one is guilty of hate speech?

I read all the comments on my FB wall & page as well as my new website. Today it pleased me no end when I noticed something I rarely see – two people with opposing views regarding the Holocaust & not a nasty word between them. I gave my two pennies worth afterwards saying how enlightening it was seeing two people having a civil discussion & on this thorny issue to boot? Perhaps there is hope for us yet. 

And that’s how it should be. There are many things that stifle constructive thought & I’d say hate is right up there as the leading cause. For me, the most annoying aspect of this is, hate for the best part is taught. A black baby & a white baby; jewish or Palestinian – put them together, where’s the hatred? No. This sort of hate is instilled into us largely through ignorance because the parents themselves fell foul of the same process.

This is why I care not for Religion, nationalism, race, color or creed. Being Armenian, since our surnames more often than not end in ‘IAN’ I can’t tell you how many times someone I’ve never met says ‘oh I’m Armenian too.’ Now I never do but sometimes I feel I should say ‘what do you want me to do? Get the cheerleaders out?’ Joking aside, what matters is whether a person is of good heart & sound judgement. So, no surprise – all I care about is right & wrong.

I would have liked to explain in detail just how & why so much of our history over the past 150 years offered so little truth, the Holocaust being a classic example. Of course the term Holocaust denier is used in order to stifle discussion. You see it gives the impression one’s denying the whole caboodle, yet no one is saying the camps didn’t exist but this is how Zionists operate. They have to put their detractors on the back foot by accusing them of saying things they’re not saying!


But it’s one thing believing we we’re told a pack of lies; it’s another thing altogether trying to tell people that the Zionists were actually annoyed with Hitler for not being nastier to the Jews in the Concentration camps. This is indeed a fact because this was all part of the plan to establish the state of Israel. Above all what the Zionists needed was world sympathy. Here’s a short video about some Holocaust survivors who gave an altogether different account of what occurred in these camps. It is the very antithesis of what the Zionist media have led us to believe.

Now before you click play, ask yourself, why would these people be making this up? You can be sure they incurred the wrath of many of their own just for doing so. On the other hand I’ve got a lorry load of reasons why the other mob lied through their back teeth. What’s more when it comes to telling porkies the 3 biggest liars coming in at No 3 is Ehud Barak No 2 Benjamin Netanyahu No 1 Mark Regev (Netanyahu’s spokesman). Before anyone says anything Netanyahu once told the truth. Let’s get that straight! He said ‘9/11 is good for Israel.’ However Regev’s record for telling porkies remains entirely unblemished……. So, if anything, the last people I’m going to believe are pathological liars!


  • Thomas Noll

    Agree wholeheartedly Michael.

  • In our Quran, there is a frequent mention of these Jews and Hypocrites. They are the problem makers since our Prophets time. Sorry Michael have to relate this to religion. We can’t deny all the wars created by America n her allies are to comply with the Jews ambition to rule the world because they thought they are the chosen one and we are their slaves especially America, British and Saudi Arabia.

    • Nor – I will never argue with your choice to believe in religion. This is up to you. My religion is the 2 K’s – knowledge & kindness – that’s what I believe in. If other people want to believe they’re chosen, what can I do about that?

  • Rhonda Todd

    Great as usual Michael! How ironic that I just watched that same video just a couple of days ago! How much uglier our wold is once we learn the truth about how things really have been. So much deceit. I wish we could all look at each other without nationality and religion. Bless you! Love your new website and also that I get a special email from you every day.

    • Yes indeed Rhonda. Zionist level of deceit is something truly unbelievable. We just have to keep our cool. You see I’m convinced, if in the final analysis the Zionists win, they will be signing their own death warrant because it is inevitable that such spiteful, evil people will end up fighting among themselves. They will destroy everything. Evil cannot win.

  • Linda Morrison

    Very informative as always. I agree Michael knowledge and kindness are the key to everything. I think the words “God” and the “Devil” are just two letters wrong. They really stand for good and evil, only you can decide which one you want to be.

    • Linda – that’s very good. You certainly had me fooled when I first read that about God & the Devil, I thought what 2 letters wrong. She means 2 words wrong………….. & then the penny dropped. Bit early in the morning for me.

  • Jackie Morris

    This was interesting to watch. Is there a longer version that you know of.? Only one thing niggles me a little is, my mother is 79 and looks very good for her age but she was young,obviously,in war time. I think the lady in the blue dress at around 12.09 mins in the video looks far to young to have been of a capable age to do painting.! Maybe she is just lucky…..

    • A few years ago there were many more Jackie. I had a devil’s own job finding this one. You see our Zionist friends believe the only history we should ever hear of is their own cock and bull version.

  • Nicky Nelson

    Excellent article and information! Thank you!

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