BAM!!! Trump just attacked the Clintons in the worst way imaginable!

Look here. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED – someone finally saying the system is rigged; highlighting the outrageous media bias; telling everyone the Clinton’s are criminals! WHAT MORE COULD WE POSSIBLY WANT? You’ve got to be gormless if after watching this video you don’t concede we may have half a chance with this guy. So if you still disagree with me I’ve got 2500 people who want to be friends. Unfriend me, unsubscribe. Do whatever you have to do because from now on, anyone who gives me a hard time over Trump, I will block their soppy, brainless arse! And I’ll tell you why…..
I’m 60 next month but I’m still too young to die! As well as family & all my friends, a nuclear war would wreak havoc on the animal & plant kingdom. That really would piss me off! I just cannot believe a handful of humans, mainly Zionists, actually want to bring about Armageddon. Now normally I try to vary my posts. I know it can only bore people if one harps on about the same thing but as you see, I have purely selfish reasons for constantly going on about the upcoming US Presidential elections. I’m convinced Hillary is chomping at the bit to go down in history as the person who started WW III. The very fact she looks like she could kick the bucket anytime soon makes the whole caboodle infinitely worse. I’m equally convinced Trump wants to take the Zionist foot off the gas & bring the whole coup down a notch or two.


Just look at the boat race of this evil witch who wants to kill us all – 




So I’m going to keep punching to the bitter end. I’ll admit – it knocked me bandy that more folk didn’t take my lead when it came to choosing between one or t’other. From the off I said if the media criticise Trump – that means the people we ultimately oppose – then we should have no problem backing him. I couldn’t have made it more clear. Not only that, for years I bust a gut telling people GW & 9/11 was not the turning point. It was the election of a mass murdering, drug running, fraudster/ rapist in the name of Bill Clinton. He moved the goalposts. He’s the one that made the media what it is today, as well as his scandalous repealing of the Glass/Steagal act which allowed the very criminals who want to start WW III to rape our treasuries.


I spelled everything out, giving reasons why we must support Trump only for friends to sling the ‘lesser of two evils’ clap-trap in my face. Others kept falling for the tripe dished up by garbage alternative media outlets where the ludicrous case was being made – Trump was there simply to donate Hillary the Presidency. I’ve never heard so much drivel in all my life yet time & again I was tagged by people trying to convince me Trump is a mere plant! Look. I say my piece but I don’t tag people. If you want to read what I say it’s up to you. If you want to believe different, fine but don’t tag me, especially when you disagree with me. My mind was made up long ago & frankly I’m amazed more people don’t see it. This was one of the main reasons I had to take a break. I’m fed up with people trying to make a name for themselves merely by trying to prove me wrong. I got news – it rarely happens! What does occur with unerring regularity is when I’m proved right, suddenly it all goes quiet on the Western front!


Anyway, yesterday night, Peter Rooney sent me this sensational clip from Next News Network. Gary Franchi is 100% right – this is the video that everyone in America & indeed the world needs to see……



I’ve also got so much material & it’s all bang on the money. Each & everyone shows what liars & crooks the Clintons are & how bent & unpopular the media is. But first I want to ram it home about Trump. I got this from the great 9/11 Truther Susan Lindauer. This is what Trump said on the day of 9/11. THIS IS WHY THE ZIONISTS ARE TERRIFIED OF HIM! Bear in mind, the Zionists would much rather cheat in the election than assassinate Trump but nevertheless, it takes real cojones to do what Trump has done. Anyone with any brains knows he’s up against the greatest mafiosi in history. This is the last thing most billionaires would do. I take my hat off to the man. I never thought I’d say it but I’ve become a big fan.




Remember how in one fell swoop Trump destroyed Jeb Bush. Ron Paul who was cheated of the Presidency never said a word about 9/11 or the election fraud for that matter. At least Trump is going down fighting. Considering the relentless character assassination & lies by the media & the downright hypocrisy of Clinton & the Democrats, I’m impressed with the way Trump has coped so remarkably well with this media onslaught. I cannot for the life of me imagine how he’s managed to maintain his poise. Moreover, deep down I know – if the election was not rigged by the cursed dual national Zionists, he’d slaughter Hillary….. & I believe he could be what America really needs!


