Bernie the bolt!

I don’t know that much about Bernie Sanders. I know enough to say this he’ll be infinitely better than Hilary because the chances are there’ll still be a planet left! As for that traitor Jeb Bush – haven’t we had enough of this garbage family? I’m convince both Clinton & Bush have very little support among the people. The whole process is rigged from top to bottom. Even if Bernie has 60% of the american people with him, the media will make out he got 12%, pretty much like what happened to Ron Paul.

Bernie the bolt!

Bernie the bolt!

Thanks to Vicky-Lee Goodwin for the caption


  • Joshua Alby

    If there is any justice,Bernie Sanders will become the next POTUS. However,there is not,so he won’t. Hillary Ruddy Clinton will win because money talks. Approximately 2.8 billion dollars.,to be precise. It Jeb Bush wins I will eat Paddy Ashdown’s uneaten hat.

  • Susan Fowler

    Bernie Sanders supported Israel’s bombing of Gaza last summer. He calls the fireworks hurled out of the Gaza concentration camp – “missiles” and considers them justification for Israel’s actions. Like Chomsky he spent time in Israel living on a kibbutz. Left wing Jews like Sanders are made very nervous by the audacity of Netanyahu and the Likud and that is why they don’t like to talk about who perpetrated 9/11, 7/7 and 3/11.. Jews like Sanders ignore the history of Zionism and look only at the perfidy of latter day Zionists like Netanyahu but what the Zionists had to do to establish their state in 1948 is much worse than anything they have done since.

    • 100% correct Susan. This is precisely why in my last comment I said Sanders is not the ideal candidate. Needless to say any Jewish candidate, however much they may care for the American people, are always going to put Israel interests before America’s. Of course any talk that Zionists were the real terrorists behind 9/11 will be dismissed out of hand. This is the major hurdle we have because they control the entire corporate media. However, I dread to think wehat will occur if another Bush or Clinton gets into the White House.

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