Ballot counting computers only register REMAIN votes. I told you they cheated. Now I’ll explain why

It was a great day yesterday. We took a step forward & got the huge bonus of losing that Zionist traitor Cameron. So the financial markets have plummeted because the people of the UK voted to leave the EU? AS IF! I’ve got a one word answer to that –


And I feel damn good today too. What difference does that make to the ordinary person? Let the financial markets plummet. I couldn’t give a shit! In fact I hope the ‘city’ does its absolute brains. Honestly. I hope every billionaire becomes a millionaire & then I hope every millionaire squeals like a stuffed pig! We wanted our bloody country back. I don’t give a rat’s arse about the financial markets. Why should anyone give a toss about them? Let them scream! I want them to hemorrhage! They never give a shit about us when we’re in the hole. In fact all they want is more, more & more…… ALL THE TIME!
We’ve still got a massive job to do. When we get the Zionist war-mongering bankers off our back, then & only then can we bring out the brass band & the cheerleaders. This is the real dilemma. We voted out SO WE BLOODY WELL WANT OUT RIGHT NOW! I don’t want to hear any bullshit the media offers because I already know that if we actually leave the EU a large asteroid is bound to hit England! We’ve had all this drivel! What the media says is worth nothing!
I want to refer back to my post yesterday. A few hours after the result I said they would use every trick in the book. Now what is of the utmost importance is understanding HOW & WHY THEY’RE ABLE TO DO THIS! I said no way was the result 52% – 48%. It was a lot nearer to 80 – 20. Note how no one challenged me on this. That’s because most people experienced the same thing I did – all the folk we spoke to about the EU referendum wanted out & for most of them, as I explained in my post, it was NOT all about immigration. Why did I post this weeks ago? Because I was in no doubt it was entirely genuine.
Indepedent poll


If we had the true result they could never open their mouths. Instead this horrific level of election fraud goes virtually unnoticed because they ‘gave’ us our victory yet the consequences of their cheating remains enormous. Sure enough. This is just one of the ways they cheat. Tell me I’m wrong. Just try. Thanks to Jason Crellin for this link –

BREAKING: Referendum in CHAOS as ballot counting computers only register REMAIN votes in tests

I love the bit about the glitch which they called “an optical character recognition fault.” Handy those optical character recognition faults! Isn’t it just? 

THINK: If the UK public knew the real truth, it would automatically give us a collective power most of us don’t realise we possess. It goes without saying – this is the very last thing the power-brokers want. Even though these liars & cheats control all the news, they would not be able to do what they’re doing now – continually hitting us with their lies & propaganda. Once again, all we’re hearing is their bullshit! This is a classic example of how they always keep us on the back foot through their devious skulduggery.
And boy, are they out the traps fast. There’s already a bullshit petition with apparently over a million signatures. In less than a day a million signatures! I mean like I said – if they lie to go to war; kill two million people & never once offer an apology, THEN WHAT WON’T THEY DO? Think how the media operates when they want to tell us someone has weapons of mass destruction – it’s a relentless assault! Be prepared for this. Learn to recognise their moves & above all, stifle any momentum they may pick up by having the right answers at the ready. Here are some. By all means, use them, please…..
We have had enough
6) Bear in mind when we went into the EU we had virtually no debt. 40 years later the UK is over £1 Trillion in debt. As far as I’m concerned anyone who’s pro-EU yet doesn’t accept this debt could be a direct consequence IS A BLITHERING IDIOT!
Thanks to Ped Talbot for this – 

Lose our fear

7) Since we’ve joined the EU this is what’s happened to democracy. And to think the TTIP will give multi-national companies FAR MORE POWER THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE?

Frack off

8) The EU has destroyed our farming & fisheries industry.
9) Britain was at the forefront when it came to aviation technology. WE MADE THE GREATEST AIRCRAFT ON THE PLANET! This expertise was not limited to manufacturing passenger planes. Our ingenuity encompassed military aircraft, both fighter planes & bombers. THANKS TO THE EU, THAT’S ALL GONE!
10) Before we joined the EU the British people owned all our interests in Petroleum, gas & electricity. We owned British Telecom. We owned our water supply. We owned the Royal Mail. That’s all gone through the massive con-trick known as privatisation. We never received a penny! Now many of these interests are owned by people who don’t give a shit about us!
11) Last but not least – anyone who is for the EU is also for the TTIP. Do you actually know what will happen if this abomination is ever ratified? I guarantee – IT WILL BE OUR WORST NIGHTMARE! 


