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Thanks to the great Nicky Nelson for this video. I don’t need to tell you how good it is – anything, any time with Ken O’Keefe, is prime time. He’s one of the very few who seemingly never has an off day. Considering his workload is littered doing interviews, many of which are for live TV…… well, I don’t know quite how he does it! I’m bloody jealous that’s for sure.


Of course, Ken has to abide by certain rules when he appears on RT or Press TV. I think mainstream media don’t have any so-called experts left who are prepared to take KOK on – he’s KO-ed the lot! However, though Ken is as genuine as they come, I really enjoy listening to the man when he has total freedom to express himself as if he’s just having a friendly chat.


A Must-See Interview with Ex-Marine Turned Anti-War Activist, Ken O’Keefe


You can see the full video here:


Starve the state



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