Assange: Forget Russia. The real threat to America comes from Israel

There are quite a few things that drive me round the bend. High on the list is the ludicrous assertion Julian Assange is controlled opposition. The very notion this man agreed to have his reputation dragged through the mud, indeed have his life destroyed, for the sake of what? To fool some of us in some banal way? To trick us into believing something we shouldn’t? You know I’ve said it a few times – I can stand all the nasty people, even the death threats. What I cannot bear is seeing activists & Truthers put their worst foot forward. Isn’t it tough enough trying to expose the media’s lies?
Why even worry whether someone is controlled opposition or not? My motto is – measure people on the work they do, the effort they put in & ultimately, the impact they have. Can’t people our side of the fence see the sheer folly in attacking those who do some good? For Christ sake, the media spins us to death with their bullshit. They try their damnedest to divide us but for some to then make their job infinitely easier by creating needless divisions? I mean talk about shooting ourselves in the foot. Sadly this is the price we pay when people try to be a bit too clever for their own good.
So I’ve been waiting for something like this, especially since I feel this man did more to scupper Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid than anyone. Yes there were several other factors which eventually led to the glorious Hillary implosion but for my money, Assange was the pivotal reason. Yet when I said this, I received a fair share of comments & messages – but Assange never mentions Israel. My retort was why is it people refuse to consider the patently obvious – Assange may well have been warned off by Zionists – ‘mentions us & you’re dead.’ Like I said, what’s so difficult about accepting this yet seemingly my remarks fall on deaf ears.


Here’s a segment I particularly appreciated – 

“Russian actions on its own doorstep in Eastern Europe do not in fact threaten the United States or any actual vital interest. Nor does Moscow threaten the U.S. through its intervention on behalf of the Syrian government in the Middle East. That Russia is described incessantly as a threat in those areas is largely a contrivance arranged by the media, the Democratic and Republican National Committees and by the White House. Candidate Donald Trump appeared to recognize that fact before he began listening to Michael Flynn, who has a rather different view. Hopefully the old Trump will prevail.



There is, however, another country that has interfered in U.S. elections, has endangered Americans living or working overseas and has corrupted America’s legislative and executive branches. It has exploited that corruption to initiate legislation favorable to itself, has promoted unnecessary and unwinnable wars and has stolen American technology and military secrets. Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions and it accomplishes all that and more through the agency of a powerful and well-funded domestic lobby that oddly is not subject to the accountability afforded by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 even though it manifestly works on behalf of a foreign government. That country is, of course, Israel” said Assange.


Well, now I’ll flat out state that with Assange being top of the Hillary Clinton kill list, he may as well unload on the Zionists, after all, by screwing her, he effectively screwed them! So it’s no surprise to me Assange now is coming out with all guns blazing. And please, don’t give me the same old tired crap that like Chomsky & Ron Paul he never says anything about 9/11. Get this into your head – HE SAYS ENOUGH! Just think about all the good stuff he’s done. God knows what we owe this guy! Thanks to new friend Patricia Deane for this.


Assange:Forget Russia,The Real Threat to America comes from Israel and the Israel Lobby,-the-real-threat-to-america-comes-from-israel-and-the-israel-lobby





  • Neil Unwin

    Great article Michael, thankyou very much.

    • You’re most welcome Neil.

    • Michael Berkley

      I can’t read the article! Loaded with crap ware that feezes the computer each time.

      • That’s strange but are you sure it’s the article & not your computer? No one else has said that.

      • Nigel Dandridge Perry

        MI Berkley. think you might have a BUG You are under a spell. Michael A, you are right. Israel has never been a friend to USA. I cannot name one good friend thing it has done for us. Misdirection, deception, subterfuge, conspiracy and sabotage are a few of the actions Israel inflicts on us and our politicians still pander to them .

        • Indeed. That’s because the politicians have been bought off by all the money the Zionist banksters steal & then the Zionist media never say a word about how are democracies are being usurped by such criminality. I still think bribery is illegal. The media doesn’t!

  • Ron Wright

    I hear you Michael and obviously it isn’t easy to see why anybody would put themselves through what he has without doing so because of a deep sense of morality.

