Beyond Capitalism – Albert Einstein, 1949

I’ve not made it a secret one of my heroes is Albert Einstein yet I’ve rarely posted anything about Astro & Quantum Physics, two of my favourite subjects. Physics is hardly for social media. The one time I did I stated there had to be millions of advanced life forms strewn all over the Cosmos. However, I dismissed out of hand the notion advanced aliens have ever visited our planet. Frankly, I was astonished so many people took umbrage to this. Hard as I tried to explain the ungodly distances one must cover even for interstellar travel; hard as I tried to explain the chronic G forces involved when accelerating & decelerating; hard as I tried to explain how space is not empty & that finally if one is able to travel at let’s say 1% of the speed of light, which is just short of a mind-boggling 1863 miles per second, merely hitting a tiny rock at this velocity could have dreadful consequences. Hard as I tried to explain all this, I was nevertheless bombarded with people saying how close-minded I was. Aliens apparently have been here & I didn’t know what I was talking about!


So contrary to my better judgement, instead of saying, ‘look. Just piss off & leave me alone,’ I tried to argue the toss by pointing out that even though there have been countless UFO ‘sightings’, no one has as yet bothered to take out their mobile to videotape or at least photograph an alien spaceship. Adding to this quite outrageous anomaly, there has never been any radar data or confirmed landing sites. Most significantly, the very notion advanced aliens, having overcome all these immense obstacles, would travel for 1000’s of years through the depths of interstellar space to finally discover a planet teeming with life, only to up & leave without so much as a HELLO EARTHLINGS is so preposterous I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Guess what? I still didn’t know what I was talking about! 


There are two main reasons people believe or are even obsessed with UFO’s. With any concept there arrives a point where one’s conviction in a belief transcends logic. Once at this stage no one can say anything to convince you otherwise. Your belief in UFO’s becomes unyielding, religious-like. The other reason – most of us yearn attention & some of us will do or say daft things to get it! I finished off by saying I would never write about Astrophysics again….. but then I was sent this link which features the man (I’ve misplaced the name of the person who did – humblest apologies). It’s a truly excellent article for it explains exactly why we’re in this mess. The great man also gives some indication as to what we really should be doing. It’s well worth reading.


Beyond Capitalism – Albert Einstein, 1949


Strangely enough just the other day someone commented how Einstein may have in fact borrowed some of his ideas, notably Special Relativity. This is not the first time I’ve had to put people straight on this & the reason is once again down to our old friends. The chap’s comment was – 


I’ve read several places that Einstein borrowed most of his ideas for special relativity from Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz and the Frenchman Henri Poincare and never gave them any credit for their work. You’ll need to find a new science hero. Tesla? 


My response –


That’s because the places you read them were Zionist owned. Einstein was the greatest mind in history. No one gets near but he turned down the job of becoming Israel’s first President, citing all the reasons. As well as being traumatised by America’s decision to needlessly drop two atomic bombs, right from the beginning Einstein was opposed to Israel stating that they would do to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them. It turns out the Israelis have done far worse & Einstein once again was proved right. As a result the Israelis despise Einstein & forever sully his name by pathetically claiming he stole ideas. Well any idiot can just say that! No real evidence is ever provided. (I mean doesn’t this ring true with precisely what’s occurring today)



You’re right about Lorentz & Poincare. They along with Einstein were trying to solve the problem which Einstein later coined SPECIAL RELATIVITY – the dilemma between light & time. Einstein proved time was not the one constant of the Universe. It was Light Speed! Time apparently did not go tick-tock, tick-tock at regular intervals as everyone naturally assumed. Time was in fact inextricably linked to motion – the faster one moved, the slower time ran. It may confound logic yet this was indeed the case. Lorentz & Poincare were on the right track but they tried to solve the conundrum with different methods. If I remember rightly Poincare was a genius of Topography ie the study of objects in ‘extra’ dimensions. Einstein got the credit because earlier in 1905 he published a piece ‘the laws of Brownian Motion’ which proved the existence of atoms. Later that year he also published a paper on ‘Special Relativity’ & the ‘photo-electric effect.’ In 1908 E = MC squared & in 1916 ‘General Relativity which is rightfully widely regarded as the greatest intellectual achievement of mankind. 

