Blair bullshit backfires big time. Much as I love it……. it’s all part of the plan

A few days ago I was asked my opinion of Blair’s introduction into the Labor leadership fray. With the entire MSM already in ‘red alert desperation mode’ the cheap shots were already flying in from every direction. No one mentioned the fact out of 600+ MP’s, Corbyn was ranked No.1 – THE MOST USELESS WHEN IT CAME TO EXPENSES! HE CLAIMS THE LEAST! With all the chiseling swindlers in Parliament, you’d think the media would mention this……. You know, every so often, those who really do call the shots don’t half make it obvious. Here’s a classic example because Jeremy Corbyn is the last man they want as Labor leader – ‘not open to bribery & coercion? Vot are ve going to do with this guy Haim?’ So I said –


My opinion – GREAT! If people haven’t by now worked out that doing anything Tony Blair doesn’t like means YOU’RE BANG ON THE MARK then what can I say? In terms of credibility, Corbyn leaves Blair & Cameron behind. Everybody should look at this as an endorsement. But I’ll stick my neck out again & say if the contest is a fair one, Corbyn would win by a mile. However, the Zionists don’t want him which means EXPECT SKULDUGGERY & I’m not talking about the kind of garbage media reporting that will be all about undermining his chances. I’ve already factored that in. I’m talking about underhand bribery & coercion that will eventually have Corbyn supporters voting for another candidate. This is what happened with Cameron & Davis. However, I feel with this one, the Zionists may find the only way is to somehow rig the count. One thing you can be sure of is, for some pathetic reason or another, Corbyn will not win. We have no say!


For Blair to be speaking out against Corbyn – this was a double-edged sword yet, do not for one minute think the media aren’t aware using Blair for anything is asking for trouble. Sure enough (see link) in the hours after the former prime minister’s outburst, Corbyn’s campaign team revealed their fundraising efforts had soared. Even John Prescott steamed in slamming Blair stating that Labor lost 4 million votes under his leadership. So why did the media do this? I believe this is simply part of the process of public programming. They had to start somewhere to get the anti-Corbyn brainwash ball rolling. What better way than with Blair. It can only improve from here. You see, daft as this all may sound – the decision has already been made! Corbyn cannot win no matter how many people vote for him.


Go JC go!


It matters not that Corbyn is by far & away the people’s choice & the Labor party’s favorite. He will not become Labor leader, period. This process of programming is a similar tactic to the manner in which salesmen ‘price condition’ – start off at a high price & before the punter has a chance to jangle even one brain cell, they’re made to believe they’re getting a blinding deal when they’re getting sweet FA! When the big day arrives, the uninitiated, having been drip fed a diet of negative tripe, when Corbyn doesn’t win, people would have been so conditioned it will seem no big deal. The media will apply the finishing touches by saying why Corbyn lost ie merely an infuriating rendition of all the bullshit they’d been saying, that few ever believed! Job done – another Zionist puppet safely installed.


Election fraud is not about lying so that people end up voting for the man or a party they normally wouldn’t vote for. It’s all about making people believe that the result the power-brokers want, the result that by hook or by crook would be declared regardless, a result that could never possibly occur, is not such big a surprise after all. No matter what the real vote is, no matter what the margin of victory – if the press don’t reveal the true picture, how will the people ever know? Therefore, their job is make all the dumbos out there believe nothing untoward occurred.


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