    This however is a subject that isn’t quite as clear cut and dried as other topics on which you write. I see an obvious clash of information. You will accept that, you are the first to say that the Zionist press cannot be trusted. What we hear from Julian Assange comes to us via this discredited press.

    So if some people are skeptic, then you are the last person that I’d expect to hear shout them down? I’m playing devils advocate purely to hear your considered response. I myself have considered how to square this circle and what could Julian do if the press put out a false account of what he is alleged to have said?

    • That’s a fair point Ron. One certainly has to be skeptical of anything mainstream media puts out but then much of Assange’s work is delivered via the Internet. So I refer you to what I wrote in the piece – “Why even worry whether someone is controlled opposition or not? My motto is – measure people on the work they do, the effort they put in & ultimately, the impact they have. Can’t people our side of the fence see the sheer folly in attacking those who do some good?” Remember – he’s been vouched for by the great John Pilger. For me, that’s enough.

      But we all have our opinions. I’ve given you mine. So, let’s look at it on the evidence front. As you say too – it’s hard to imagine any journalist would want to take the route of being a Mossad agent & have to suffer what Assange has been through. It’s either that or surmising that Assange has been warned off. This is a far more logical answer than assuming he works for Mossad. There is little evidence to back up the theory he’s controlled whereas there is mountains of evidence that points to Mossad being a state-run Mafiosi organisation that terrorises people.

  • Great stuff, Michael,..

    Clear and to the point, as always.

    Thank you.

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  • Bobbie Jordan

    I think your a good man Mr Assange, For you to have to live the life you are for the principle of truth ,says it all.
    There is so much wrong in this world,in our governments…
    My heart goes out to you and I wish you only good things and to be safe….
    Thank you for all you do.
    I am 80 years old and I have seen allot….I would like to see justice in my American country before I die..A government with people with common sense,and a passion for truth…….I doubt it… Trump may be a good man,what we need now…..I hope so.
    Bobbie Jordan. USA

    • Thank you Bobbie. Frankly I’m astonished & fed up so many people don’t feel the same. We owe Assange so much.

      • Bob Marshall

        I totally agree but by examing who is in Trump’s cabinet and administration as well as who gave the most to his campaign I have to believe instead of draining the swamp he filled it. I am 73 and as a Marine served a total of three years in Vietnam. It was after learning the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin I started reading book after book and researching article’s​ because I have never trusted the news media which is nothing more than the governments propoganda machine along with government think tanks.

        • Yes indeed Bob. I think its fair to say it would have been hard for Trump not to pick a load of Zionists. Capitol Hill is loaded to the brim with them. I’m prepared to give Trump some more time but the situation is beginning to seriously stink. As for the media I feel they’ve always told nothing but lies. It’s all been an agenda for the Zionist Rothschilds.

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  • Mick

    Maybe Assange never talks about 911 because after 10 years wikileaks have never been shown to be wrong and with 911 nobody yet has the whole truth, yet.

    Regarding 911 why isn’t it more widely known that Israeli agents were arrested in New York on 911 driving in a moving van full of explosives? Not to mention the ‘5 dancing (MOSSAD) Israelis’.

    • Most researchers know the whole truth regarding 9/11. I’ve written a whole load & made a few videos. It’s obvious this was a classic Israeli false flag attack. Apart from the dancing Israelis, we have owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein, great friend of Netanyahu, making over $5 billion in insurance claims; the Zionist controlled media not investigating while allowing Zionists on every major news channel to point the finger at Muslims within a few hours of the attacks. You have Rabbi Dov Zakheim siphoning off $2.3 TRILLION to Israel from the Pentagon & those who were investigating this outrageous fraud were inexplicably not evacuated from the Pentagon only for the missile to destroy the Budget Analyst Office where they all worked.

  • Paul

    Assange said no such thing; the article you’re quoting from ascribes to Assange extrcats from this article by Philip Giraldi from Global, curiously enough pertaining to “fake news”. The rest of the AWD article is stolen without credit from Giraldi too.

    • Well as much as I’ve recently discovered AWD is not the best site to be taking links from I have actually heard Assange say this. In any case, is it not the truth? That’s what’s ultimately the crucial factor – ISRAEL IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO WORLD PEACE! These bastards are going to kill us all!

