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Just the other day I gave it to David Dimbleby with both barrels – the stereotypical BBC presenter. It is beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume this man is oblivious of the true nature of his BBC paymasters – Zionists who are mere cogs in a worldwide conspiracy to establish a New World Order. Dimbleby knows exactly what’s going on yet the flagship show he’s presented for 22 years, BBC’s ‘Question time’, he nonetheless dutifully plays his role as if nothing untoward is occurring.


While by no means he can be compared to a bent politician who at the drop of a hat sells out to the highest bidder, in my eyes he’s every bit a traitor. Politicians are generally mistrusted whereas Dimbleby’s goody-goody, albeit professional approach serves to fool the British public & as a result, has become a major asset to the very people who are royally screwing the British public. Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this great caption.




Yesterday I went to the Doctor. As per usual the waiting room was half full with around 15 people. As I signed in I heard the words ‘leaving the EU could really hurt us.’ I looked round & a group in the center of the waiting room were going at it. As I was about to sit down one of the ladies said ‘look what we could lose.’ I stopped in my tracks & said, ‘the question you should be asking is what we’ve already lost!’ Confounding the ‘speaker’s corner’ moment a starving Gannet would have been proud to have seized was a nurse. She called out my name. I ignored her as if to say, shut it lady. The time had come to unload –
“When we went into the EU, this country owed sweet bugger all! Now we owe a Trillion pounds to the very bankers who, incidentally, pushed us into joining the EU. Strange how we’ve never been able to express our gratitude. You know why? While the media was so busy immersing itself in telling everyone how great the EU is, they neglected to ever mention this outrageous level of debt that’s been plonked on our laps. Know why? Because the media is owned by the very people who created the EU!”
Rumblings in the audience – but, but, but……..
“Please. Just listen……. What else have we lost? Our farming industry; our fishing industry; GONE! Our entire aviation industry which before the EU spear-headed the world. Yes. We made the best aircraft on the planet, both commercial & military. This is what we had. All that expertise & ingenuity IS NOW GONE! What else? We owned British Petroleum; we owned British Gas; we owned British electric; we owned the Royal Mail; we owned British Telecom; we owned our own water supply; we even owned the entire railway system which was built from your taxes. ALL THAT IS GONE!….. Guess who’s now got their grubby mitts on all of this?     
“Please. That’s Michael ‘speaker’s corner’ Aydinian to you. I’m coming”…….
The Nurse looked surprised. As I began to walk to her…..
“So don’t ask what we could lose because all you’re doing is listening & repeating the same lies from the very people who’ve just about robbed us of everything. Not content with that, they’ve actually saddled us with debt of over a trillion pounds to boot! Imagine a bank robber, caught bang to rights, going to court, only for the judge to turn round & say – NOT ONLY AM I GOING TO LET YOU OFF. NOT ONLY AM I GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO KEEP ALL THE MONEY YOU’VE STOLEN BUT THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A MASSIVE PENSION SO THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO ROB ANY MORE BANKS! That’s reality…. because this is exactly what’s occurred!”
I stopped next to the nurse…..
“So ask yourself – why are they so desperate to keep us in the EU? To answer, one is obliged to ask WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO NOW?…… ONLY TAKE AWAY OUR BASIC RIGHTS! Yes. They want to strip you of your civil liberties so that they will be answerable to no one! We will effectively be at their mercy – mere slaves, all on the back of national security. What the media never say is they created this very terrorist threat in order to instill fear into ordinary folk like you & me. The truth is more humans die from bee stings, peanut allergy & lightening strikes than terrorism. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE TV OR PAPERS SAY. Whatever they do say, JUST IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!”
Silence. I looked round & noticed all those who’d been arguing were in pensive thought. The fact they’d heard something totally alien was neither here nor there. A seed had been sown courtesy of the great MM. Inconvenienced for all of 60 seconds, the nurse had a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat. In that short time-span all those within earshot were now doing what the true power-brokers despise more than anything – THEY WERE THINKING! This is what happens when common sense is given the opportunity to breath & flourish. Even all the receptionists had stopped. As I disappeared with the nurse, I looked round again & one of them was looking directly into my eyes with a smile. Say no more. If a picture could paint a 1000 words……
THIS IS THE POWER OF THE MEDIA! Lying is easy. Implanting falsehoods so that they’re forever embedded into the thought process requires a 24/7 mental bombardment that eventually serves to stifle thought & one’s ability & indeed will to question.


To all those who sit there like a prize plum thinking what can we do, for starters, DO NOT PAY YOUR TV LICENCE. Read this & then message me & I will ensure you can save £150 each & every year.

