Bombshell: FBI twice refused to wire-tap Trump. So Obama went around them

I’ve never courted popularity & I never will. From the moment I began writing on social media I believed I should pull no punches – say it exactly how I saw it, after all, I felt this was what was needed. If people showed interest I would continue. If they didn’t, I would have thought nothing of it, except perhaps maybe my judgement needed sharpening. I simply would have utilised my spare time doing something else.


I don’t believe I’ve ever had my judgement brought into question so much as with Donald Trump. Insults galore; one blithering idiot the other day actually accused me of being clueless. I may be a few things but clueless? Please…. & yet I was unreliably informed the guy with the big mouth knew his stuff. Well, along with his slur he stated, as many do, that I feel Trump is our savior. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve said ‘are you blind? Can you not read?’ Saying ‘he’s our only chance so, come on. Let’s get behind him’ does not mean I think he’s the Prodigal son.
Then again what should I expect from the world we live in? Bad enough having my website sabotaged & my FB post reach slamming into a proverbial brick wall but to suffer insults from fools? I often wonder would I receive this treatment if my analytical prowess was poor? Surely not! As I’ve said before, the lady who runs my website along with 140 or so more, says she never seen anything like it. She tells me ‘wow. Have they got it in for you!’ Bear in mind she’s only involved in alternative media. It stands to reason – the more one’s analysis is on the mark, the more one is censored.


Also, posting a video where someone is simply stating the obvious ie Trump’s son-in-law is a Zionist who’s in cahoots with the globalists, hardly qualifies as hard evidence. It’s not so much we know mis-information is a weapon Zionists utilise to the max. The mere notion Trump, a man with a monstrous ego, is likely to be over-ridden by his poxy, sniveling son-in-law is so preposterous it’s laughable, not to mention those who feel the need to persistently inform me Trump is surrounded by Zionists. Perhaps I should retort, ‘REALLY? Jesus. You know I had no idea America is run by that mob!’
It’s getting hard to bear because it’s as if the JFK assassination never occurred. Can’t people assume Trump may have figured out who’s been running America all these years & therefore he has no option but to make out he’s their friend otherwise he may suffer the same fate? Of course all this fits perfectly with how the Zionists operate. You see, even though Trump has appointed several wrong-uns, has the Zionist media let up on him? Not a bit! Worse still, up to now, any appointee the media doesn’t like has, lo & behold, had untold pressure heaped upon them.
Needless to say the block option has been in overdrive. Paradoxically, I wish I hadn’t blocked all those who I’ve fallen out with over Trump because I really do believe there will come a time where I’ll be well within my rights to tell them ‘I told you so.’


Whether you are a supporter or not; whether you even think Donald Trump is part of the globalist plan & we’re all being played is entirely irrelevant, for one thing is certain – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM! Therefore, anyone who claims to be an analyst or a Truther surely is obliged to ask – why is this man the only President in history to be undermined from the jump, no honeymoon period, nothing? Once this far, how difficult is it to then demand who is actually doing this?


Today I watched RT’s flagship show CrossTalk & they were debating this conundrum. They talked of how US institutions were actively trying to pull the rug from under the President. I ask is this not Treason? What after all is the point of having Presidential elections every 4 years if this sort of skulduggery is accepted practice? As I said, whether you’re a supporter or not, one has to recognise certain people are doing this! Well, what can be more serious than the American electorate constantly having two fingers stuck up at them – ‘screw your choice for President?’


Moreover, this time around it was never more obvious which candidate mainstream media preferred. This in itself is an issue far greater than something like Watergate or the Iran/Contra scandal. Think about this. We’re talking about every single news outlet singing the same tune, BOTH BEFORE & AFTER THE ELECTION! Now while RT is the only news channel to bother to highlight this monstrosity, I nevertheless wanted to smash the TV! Why? Because while this treasonous media bias sticks out like a sore thumb, RT never jumps the final hurdle to say who owns & controls mainstream media. How can this be possible? There can only be one explanation – RT, like Trump is being held under the barrel of the Zionist gun.


This is why the Deep State has it in for Trump – DHS Insider Warns “It’s Spy Versus Spy”This is why the Deep State has it in for Trump – DHS Insider Warns “It’s Spy Versus Spy”


Years ago, I stated the Zionists cannot afford to lose control of America. This is what it’s all about. Of course they could have cheated like they did with Obama & Bush, so that Hillary got in but that could well have united Americans. The blatant manner in which Ron Paul was ripped off made it obvious. Only idiots now don’t realise US elections are totally rigged. Not to mention how the media are masters when it comes to Divide & Conquer. So, they rightly thought their best option was to let Trump in & then proceed to undermine him & this is precisely what is occurring. Yes. We’re talking about the very essence of democracy here & it doesn’t mean Jack to the Zionists!