  • I agree with your opinion on Assange Michael Aydinian, BUT, this statement attributed to Assange is not reliable. The article you cited provided no video or audio link to the supposed Assange press conference on Dec 13, 2016 in Berlin – that’s the first sign that should have tipped you off. Assange did a press conference in Berlin in Oct, 2016, not Dec. There are youtube videos one can watch. If he had said any such thing on Israel, it would be mentioned in many alternative media sites, with links to a video clip of that segment. No such thing can be found.

    We all have to watch out for those who make up disinformation for various reasons, one reason being to tarnish reputations of people who fall for them.

    • Well yes indeed Maggie but we should never forget we’re up against a MSM that lies all the time. Not only that, the Zionists are the masters of misinformation so let’s not get carried away when well-meaning folk get 1 in 100 wrong.

      • No they’re not well-meaning if they’re the ones making up something attributing to Assange and purposely not provide a link to Assange’s video with minute mark. That shows they’re trying to muddy the water, making it easier to discredit other things that websites supporting Assange have been reporting.

        • There’s a huge difference between making something up (which is what the Zionist controlled media does all the time) as opposed to making a genuine error once in a blue moon. Sure, few people know me personally but I can assure you all I’m interested in Maggie is the truth. Humans are, after all, fallible.

          • Michael Aydinian, I was not criticizing you, I was referring to the article you cited, which to me quite possibly made it up on purpose, which could end up hurting the credibility of well-meaning people like you who cited it without double checking.

  • Cosmomind

    I recall Assange said this words about Israel in a more than two hour long interview.

    • No one knows who you are, to believe what you say, you have to provide a link to the said video, stating the minute mark where Assange said this.

      The article claimed Assange said it in a press conference in Berlin, not in an interview.

    • Thank you Cosmo. Of course I wouldn’t have posted this if I didn’t believe Assange said this. I’m sure you know this form of attack typifies Zionist Trolls – they merely say ‘he never said that!’ That’s all they’ve got. What’s so sickening it comes from the biggest liars in history

      • That’s rather uncalled for Michael Aydinian. I thought better of you. I tried to help you by pointing out where you made an honest mistake, and you could have simply added an addendum to the article stating the source needs to be verified, but your basic point remains valid, that people shouldn’t discount Assange because he didn’t say this or that – he can only reveal things he has gotten leaked info on, so it’s not entirely up to him or Wikileaks.

        If you suspect I’m a Zionist troll, you could easily look up my FB page, which I provided in my profile. You’ll see from all my regular posts, for years, that I’m anything but.

        • Maggie – I’m not sure that what I said was uncalled for. I did not think you were being critical. I know you mean well. You were stating that Assange may not have said that. I really don’t know what to say except I think you’re over-reacting. Why on earth should I think you’re a Zionist Troll. If I thought so, I’D SAY SO! Please bear in mind my workload is enormous & I endeavor to read & answer every comment. Time constraints do not allow me to compose the perfect response every time.

    • Anti zionist

      eliot mate. that is stupid. a wall og text trying to spin the plot from the scum of the earth aka jews to nazis. what if i tell you that stalin was a jew and hitler was a zionist puppet? what if i tell you that jews needed the mineral resources of the middle east and planned to create a country in there? that country then will be filled with european jews and they will colonize the rest of the middle east. they created ww1 but that was a fail since no sane jew will leave the comfort and civilization of europe to move to a desert full of arabs. then they cooked the plan to scare the jew with extermination camps where they did kill some people… some 33k jews died of typhus in Auschwitz… and then move the rest of them to israel. that makes more sense than the idiotic story of nazis who infiltrated your mother’s ass to kill the world because they are evil. fuck off jew

      • Much of what you say in fact is accurate; how you say though is where you let yourself down. The object of the exercise surely is to present the truth in a way where those who are now beginning to have doubts will be encouraged to think more. Ending off with ‘fuck off Jew’ is the very antithesis of placing the icing on the cake! Leave the hatred to Netanyahu & the Zionists. They’re masters at that; We’re not! We’re simply angry at the injustice so it’s perfectly understandable people want to unload on these bastards. We need to play smart