You sir have believed liars. I sir do my homework. In fact I happen to be an expert on Astro & Quantum physics as well as the works of Albert Einstein. Now think about that & ask yourself – are Zionists the kind of vindictive people who’d tell lies to destroy people’s reputations? BING!


  • zakimar

    How can Einstein be a hero to anyone? He helped develop the nuclear weapons that the satanic jew banksters will soon have their nato slaves use to murder billions of people. Plus instead of turning down the position of PM of APARTHEID israel, he could have taken it and saved the lives of millions of Palestinians from their holocaust.

    • HE DID NOT HELP DEVELOP NUCLEAR WEAPONS! In fact he along with Lisa Meitner refused to be part of the Manhattan project. Your 2nd point has at least some validity except for the fact the position was largely an honorary one with little or no power, though I concede having Einstein as President of Israel would have aided the Palestinian plight but then how long would have that lasted?

      • Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt urging him to have a nuclear bomb built as he was hoping to have it used on the great German People

        • I know that. Leo Zillard convinced Einstein he had to do that. What you’re not saying is at the time Germany was also in the process of developing such a weapon. Therefore it’s a case of them or us. However, your contention that Einstein wanted the atom bomb dropped on his countrymen is totally untrue. Einstein from the beginning stated nuclear weapons were so destructive no one could ever use them.

          • Do Einstein urged the terrorist amerikkkan regime to build a nuclear bomb so it wouldn’t be used. Someone needs to stop believing the liar jew media.

          • Someone needs to take a deep breath & perhaps listen more in order to hopefully learn.

          • zakimar

            The satanic warmonger jew like Einstein and Oppenheimer wanted to have their amerikkkan slaves use the nuclear weapons on the Germans, whom they hate for standing up to the jew parasites that were destroying Germany. They must have been pissed that they only managed to murder a few hundred thousand Japanese people. Those jew scum are undoubtedly being punished in their wretched graves now and awaiting Hellfire. Good Riddance.

            But the jew media never gets tired of telling lies for their jew warmonger heroes.

          • How can you compare Einstein with Oppenheimer? You know you say certain things so aggressively yet they are by & large correct. We’ve spoken about your delivery leaving much to be desired. However, so deep is your anger (which to a great extent I can understand) your judgement is clouded to the point where you cannot distinguish good Jews from evil Zionists. This my friend is disastrous.
            As for the atomic bombs – yes they killed some 2-300,000. However, very little is ever said about the carpet bombing of Tokyo, which at the time was totally defenceless, which killed in excess of 500,000 innocent civilians. If ever there was a war crime, here it is.

          • zakimar

            It’s best to address evil directly than to dance around it. The firebombing of Dresden was more evil and unnecessary than Tokyo, but the reason I single out the use of nuclear weapons by the satanic amerikkkans and their jew masters is that not only was the war just about over before the bombs were dropped, but the radiation is still killing and disfiguring babies today.

            John said of the jew that the devil is their father and his bidding they will do, nothing makes that more clear than the behaviour of Einstein, Oppenheimer and the other nuclear scientists. May God be punishing those satanic scum in their wretched graves and then give them eternity in Hellfire. Good Riddance.

          • zakimar

            Do Einstein urged the terrorist amerikkkan regime to build a nuclear bomb so it wouldn’t be used. Someone needs to stop believing the liar msm.

  • 12barblueboy

    I like Einstein better as a scientist than an advocate of socialism. He’s right about the concentration of wealth, but I believe that has occurred not spontaneously but by design through the PRIVATE central banking system used in almost every country in the world. Individuals and nations are enslaved by non-payable debt. The US Constitution is a very good framework that has been violated by the creation of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of the income tax. All the technological innovations of the last centuries should have lead to more leisure time and less work for people. But through inflation, boom bust cycles, artificial interest rates, we are losing ground to the NWO. I see a day when cash is outlawed so every transaction can theoretically be taxed. But I’m hopeful that individual spirit, initiative, and cooperation among freedom loving people will develop a barter system to circumvent this tyranny. Americans are fiercely defensive of their second amendment rights and they need them now more than ever.