BTW: This post typifies why I’m censored.


  • Gordon Tickle

    Out of all the people I know only one was voting to remain! The post is very accurate the globalists want it all, it will not surprise me one bit if there is an excuse for another referendum and this may be a huge part of David Cameron’s resignation.
    The press are saying it will take time to unravel the EU from our systems this I do not believe for one second we need to get out now within this year just tell the EU to go to hell.
    Why did the pound collapse immediate we are still in the EU for at least 2 years! The globalist did it manipulation to create doubt in the minds of the weak.

    • Very well said Gordon. And so it is. While the media spouts its bile & it must be remembered the media is exactly the same animal as Cameron, we are quickly being made to forget THE VOTE WAS RIGGED! Every independent poll I was sent had the Brexit vote between 70-80%. The lies we are being told beggar belief. In this case, one whopper opened the way for the bullshit we are seeing now, that whopper being the 52-48% split! By making it seem close these traitors are engineering all this grief. They have all the cards. THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY. The pound collapsed because they can engineer such a collapse. They will make our life as miserable as possible until we do something about it. The problem is, those in power are the greatest gangsters on the planet & they own the media. We have to cut them all out! Everything you say is correct Gordon. Well done.

      • Milli Lucu

        George Soros it has been revealed made 2 trillion dollars on the Brexit vote investing in gold stocks in Asia gold and shorting the pound. He is a Zionist shill so I wonder how much of that went to prop up the red shield. There is a financial war going on so they are squeezing the pips.

  • Ian Hilpus

    Well put together piece of truth!

    Every Conspiracy Theorist (Truther) eligible to vote obviously voted Leave and it’s the first time in recent history we have had an opportunity to at the very least by playing their rules have expressed ourselves by marking an X in pencil. I estimate that 3-5 million thruthers made their mark and although vague, the numbers are increasing.daily and the establishment are scared of us. Yes we woke up Friday morning and everyone was in shock….it was not meant to be and if there was ever a stooge…….Boris said a few words but he looked glum, his lack of jubilation makes me very suspicious and lets not forget that Boris was on the fence right up until the campaign starting blocks. Yes, they will use any means to further their New World Order agenda at any price, and we pay for it through taxation and our slavery and death when it suits them. Now is critical times and we need to get our act together and inform as many sheeple as possible because Brexit is not a done deal. The most difficult task is to even attempt to speak with friends and I’ve tried many different ways. Some are more effective than others but it’s such a complete control system through MSM and a hard nut to crack. The resignation of Cameron is a farce, a knee jerk reaction to something that should not have happened or planned. So what’s next? Terror Event? Financial Collapse? Another Referendum? or maybe all three to create fear? And, Remain…

    For my part I am planning to contact as many media outlets as possible and say that the Conspiracy Theorists swung the vote, voting as a block vote of several millions. This will bring some awareness amongst the general public and hopefully force the MSM to respond.

    A year ago I met a 33 Degree Freemason who I knew together with a mutual business associate (and friend who I had tried to explain the elite and conspiracies) and in a very casual way caught Mr 33 totally off-guard, I turned to Mr 33 and said…..Tell Mike that 911 was inside job….in a perplexed way….he looked at Mike and said yes, they were nuked from deep underground and made to look like planes had hit them. We had a conversation that lasted 30 minutes and covered 7-7 and how one did not turn up and the three who did missed the specific tube carriages and met at the training meeting point at Canary Wharf and were shot and killed. He went on to say that all the terrorist attacks were planed and at operation level the CIA MI5-MI6 and Mossad were involved and that David Kelly was murdered deliberately in a questionable way that others within would not speak out it silenced him and sent a warning to others. We covered a few areas in headline fashion as the society illusion, the 300 year old Banking system invented by the Parisian Masons 300 years ago and that central banks are privately owned and the same stock holders of the banks own our media and major corporations at 80% usually off-shore. The elite families who are interbred want to own the world and this current attempt is far more cunning and devious than any previous ways which failed by the old Empires going back thousands of years He later realised I side stepped him and refuses to speak to me now!