Today I received reminder No.40 – pay up or else! (I think it’s up to 60 now!) 3 years ago I sent this letter to the BBC. It proved to be one of the most popular posts I’ve ever had. I told them – there’s only one cast-iron certainty in the Universe – YOU CAN’T GET! Even if you take me to court, FORGET ABOUT GETTING WEIGHED IN – YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY GET! In fact, please, I beg you….. take me to court. Stick me right in front of that judge & I’ll show him what a bunch of low-life, lying toe-rags you lot are! What did they do? The BBC sent me an E-mail. They asked –
‘in your own words, what was your main reason for writing to the BBC & why you refuse to pay the TV licence? Please give as much detail as possible’……
Well they asked………..


Your coverage of 9/11 ever since the fateful day has been a disgrace & a travesty. There has been no investigation yet you’ve continued to perpetuate the same lies. How do I know this? Because it’s on record – the BBC reported the collapse of the Saloman Brothers building, WTC 7. There was one big problem with this news item – while the BBC correspondent in New York, Jane Standley was telling us this, WTC 7 was standing perfectly upright over her left shoulder. No big deal. Everyone makes mistakes… except lo & behold…. 23 minutes later, WTC 7, a 47 storey steel skyscraper collapsed at free-fall speed, in classic control demolition style & no plane hit this building! No prizes for guessing why you’ve never explained this for this act alone proves the BBC was at best, party to information which could have led to the arrest of the real perpetrators; at worst, the BBC is inextricably linked to the very people that planned & executed 9/11! I’m in no doubt the latter is true because the only people who aren’t aware the BBC is a Zionist propaganda tool are those who have the brains of a rocking horse!
Even when the owner of the three buildings that fell that day, Larry Silverstein, an arch Zionist & close friend of that maniac Benjamin Netanyahu, said while interviewed that ‘they took the decision to pull WTC 7’ a flat out demolition term & virtually an admission of guilt, the BBC NEVER MENTIONED IT……..or for that matter the billions Silverstein received through insurance claims. How can it be possible that within a year of buying the Twin Towers for a knockdown $15 million (his bid incidentally, was not the highest), he then proceeded to insure the buildings for $3.5 billion! Wait! Here’s the real mind-blower – Silverstein requested/insisted the inclusion of a clause which stipulated if the Towers happened to be destroyed by a terrorist attack, HE WOULD BE PAID DOUBLE! Getting away with it? I’m still trying to work out how he got paid out! And forget about nullifying the entire US civil Air Defense so that hijacked planes can hit their targets – since when did terrorists ever have the ability to reduce the world’s greatest steel-structured skyscrapers to rubble? Yet the BBC never once deemed anything involving Larry Silverstein to be news……& you want money from me? 
Of course the day to day running of programs carries on as normal which more than helps keep the public oblivious of reality. However when it comes to news, not only are we told a pack of lies from carefully hand-picked, squeaky clean news readers like Fiona Bruce, Mary Nightingale & George Alagiah but what remains hidden from public gaze IS THE NEWS! Though this has been going on for years, since 9/11 especially, the fabrication of news has reached such epidemic proportions, I only tune in simply to hear what you’re lying about & crucially, what you neglect to report. So before you think about writing back saying how sorry you are that I feel this way & that the BBC always tries to ensure it’s news is of the very highest quality, blah blah blah & the rest of the tripe you fob disgruntled viewers off with, I’m now of the opinion the BBC can sink no lower!
Before I list a catalogue of lies & non-reporting, I remind you the BBC is in breach of their operating requirements in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public. This document requires you to show information that is both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL. On both counts, this most definitely is not the case! This is why I’ve refused to pay the TV licence & encouraged others not to do so. Furthermore such is the gravity of the situation, I’m in no doubt I’m actually risking my life revealing all this because the BBC is totally under the control of the greatest lunatics on the planet – Zionists. There can be no question 9/11 was planned & executed by dual national Zionists in America & Mossad! This was a classic false flag event. The trouble is, once the point of no return is reached ie truth can never be told, it’s inevitable whoever’s slipping under the radar will continue to exploit, divide, conquer & generally wreak havoc! This is why Israel is responsible for much of the pain & suffering in the world. Of course it helps no end when their two partners as chief architects of state terrorism is the US & UK!


Here’s the original post. It contains 25 reasons I refuse to pay the BBC TV licence fee. As I said, don’t be intimidated by these liars. They have no option but to threaten you with bailiff’s & court proceedings. It’s all bullshit because they haven’t got a legal leg to stand on. Just message me & I will be only too happy to help you.


Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago


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