Ben Swann – Real news from Aleppo

Following on from last night’s post where for once we heard the truth about what was really going on in Syria, I touched on how we had to re-double our efforts in the face of Zionist sponsored government censorship. They know their mainstream news outlets are hemorrhaging viewers. What scant credibility they’ve left wobbles on a tight rope. Alternative media, on the other hand, is positively mushrooming. No surprise, this is where the pork-pie merchants are now turning their attention.
Of course, they’ve always told lies, hence the age old saying ‘never believe what you read in the papers.’ Most folk though perhaps fail to recognise the true power of the media is their ability to ensure their story is the only story! This is why FB, a company which specialised in encouraging social interaction & as a result rapidly became a worldwide phenomenon, had to do the unthinkable – stifle, suppress & derail those who spoke the truth. Moreover, those specifically being targeted were those best able to read between the lines.
Last night however, I went to bed thinking I could have done a better job getting this crucial message across. Re-doubling our efforts does not mean sharing twice as much! The last thing we need to do is inundate people with shitloads of posts & links. We have to be selective. Shows like Ron Paul’s Liberty Report yesterday featuring guest Vanessa Beeley is a perfect example. This is what ordinary folk need to see. Quality; not quantity! 30 minutes is fine. If people want to watch 2, 3 hour videos to learn every last detail, let them do that but bear in mind – these are not ideal for waking up & converting the uninitiated.
As I said, we have to throw our weight behind top-notch activists & the alternative news outlets that feature them. I’ve always thought Ben Swann’s Reality Check is another terrific show. It’s not what we like that counts. We already know the truth. This presentation is perfect for people who may suspect all is not as it should be but they haven’t yet seen the light. They simply need the right jolt! Thanks to Paul Stewart for this clip, just 4.08 long, designed to do the trick…..


I thought I’d also include this link from Truth Kings which features a short clip, a parting shot from Denzil Washington, a great actor & significantly, a man I admire greatly. In short, he calls out the media for what they actually are. The word IS getting out.

No One Expected Denzel To Say This




  • Trish Holmeide

    Where is the media exposing the real reason the US is involved in the Middle East in the first place? It’s obvious to even the most ignorant of observers we have no constitutionally sound reason for contributing our military forces, our weapons, and supplies, nor our money in the Middle East at all. Apparently, the elite who run things wants us to believe our presence is necessary to conduct regime changes for humanitarian purposes–all while conducting drone and “hell-fire” missile strikes that kill, maim, and injured millions of innocent civilians. Or, we are being told it is a policy to make friends with the “enemies of our enemies”–also, for humanitarian purposes that never seem to measure up to the amount of sheer destruction our efforts cause and the bloodshed, we continue to encourage. So, other than the fact the international banking cabal didn’t like Ghadaffi trying to establish a different manner of exchanging petroleum products with real gold-back currency rather than the fiat empty promises of the American dollar, and Syria refused to cooperate and institute a privately owned central bank to keep his people in perpetual debt as the US has under the federal reserve–what reason do we have in going after nations and leaders who pose no danger to the US and have never so much as made a realistic threat to our safety? Maybe the question is the answer–we don’t and we are being used by the international elite to do their dirty work at our expense and I think the majority of Americans are beginning to realize we are contributing not only to the demise of independent sovereign nation states in the Middle East, but the drain on our resources and the destruction of our character and standing in the international community are also contributing to our own downfall! Hopefully, Trump will fall out of step with the powerbrokers and try to get the US out of these messes and stop funding the terrorists (and nations who also fund them) used as an excuse to be there so they die of their own accord or their neighbors grow tired of their insanity and blow them off the face of the earth themselves.

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