    • FANTASTIC IAN! God I’m beginning to think there’s hope for us yet! A lot more people than I thought are well clued up. Of course this all ties in with 9/11 & the Zionist plan to Divide & Conquer so Israel can become Greater Israel & the inbred elite, as you rightly say, can establish a New World Order. The only way they can do this is by stripping us of our fundamental rights. The only way they can do that is if enough people remain oblivious to what’s going on! Above all we need to get organised.

      • Dalia Gabay

        You thick, sly, racist tw@ Michael… I wonder if Ricky Tomlinson knows that you’re abusing his image to attract attention before spewing your messages of lies and hate? Typical fkg coward who obviously needs psychiatric help AND to be taken off the streets; you’re a menace to humanity, let alone society. Dick.

        • You’re the racist you sick Zionist pig! You’re the one who’s deluded. You’re the one who needs psychiatric help but even then, you’re so full of hatred there’s no hope for you. And me a menace? Well let me tell you what Zionism is – it is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain which right now is rampaging through mankind. Horrible evil person.

  • Graham

    Your views on the world are often shared by the people you choose to associate with . If you are a racist xenophobic prickly most of your friends will likely be racist xenophobic prices. It doesn’t mean everyone is a xenophobic racist prickly. Just the people you know .

    • Graham – I know this is a terribly wicked comment but I will treat you with respect you barely deserve – I can honestly say in 60 years of living in the UK apart from Zionists ie the media & Israelis who are racist through & through, I can count all the racists I’ve ever met on one hand! Who are you to make such sweeping generalisations? Don’t you realise anyone with any brains reading your comment will think you’re either deluded or a nasty piece of work? As for Britain, the very thought of most of us being racists because we voted to leave the corrupt EU, typifies the evil nature of the hierarchy & the ignorance of people who still believe what the media says.

      • Terry

        Hi Michael. Excellently put.. I often wonder how people like Graham have actually managed to live such a blinkered life. I have spoken to people with the same views, they actually believe what they are told to believe. If you haven’t already please read the kalergi plan, it makes sense and has confirmed a lot to me..
        Cheers, Terry

        • Cheers Terry. As they say Ignorance is bliss. How can you tell someone they have the brains of a rocking horse?

        • Eve Blockley

          Agree with you Terry and Michael. Sadly there are many Grahams I myself have encountered. Rude and ignorant almost robotic like, programmed not to think outside the box, they are trapped in. The only word in their vocabulary is Racist. Eventually you realise no point wasting your time and breath, like a certain cult they are indoctrinated to see only on way.!! Sadly the wrong way.

          • Thank you Eve. A sure sign a person has no argument is when they so readily label people racists. If only these people realised they have the brains of a rocking horse!

    • Graham – I know this is a terribly wicked comment but I will treat you with respect you barely deserve – I can honestly say in 60 years of living in the UK apart from Zionists ie the media & Israelis who are racist through & through, I can count all the racists I’ve ever met on one hand! Who are you to make such sweeping generalisations? Don’t you realise anyone with any brains reading your comment will think you’re either deluded or a nasty piece of work? As for Britain, the very thought of most of us being racists because we voted to leave the corrupt EU, typifies the evil nature of the hierarchy & the ignorance of people who still believe what the media says.

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  • David

    The ‘bankers’, those of notoriously large nebs, already have Scotland waiting to break away from London to stay in the EU. If this happens, England is screwed as Scotland DOES have the material wealth of Britain within its own bounds. England is overrun with non-Whites and is far from economically independent. If the small British Commonwealth dispense now, England will be in sorry shape.. This also has a broader implications especially odd at this juncture with the American Empire being pushed evermore into Eastern Europe along with NATO. After all of this eye poking of Putin and Russia as well as the endless Zionist moves throughout the Middle East in order to approach Russia from the south, how do you suppose this will change the balance of power in any more conflagrations in that direction? Obviously they are resetting the players on the chessboard.

