Bernie, Cruz & an imbecile of the very highest order

I just want to give my two-pennies worth on what’s going on in the States. Though I’m in no doubt Bernie Sanders is hardly the answer, I’m certainly pleased & relieved he’s picked up some serious momentum. Defeating Hilary gets a huge weight off our shoulders yet I’m mystified as to why I’ve even had to spell this out. I’m sick & tired of hearing the same old garbage about lesser of two evils etc. It’s perfectly simple – if you can’t see that this woman is completely off her canister then you’re blind as a bat!


I believe a decision has been made to stop Trump yet the situation is not so clear-cut. Power-brokers may have carte blanche but any move to stop Trump becoming the Republican nominee will be way too obvious. Up to now, blatant election fraud in the US has remained firmly off the grid. Ultimately, they want it to stay that way but they also don’t want Trump. Cast your mind back a few weeks ago. Hilary won 6 coin tosses out of 6 (that’s 64/1) to snatch Iowa from Bernie. It was so blatant it was a joke. Since then it’s become evident Trump has the GOP nomination wrapped up.


All of a sudden, Bernie is on the rampage. Of course believing he’s miraculously become the flavor of the month is lunacy. The truth is, he probably was the front-runner from the word go. From day one I said the only people who want Hilary are Zionists & those with the brains of a rocking horse! Now that it’s imperative for the power-brokers to stop Trump, it should be no surprise Hilary could well be dumped because they’re all too aware that in a fight between her & Trump, it’s no contest whereas a fight between Trump & Bernie the bolt is another story altogether.


Okay, Cruz just won Wisconsin – quite how so many people could vote for this sniveling little rat is indeed a moot point. Though I’ve never been to Wisconsin I personally don’t believe there are that many so daft! I can’t say if the vote was rigged, perhaps to test the waters to see if they could possibly do a number on Trump or whether this was a genuine vote. If it was, then I’d like to bet the turnout was on the floor. Cruz has even less support than Hilary. It’s negligible. Above all, US voters want a President who will put their interests first.


Finally, if ever one needed to know why America is fast-becoming an embarrassment, one needs to look no further than US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. Since he was appointed, everything he’s ever said has been pure unadulterated tripe! However, today when I heard this RT report  –


Pentagon chief seeks reforms, calls Russia ‘No. 1 strategic threat’


Prize Plum


where the prize plum stated –
– reforms were necessary to make the US military more “agile” and able to address the five strategic challenges, which he named as “Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorism.”
– I felt I had to pinch myself. Much as we know politicians lie for fun, I can’t help but feel that lately it’s become acceptable, even the norm to literally say anything. I know they have no shame but we’ve long since passed the point where such idiocy can be allowed to shape policy. I know such nonsense could never occur if we had a media that took these twats to task by asking patently obvious questions but as I’ve said so many times, the media is owned by the same people who are plotting to take over the world.
it infuriates me so – how could mankind have come so far only for a complete buffoon to be in charge of the world’s most powerful military force? I’m pinching myself alright! Need one even say that America has spent a king’s ransom fighting a fictitious war on terror for 15 years, the result of which has been nothing short of cataclysmic……. YET NOW WE HAVE THIS IMBECILE TELLING US THEIR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS RUSSIA! If this doesn’t tell you Carter is a two-bit traitor who is working for a Zionist banking cartel that want to establish a New World Order, then nothing will.
Incredible how all those years ago Albert Pike (1809-1891) predicted it would need 3 World Wars for the Rothschild Illuminati to eventually create a one world government. Ironically, had America attacked the real terrorists behind 9/11, instead of all this mayhem & chaos courtesy of Divide & Conquer, we would have been taking on the very people whose goal is to establish a New World Order. Talib Al Muhammad sent me this video yesterday when I had no use for it. Either he knows something I don’t or he’s psychic!

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)



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