  • Yeah, just add Dothan, Alabama to the list where this man lives, runs a blog calling himeslf the Henry Report and when I reported him to the FBI as being wanted by Interpol, they did nothing. I find it strange that the Federal Judge, Mark Fuller, the one who beat his wife in an Atlanta hotel, apparently has ties the company (Tepper Aviation and DOSS Aviation), that trained pilots, participted in Iran Contra Drug Traffiking and holds contracts to refuel Air Force One and at some point had a joint loan with Mossad… Add to that meeting the an Israeli General in Dothan, AL, who told me that he manufactured guns and showed me the CNC pattern. Who moves to Dothan, AL? This is a Sessions hotbed of corruption, the seat of Iran Contra, the most banks per capita in the US (money laundering drug trade), and the judges placed in office in the middle and southern districts of Alabama were hand picked by Jeff Sessions. Remember those 47 senators that signed that letter to Iran and hosted Netanyahu while President Obama was trying to work a deal with Iran. Just because he is black does not mean that he was not their COMMANDER IN CHIEF, That is treason, what the H___. Yeah, I agree, its Netanyahu and Zionist Israelis. Talk about trade secrets, how about our only public Ivy League School, Cornell, partnered with Israel’s Technioin to create Cornell NYC Tech/Israeli Technion to develop entrepeneurial engineers. Should I go on and on??? This is serious. I cannot recall one thing in recent history done to us by Putin similar to these things.

    • Very interesting Ruth. At first I wasn’t sure whether you are an Assange fan but as I’ve stated many times the US, UK, France & Canada etc are effectively Occupied Territories. We’ve all been taken over from within. The Ashkenazi Zionists have been doing this for centuries. This is why they were kicked out of so many countries. And as you rightly say, to cover their crimes they blame those who’ve done nothing wrong. Their control over the media allows them to blame who they want & naturally it’s always those who stand up to them!

  • Joseph

    Israel does not need to steal anyone’s technology, especially not what she initiated. Israel has never occupied another peoples’ land in all her 4,000 year recorded history. The west will come of age when those occupying some 75% of the earth’s landmass ceases its manic obsession against tiny Israel [0.05% of the region], calling Muslims as Palestinians, Bethlehem as West Bank and a 3-state in Palestine as a 2-state.

    UN Petition Launched: “Palestine is Judea, The Roman Name for ‘Land of the Jews”. Vote for UN Truth here:

    • What a pathetic comment. bad enough saying Israel does not need to steal. You’re right there but that doesn’t change the fact ISRAEL STEALS WHATEVER IT WANTS! However, to say Israel has never occupied another peoples land is just so ridiculous, all it does is show how deluded people like you are. What an idiot!

    • There are plenty of places in the Torah/Old Testament, where Yahweh instructed the Israelites (before they established a nation called Israel) to go eliminate inhabitants of various lands, such as Canaan, and claim the land for themselves. The Canaanites were just one of the nations to be exterminated. The instructions against the Amalekites were particularly vicious. (

      No, the Israelites were just like most of other tribes in human history – they warred, and took territories. Your Israeli exceptionalism is just as ridiculous as American exceptionalism. When they left Egypt, they had no land if not for clearing other people’s land to establish what they called Israel, because they say this was “promised to them” by their god.

      And so what, if they did establish a nation called Israel thousands of years ago, that’s no reason at all to take over the land from their old enemy the Philistines in the 20th century, by first massively importing Jewish population there (all carefully planned according to early Zionists’ own meeting minutes) and violently evicting the original inhabitants that have been there for centuries if not millennia. We’re not living in the Iron Age.

      Plenty of other places in the world carry names indicating earlier history, that doesn’t mean they should be restored to what it may have once been way back when. South Korean capital, Seoul, used to be called Hanseong, meaning “Han city”, Han meaning Chinese, until Japanese annexation of Korea in early 20th century.

  • Ziad

    ISRAEL is always stirring up crap amd Muslims blamed for it. Even worse dumb adses fall for it. I cannot believe people dont know ISIS is not Islamic. They areanything but Islamic.

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