    • Very interesting. Some good points David. One thing – when we joined the EU we had no debt. Now we are over a Trillion in debt! Unless we tell the Rothschilds they’re knocked (which I would do in a heartbeat) it sure sounds like we’re screwed ALREADY! Therefore making any kind of point saying our future could be in peril is an erroneous one which incidentally the elite are desperate for you to believe. FINANCIALLY THEY’VE ALREADY SCREWED US! Now they want to eradicate us because the one power we have left is strength in numbers.
      Your assessment on non-whites etc is entirely accurate. The Zionist policy of Divide & Conquer though has been going on way before the EU. Our borders were opened without the electorate ever being asked. Moreover, if either major party in opposition chose to make a manifesto pledge stating the end on immigration – IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A SURE-FIRE VOTE WINNER…. both for Labour or Conservative. Yet neither party chose to adopt this policy. Therefore one can only conclude the damage was done way before the EU reared its ugly head. People have got to understand – while Israel is the most racist nation on earth, the Zionist controlled media have for 50 years made sure anyone speaking out against mass immigration was branded a racist! To add insult to injury, while the Zionist controlled media labeled refugees as migrants, they neglected to say one word about Cameron’s war-mongering, all for the benefit of the state of Israel. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!
      Finally the Russians aren’t a threat. What is occurring is an infuriating repetition of what’s always occurred before every conflict – media skulduggery in order to Divide & Conquer. It is the West who is the aggressor, not Russia. This is how the Zionist Rothschilds operate. They pervert history; they always have. I agree – they want to be able to hit Russia from the South too. However I believe any country is doing itself a massive favor by taking a step back. If we had any sense we’d kick out the Zionists, tell Rothschild he’s knocked & team up with the BRICS. Thanks for your comment David

      • Well said Michael, The “Media Mafia” have repeatedly tried to brainwash us into thinking leave EU = I am a racist, and have whipped up so many tall stories, now it’s Putin’s turn to be the bogeyman! I only heard 1 person say the were voting remain, and they changed their mind! Yes I think the vote was well rigged, and yes I saw polls that said Brexit was 80%. But please spare a thought for poor Richard Branson, he has sold his house, not bad only a fortnight after the referendum, and he’s moving abroad! So Dick all of those independent advertisements you put on YouTube didn’t do the trick! Boo hoo poor Richard 😅

        • Thank you Louise. It’s great to know others see it all clearly. Of course once you do everything falls neatly into place. The vote was rigged because like you say but a handful of people voted to remain in the EU. This allowed them to do exactly what they’re doing now. STALL SO WE NEVER GET WHAT WE WANT!
          As for that two-bob piece of shit Branson, whose company Virgin is full of the biggest rip-off merchants in history, I’d love it if he went off in one of his balloons & the balloon never came down. What a sneaky lying toe-rag he is, just like all of these greedy scumbags.

  • Tom Sullivan

    Its quite likely they tried to rig it, but Southend News Network is a satire site. Like all good satire, its often very close to the truth.

    • Yes indeed Tom – many people have informed me of this. No problem whatsoever. I believe the way the mainstream media lie, I’m hardly going to apologise profusely for a genuine mistake but as you so rightly point out, good satire strokes the truth. I know that the real referendum result was nearer 75%-25%. The only way they could incorporate delaying tactics is by making the referendum appear close.

      • As one poll site explained, pols are only a reflection of the people who are asked, and some of those people might not even have a UK vote! Also a poll taken in London can’t reflect the rest of Britain, I didn’t see one person with opinion poll clipboard at the ready in my area of the SE.

        • Yes indeed. That’s why I always say if you’ve got the media, the possibilities are endless. If the media wasn’t Zionist controlled, we’d never have 9/11, the banking fiasco, the fake war on terror, all these false flags, blatant election fraud, all these lies one after the other. It’s truly sickening how so many people still can’t see how they are being conned.

  • Zarawee

    Hello, I think politics and economy is like a chess game, and “they” have always had four or five moves ahead. That was the case in the 60s, and that’s how it still is today.

    • I’m not convinced about the Chess analogy but being 4 or 5 moves ahead I’d say is spot on.