    • That is a truly excellent comment. Thank you ever so much bbb.

    • Sully

      I’m sorry, but the reason the people do not have more leisure time and less working hours has nothing to do with the private banking system, it is purely and simply a symptom of Capitalist greed as described by Karl Marx in Das Kapital.
      Innovations such as robotics were not seen by the capitalist as a way to give a working man an easier day, or a way for him to produce a weeks output in 3 days and therefore have an extra 2 days off and receive the same pay as before.
      They were seen as as a way to increase capitalist wealth by replacing skilled workers on high pay with less skilled machine operators on low pay while at the same time increasing the output per man hour.
      This capitalist subjugation of the working people has continued unabated for decades. I don’t think the people of Britain really appreciate the extent to which that evil, mother of all bitches, Thatcher robbed them all blind on behalf of the Capitalist wealthy elite. The Industries the people had built over centuries that generated the income to provide millions of British people with secure, well paid jobs, weeks of paid vacation, good overtime rates etc. Stolen from them and sold to the capitalists at a fraction of their worth so they could decimate the work force, slash wages, benefits and overtime and therefore pocket billions of dollars that would have previously been paid to the working classes. Thatcherism is probably the most insideous, criminal abuse of elected office in the history of Great Britain.
      If you still wish to blame the private banking system for their part in the enslavement of the people to expensive unpayable debt let’s not forget, prior to Thatcherism the British people had an alternative, it was known as Building Societies. These were non profit organisations that provided savings and loans. Savings were paid a good rate of interest, loans were charged interest at a rate a fixed percentage higher than the savings rate. The difference between the two rates provided the running costs for the building society so as no profits were included they beat the banks on both loan costs and savings benefits.
      Millions of British people held Building Society accounts. Most mortgages in Britain were provided by them and most British people had their savings with them, earning them interest.
      Now, of course the greedy capitalist, wealthy elite were not satisfied with what Thatcher had given them, they now had there eyes on the building societies and I’ll tell you some little known, heavily overlooked facts about that which amounts to what should be known as one of the biggest criminal frauds in British history but as far as I know has never even been discussed in any media before.
      Everyone who opened a savings account became a shareholder in the building society. The savings account was called a paid up share account. Each savers share in the building society was a ratio of their savings to the total savings held by all the shareholders.
      Most account holders did not know what that really meant and just considered it to be Building Society jargon. They were just concerned with having a place to put their savings.
      The criminal wealthy capitalist elite sure knew what it meant. They had a problem, they wanted them but they couldn’t just sell themselves the Building Societies on the stockmarket like they had Thatcher do with all the other industries the people owned because the Building Societies already had these millions of unknowing shareholders. So this is what their cronies who held positions on the Building Societies boards of directors did.
      They introduced ATM’s and instructed their branch managers that the tellers should push their new ATM accounts.
      Now here’s the kicker.
      The tellers were instructed, when a saver comes in and hands you their account book you should push the new ATM account. When the customer agrees, you are to transfer their savings to the new ATM account, punch holes in their account book to void it, hand them an ATM card and tell them, from now on this card is all you need when you come in or use the ATM.
      The customer would leave, oblivious to the fact, he had just been robbed of his status as a shareholder by the smiling friendly teller that he sees every week, is on first name terms with and trusts implicitly and who was no more aware of what just happened than the customer was because the tellers were never told about the insideous plan to remove the shareholders. They just did what management told them and never would have dreamt there was such a despicable purpose.
      Of course the capitalist criminals all kept their paid up share savings accounts and the fewer the shareholders, the larger the portion of the Building Society each share was worth.
      They then used their majority votes at the shareholders meetings to push through the rest of the plan to convert the building societies to banks then privatise them by selling them on the stock market.
      Once they did all that they ramped up the interest rates on loans and reduced the interest rates on savings to a fraction of their former worth.
      These are just examples of the insideous nature of capitalism, the lies and deceit the wealthy elite use to subjugate the ordinary working people and to blatently steal from them. They are nothing but criminals, liars and murderers and these are the same people we call Zionists which has very little to do with the Jewish faith and everything to do with the Palestinian land’s strategic position on the edge of the worlds Arab dominated oil fields.

