As well as targeted assassinations, this is classic mis-information.

Classic cover-up by the media followed by the obligatory spreading of misinformation. This post consists of two links, the first was sent by good friend Ted Duggan; the 2nd from good friend Anna Lee regarding a mysterious plane crash which killed 4 people. What initially aroused my curiosity was this private aircraft crashed in Farnborough England but the media made very little of it. It was hardly mentioned but when I heard who two of the passengers were, you can begin to understand why – ONLY THE STEP-MOTHER OF OSAMA BIN LADEN & HER DAUGHTER SANA BIN LADEN!


Sana Bin Laden


So what were they doing coming to England of all places. With a Prime Minister who’d love to arrest anyone who dares to challenge the diabolical official account of 9/11, anyone with half a brain knows that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 but when I read Sara Bin Laden was about to give her account to none other than the Chilcott Inquiry, I thought HELLO! Now I know why the BBC said bugger all about this. Then when I saw an article by the lying machine known as the Daily Mail which said “they were visiting the UK on holiday” I thought here we go again!


Chilcott Inquiry

First & foremost, let’s get this straight –

1) The Bin Laden’s had nothing to do with 9/11.

2) The Saudis had nothing to do with 9/11.

3) The Queen had nothing to do with financing 9/11 either. 


Alive & Kicking!


The 2nd link encouraged me to put together this piece. The mere thought Queen Elizabeth helped finance 9/11! Look who they blame? The Saudis; now the Queen? Unbelievable! The Rothschild Zionists will throw everyone under the bus so that their role as the masterminds behind 9/11 always slips under the radar. We have an incredible coincidence of yet another member of the Bin Laden family somehow not being able to say anything to the public. That’s the long & the short of it. We were told Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11 yet even though family members abound, the public never get to hear a Dickie-bird from any of them. How can this possibly be? What’s happened to journalism for crying out loud? One thing for sure, these 4 people were murdered!


Of course Bin Laden himself went on Al Jazeera on Sept 12th 2001 & denied any involvement in 9/11. Of course he denied it. He was on a bloody Dialysis Machine in Dubai. How the hell was he able to penetrate the entire US civil Air defence on his tod? Now don’t you think you had the right to hear what this man had to say for himself? This goes without saying but since most people on the planet never heard Bin Laden’s denial, are you ever going to consider who had the ability to suppress this earth-shattering news in every single MSM outlet? 


911 - LIE


I know who’s really responsible for 9/11. It should be obvious. In fact it’s so obvious it’s ridiculous!

1) Who really controls America? A – Zionists.

2) Who were the members of the PNAC group? A – Mostly Zionists & those on the Zionist payroll.

3) Who owned the 3 buildings that were brought down by controlled demolitions & who consequently received billions in insurance payouts after buying the Towers earlier that year for a paltry $15 million? A – Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy, both Zionists.

4) Above all, who owns & controls the entire corporate media? A – Zionists.


The real conspirators of 9-11

Now it’s not my fault all the main players are Zionists. So to all you Zionists who are hell bent on protecting these gargantuan mass-murderers as well as all you brainless morons out there, this is for you – 

in a court of law when all the evidence points to certain bank robbers, it’s simply ludicrous for your entire defence to be down to telling judge & jury – “you’re anti bank-robbers!”

Two of the most important questions in crime fighting – who had the means & Cui Bono, who gained. Well does it not stink to high heaven that of all the mainstream media channels that exist, these two questions were never asked & they never will be unless we somehow break down the Zionist stranglehold over the mass-media. Note how these two articles never mentioned that Zionists had anything to do with 9/11. Whenever you see this be sure to say to yourself this is classic misinformation.


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