      • Sam

        Hi Michael, great stuff! That chess analogy reminds me of a line attributed to Putin. “negotiating with America is like playing chess with a pigeon – he knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like he’s won the game….”
        I even managed to talk 911 with my mrs’ parents the other night seemingly without the mental shutters coming down! It’s tremendously encouraging at the moment but no room for complacency, some good reaction against pro-remain tantrums on Facebook too haha! get ready for the empire to strike back big time, I’m warning people of coming false flags, hope they remember…

        • I actually posted that quote which was in a brilliant caption about 3 years ago on FB. Damn I’ve got to find it. i completely forgot about that quote yet I think its an absolute beaut!
          Good news about your parents. If you can get them to watch Architects & Engineers: Experts for 9/11 truth, you’ll crack it. Once a seed is planted the secret is to guide them without them thinking you’re pushing too hard.
          I think more people are getting it Sam. It had to happen because the power-brokers have to increasingly do ever-crazier things. We’ve still got bundles to do & with KILLARY approaching on the horizon we have our work cut out. Nevertheless, it’s been a great few days.

  • paul

    why would a “news” website feel the need to use the word “Honest” in its – Title/Heading

    The latest news from Southend, honest…”

    Satyrical maybe?

  • Linda

    For those of you who do not know, Ann Cappelletti and Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley. Crowley had 2 quests, 1) eradicate Christianity and 2) sire/procreate the Antichrist. To sire the Antichrist Crowley had sex magick with many young women. At Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu, Sicily, in 1923, Crowley had his Thelema disciples scour Siclian villages for 20 year old Sicilian girls to have sex magick w Crowley for money. Sex magick with one 20 year old Sicilian girl producted Ann Cappelletti. That young girl used the money to sail to So. Philadelphia, to live in a Strega witch community there after Ann was born.

    Was Barbara Bush’s real father Aleister Crowley?

    In the meantime at the end of 1923, Aleister Crowley was Kicked out of Italy by Mussolini. Crowley went to live with Frank Harris in Paris. At the same time, Pauline Pierce was staying with Harris’ paramour, Nellie O’Hara with Frank Harris. This is when Pauline became involved with Crowley and sex magick. Pregnant she returned to the U.S. My point of telling you this is for you to know George Bush, brothers Bush and Cappelletti brothers are all grandsons of Aleister Crowley. They were all involved in staging the 911 mega ritual & ritual to Isis to usher in the Antichrist.

    John and Mike Cappelletti (Bush cousins) got the demolition job from the U.S. cabal to gut, prep and plant the explosives in the WTC towers. Ann’s home is in Upper Darby, PA, area in which Ann leads a coven. Upper Darby is 80 miles from NYC and was an easy commute for the demolition crew. If there wer an investigation, this information would have been learned already. Ann Cappelletti was a powerful sorcerer and was also part of the 911 masters who were each in his/her place on 911 for the mega ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley.

    Silverstein signed his 99 yr lease on July 24, 2001, exactly 7 weeks before 911. Once the properties were in his hands, the demolition work of gutting, prepping and planting the explosives (nanothermite) began. The nanothermite was designed and manufactured in Israel. Strategic Communication Laboratories, London (think tank) came up with the plot and cover story for the grand illusion of 911.

    I know the Cappellettis. John was my college boyfriend and Penn State in the 1970s. There is much more to the story. The world was punked by these witches and occultists on 911.

    • Very interesting Linda. I’m surprised you put this comment on this thread for it would be far more suited on a 9/11 site, no? However, I’m certain your comment is entirely accurate.

  • to me i red this all year ago in a book they banned and what i read was this mass invassion muslims ficans is all planned to invade eu to make them look broke and displaced and take over of all of us , they cover up crimes by them rapes and they coming in they millions as the book explained the vote leave did win bigger as not one person we spoke to voted in , this was a plan to shut us up as they need time , they let us win as they will not send act 50 as soon eu is a supper state one police amry and goverment our libes dont mtter one hell money makeing machine , our goverments leaveing as not needed any more as they planned this happen on march instead a few bomb attacks in eu instead so they put it back to happen in september , this will help them to get the invassion in and time to join the one goverment plan its a war a hell war as you can see in paris labour reforms muslim attacking roits and soon we will be so brain washed fear and weak as we wall been conned there was not eu vote this planned also its killing time when you see goverments all packing up why and both at the same time the banks was broke so they need blame some one the public us the vote leave we not to blame we have a fight on our hands we nee act 50 sent now khan gone and border control they cant do this as khan need and borders must remain open its soon a bloody war , and many will not see it coming , it comes fast look the build up in eu amry along the borders and un tanks all over usa why training maybe i think unless this act 50 go now and camerom go now there is not a hope in hell we leave eu as we will be took over

  • Spot on Ricky I’ve been saying for years the same where I live everyone votes labour everyone I spoke to in the last election yet tories got in.why is the news not being investigated for having news blackouts of protests and riots during the referendum.