      • Sully

        In my last comment I talked about the capitalists in Britain, so what about America?
        American capitalism is nothing but a lie. But how can it be a lie, America is so wealthy right?
        Ask yourself what does America do to create wealth. Every other country has to do something, exporting product of some kind to the rest of the world so what does America export and trade? Nothing but the US dollar. The Federal reserve prints money the population circulates it round and round and import everything from China because they believe it is worth something.
        Why do they believe it is worth something ? Because the world says it is.
        Why does the world say it is worth something?
        Because of the petro-dollar agreement.
        The petrol dollar agreement was made by Nixon and the Arab oil producing nations. Nixon did this to try and save the rapidly depreciating dollar.
        The deal was, America will provide you with weapons and guarantee you US military protection and in return you will make all your oil sales in US dollars.
        This created artificial demand for US dollars on the world currency markets. Every country in the world has to convert its currency to US dollars to pay for its oil.
        This is the reason the US dollar is known as world reserve currency.
        Everyone knows the US dollar cannot depreciate due to American internal economic issues because as long as the worlds oil is paid for in US dollars the demand for it keeps its value high.
        This is also why the federal reserve can print more dollars with very little effect on its value, and is why 20 trillion dollars of debt doesn’t really matter.
        So you see, this petrodollar artificially props up the US. It has nothing to do with any claimed success of capitalist ideology.
        This was the reason for desert storm. America had to be seen to fulfill its obligations to provide military protection to kuwait when Iraq attacked them.
        Also the reason for not invading Iraq at that time. Iraq was also in the petro-dollar agreement.
        The Bush Jr administration got around it. A little noticed announcement in the media that Iraq had declared it would be making its oil sales in Euros.
        Most people would not have realised the significance of that even if they did read it.
        It was probably a lie, but its purpose was to claim Iraq had broken its side of the petro-dollar agreement therefore the invasion of Iraq should not jeapardize how the other oil producing nations viewed Americas commitment to abide by it.
        That is how important the petro-dollar agreement is to America. Without it, America would be bankrupt already.

        • zakimar

          The satanic parasitic jew bankster USURY is behind us humans being wage slaves. When a mortgage of $300 000 takes 30 years to repay and costs about $700 000 to $900 000, you know the jew are the problem.

          Plus every book from God made USURY a sin, it’s just the jew got their western slave armies to impose the rothschild banksters on all of humanity.

          May God join the satanic jew and their minions in hellfire, forever.

        • Absolutely correct again. I’ve written a few pieces about this but as you say most people don’t realise the true significance of the Petro-dollar deal Nixon & that bastard Kissinger struck with the Saudis in 1971. Nixon is rightly regarded as a proper crook but for pretty much all the wrong reasons. The petro-dollar deal is nothing less than a blight on mankind because the full ramifications are incalculable. I feel we’re yet to pay anything like the real price! How all the world leaders sat by & allowed Nixon to strike such a deal is beyond me. I believe only the French kicked up a fuss. Simply unbelievable. Thanks again Sully.

      • Definitely one of the very best comments I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for that Sully…. even if that’s not your name! I agree with just about every word you say. I don’t think 99% of the people realise just how we’re used abused.

  • 12barblueboy

    This article is from 2013. I don’t think it was penned by a “Zionist.” I grasp much of the physics but not all, and did not check all the references. In place of the authors name it just says “admin,” but at the page bottom is:
    ((( Wade D. House: Chairman/Co-Founder ))) ((( Joel D. Prentice: Treasurer/Co-Founder ))) Contact E-Mail: []…..>>>

    • I’ve seen this & many more. Believe you me, significant sums of money have been put aside simply for the purpose of destroying Einstein’s credibility. The Zionists not only possess untold resources; they have spite in spades. Yet for every paid off or jealous scientist/professor there are 100 far better qualified intellectuals who categorically refute such claims.

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