Attempt to boycott Roger Waters show in New York falls flat.

When I heard the theatre in New York was offering to refund tickets to a sold-out performance by Roger Waters I thought typical but then, I was half pleased because this totally smacked of desperation. As if people were going to buy tickets to see Roger Waters & then on the say-so of the greatest liars & murderers who tell the theatre offer refunds, they’re going to say ‘oh well. Let’s turn our tickets in!’


They really do take us for idiots. The theatre did not receive a single refund request but like I said this merely shows their desperation because all that was achieved was more publicity, something which the Zionists are loathed to give. The only side of the story people hear is their side of the story! Once again, kudos to the great Roger Waters.


No refunds required


Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and “Free Speech” by GLENN CREENWALD


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