    • Yes indeed. The media is very much part of the coup. I keep saying nearly everyone I spoke to wanted to leave the EU yet the media claimed it was it was too close to call. In fact I’m convinced Cameron has never won a legitimate election & that includes his victory over David Davis for the Tory leadership. Yet most people have no idea our democracy has been so perverted.

  • Paul Webb

    What a pile of sh1t!
    The stock market doesn’t affect the ordinary man eh?…so you think everyone that owns shares is a millionaire? Where do you think pension companies invest the money that will be the future income of the ordinary man once he stops working?
    And as for believing a spoof story bout faulty machines??!!

    • Course it doesn’t you blithering idiot! Our pensions are being systematically robbed. Moreover anyone who doesn’t think our elections are rigged from top to bottom is one proper egg! Listen sonny. Go back to the drawing board because you’re going to have to do a lot better than that! What a mug.

  • Lee Darnton

    You quote the Southend news story

    You do realise this is a satirical page and not true??

    Just thought I’d ask

  • Jack Hardie

    I think alot more so called ordinary people do actually realise what is really going on.
    They feel helpless that they cannot change anything.
    Ukip was the only party that partly represented the O peoples concerns. However now Nigel Farage has resigned, I fear people will fall away from them again.
    Here in Scotland, there is no one representing Brexiters. The SNP, closet Racists, are exploiting the vote for all its worth. Only a third of Scots actually voted remain.
    Many many people are aware that all these Red Herrings spun by the parties are just to detract from the thruth.

    • I concur with everything you say Jack but the most important thing is people are waking up & we have something they’ll never have – strength in numbers. They’re worried too, believe me.

  • Michaelh

    I wont go into a huge rant here and i will also say i voted leave so im not against the result at all. However this story is complete rubbish. UK ballots are counted by hand and always have been you can actually go to the counting centres and watch them being counted, i am not suggesting that theyre above cheating..we all know they would/do, what im saying is that this story is based on pure lies.

    • You won’t go into a huge rant? So what do you do instead? YOU TALK OUT OF YOUR ASS – “UK ballots are counted by hand and always have been you can actually go to the counting centers and watch them being counted,” THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M WRONG! As if nothing occurs behind closed doors! I mean this guy is unbelievable because in the same breath he says “i am not suggesting that theyre above cheating..we all know they would/do.” So talk about covering all the bases. What’s your middle name – Humpty Dumpty? Like to sit on the fence while you erroneously accuse people of talking rubbish. Like I said in the piece HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW THAT WANTED OUT OF THE EU? Almost everyone I spoke to. i also said we’re not out of the EU yet. They’re going to pull every trick in the book & that’s exactly what’s occurred! Listen pal, I don’t peddle in lies. We get enough of that from the MSM!

  • Master David

    Good article and for those with half a brain and the ability to think rationally and outside the box it is clear that the ruling elites sh*t a brick when the country voted out, Yes they may have tampered with the result to make it look closer than it really was, and yes they will try everything now to delay the exit because while there is still money to be made and extracted from the common man they will do it, as for all the Neigh Sayers out there, before you start to discredit this article and throw insults why not do yourselves and the rest of us a big favour and do some independent research first, find out who owns the central banks, find out who your straw man is, only by firstly understanding who is in control will you start to begin to understand why Brexit was the first step in reclaiming your assumed freedoms, and I do say assumed because currently you are slaves.
    Master David.

    • Master David – that was a masterful comment. I need say no more except read what the man says. Do some research before you shoot your mouth off. I have nothing to gain & pretty much everything to lose by saying what I say whereas those pulling the strings basically want to keep pulling the strings & that means being able to do what the hell they like!

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