Now 5 links that I’ve picked out. The first one features yet another Clinton assassination. The shocking story of Sean Lucas, Short video included –

1) Bernie Sanders’ attorney who was suing DNC over Hillary stealing election found dead on bathroom floor



2) GALLUP POLL : American Trust in the News Media Falls to Lowest Level in History

GALLUP POLL : American Trust in the News Media Falls to Lowest Level in History

3) TRUTHKINGS: WOW: Hillary Just Lost 100,000 Supporters in Pennsylvania….

WOW: Hillary Just Lost 100,000 Supporters in Pennsylvania….

4) Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined…


5) TRUTHKINGS: Anonymous To Release Video Showing Clinton’s Staff Threatening NBC for Tape


Anonymous To Release Video Showing Clinton’s Staff Threatening NBC for Tape



















  • p

    Thank you Michael, it may not mean anything, but bathroom floors seem to be a favorite place for murder. There was a nanny in the NYC area, who was said to have killed her 2 young charges. She was found in the bathroom with them both dead and herself badly injured. Turns out those children’s father was in charge of a major TV network website and had posted something very revealing about the cabal Not long after he had posted that major story he lost his children and the nanny was charged. The nanny was set up.

    Know it doesn’t matter in the face of potential of all of us being wiped out in a nuclear event, but one realizes to the depths these one will go to eliminate resistance and their continuance. We are all needed to do our part. We need to see beyond the lies and start to understand just how much dead they want most of us on the planet to be. Just 500m and you can be sure that the average mom and dad won’t be among those wanted.

    • Yes indeed. Of course once they went ahead with 9/11 we went passed the point of no return. When you commit mass-murder & get away with it, there’s nothing you won’t do to make sure you’re never put in the dock.

  • Michael! Think about this: Who selected the name ISIS and the numbers 9 11? Not the Arabs! These are historical in their roots made up of Roman Letters and Arabic Numbers.

    9 11 is a “call for help” but not “over there”. Read the book . ISIS UNVEIELED written in 1928 and you’ll see what and where the word ISIS derives from.

    I am not against or for Trump, but he didn’t just recently say “the system is rigged”. He said it months ago, and that was the words I heard that made me even more anti Hillary, because Hillary is now the symbol of “the system” that is made up of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, both Obamas, and the Kingpin who is and was behind it all, Henry Kissinger.

    They are All “Genetic Code 11s” who take their orders from the Illumined ones, now referred to as the ONE WORLD ORDER. The system is mainly rigged by the Main Stream Media who take their orders from the Zionist Jewish Bankers who own them. If Trump wins, it will be a miracle! If Hillary wins, we will need a miracle!.

    I used to trust CNN and MSNBC, but now it is ridiculously obvious that they have been ordered to DUMP TRUMP! The mainstream newscaster do not “report” the news now, they “make” the news, and people believe them. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Jerome Brown

    Opinion polls are notoriously inaccurate. GW Bush on the nigh t of his re-election was long odds against getting a second term. The Brexit vote in Britain was being touted as a win for the remainers. I went to bed thinking we had lost, so was delighted to learn the actual result on the morning of 24th June! I think the MSM will go to any lengths to try and ‘swing’ the vote the way they want it. They are still pushing for remain, and denigrating the Brexit vote. No regard for democracy at all. I like Trump, although he is a Republican. But he is a Republican with a difference. He is not the standard ‘war mongering’ republican ( like GW Bush). I agree with his wiews on immigation. OPen borders only favours the Elite, and the poorest of the world,Most ordinary people would be worse off with uncontrolled immigartion. I like it that Trump is liked by Putin, who has a good political outlook, and tells it like it is. I am not impressed with Donald Trump’s intellect, but then neither am I impressed with Hilary Clinton’s intellect. There seems to be some dubious ‘foul play’ associated with the Clinton camp, which makes me think that if I was American, I would vote for Donald Trump. Finally, I think you have it dead right about the Zionists. It is my opinion that they are responsible for much of the trouble in the world today, espeicially in the middle east ( I must say though that it is only opinion, based on circumstantial evidence, of which there is a great deal!).

    • It’s the whole picture you’ve got to look at. The media NEVER does this. Certain significant aspects of major news items are left out & much of what we’re told is false. This is why the great Malcolm x once said – The media will have you believing the aggressor (the Israelis) are the victims, while the victims, (the Palestinians), are labelled terrorists!

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