 The integral reason the media won’t let up on Trump – it’s all about protecting the PedophilesThe integral reason the media won’t let up on Trump – it’s all about protecting the Pedophiles
So far we have the resignation of General Michael Flynn. This guy was a hawk in every sense of the word but he was also talking to the Russians about combating the worldwide child-sex trafficking ring. Can’t have that, can we? Now the heat is being turned up on Jeff Sessions. What’s he been up to? Only refusing to back down on his investigation of Pedophiles in Washington DC! Suddenly we hear Obama wire-tapped Trump’s office! So now we know how the media is acquiring their juice. And Peter Lavelle is right – there’s no way Trump would have bypassed the media & gone on Twitter to reveal all this if it wasn’t true.


Bombshell: FBI twice refused to wire-tap Trump. So Obama went around them –



So apart from the fact Zionists own the entire media apparatus, what other evidence lends credence to the notion all this instability is being engineered by them? Well there’s AIPAC & all the other Zionist lobbies. There’s the fact every major Western politician kisses Netanyahu’s butt even though everyone knows he’s evil through & through. And speaking of this steaming sack of shit, look who’s been doing the rounds lately? I mean talk about over-indulging in state visits – UK, America, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan – you could be excused in thinking he’s the Bloody Pope!


Do people honestly believe these visits are about improving relations? Do world leaders even want to see this man? I bet no. I’d also bet Netanyahu’s galavanting was all about keeping people in line & delivering the odd threat to those who may be thinking of initiating a turn-around jump shot. Here after all is the quintessential Ashkenazi mafiosi thug who won’t stop because he cannot stop. As Dr. Alan Sabrosky so rightly said, once the Zionists executed 9/11, it became an all or nothing exercise.



I just thought I’d add this which I also saw on

Former Kissinger CEO Says The World Is Run By 30 Families



  • Simon

    Been sitting back watching in amazement as people who for the last 3 years have constantly told everyone the media is Zio owned and full of biased BS. Now those same people are jumping in bed with the media with the assault on Trump.
    Totally does my head in. I am far from a fan of Trump, but i keep in mind that it could have been Killary. Is that what people would have preferred now?
    The Palestine issue is paramount for me. If he helps make things worse for Palestine then he will be dead to me. I believe it is the crux of everything. The situation there represents entirely the sheer hellish and sick mentality of these vile and despicable Zionist scumbags. They would happily do the same to any country if they could.
    As it stands, the main reason i am not jumping on this ‘Bash Trump’ train is because the MSM is our biggest enemy and therefore who they decide to deride, must be thought about. I don’t think it requires too much thinking. The MSM is either a bunch of bought and paid for lying pieces of shit or they are the best source of truth available. It doesn’t take too much thought to decide that one.
    Always loving your articles.

    • Thank you Simon for that excellent comment. I agree with all you say & I pretty much feel as you do. Anyone who by now cannot see the media is our enemy & therefore the Zionists, there’s really no chance for them. On the Palestinian cause – you’re right but I think that can only come later. There are way too many things regarding the Zionists that have to come first – such as the media, Americans taking their country back, a complete turnaround of foreign policy – I can go on & on. Sorry to say America needs to sort out the Zionists before it can do anything about Palestine. I’m sure Trump knows that so I’d re-assess your stance on that.

  • Ron Wright

    Michael. I’m in a state of wonderment and hoped that you might provide some of your insight. You write great profound articles that make informative reading. But I’m now questioning the benefits of your labour.

    What has been achieved by the hard work of you and others? Do you see and changes in peoples attitude or knowledge in the time that you have dedicated to waking up the sheep? Do we know what was on the MH17 Black boxes, or where MH 370 is, has anyone been prosecuted for 9/11? So much was written on these and so much speculation. I am questioning the point of spending time on these troublesome issues as I personally feel that we are no further forward. We still loose friends due to apathy and unwillingness to care about what they see as issues that they can’t control or influence.

    I am beginning to accept that they may well have a point. What is the point? If I could feel that all the demos that I attend or the petitions that I sign or even the multitude of letters that I write was having any positive affect, then, I’d feel that the telephone issues, the internet issues and the surveillance that I endure was a price worth paying. But I can’t answer the wife anymore when she asks…… what is the point? Or who cares?

    • The reason we’re in this mess is because not nearly enough people cared. This attitude prevailed for so long it’s now proving to be an arduous task just to turn things round. We are doing this because each day, increasing numbers of people are realising the media is lying but it was never going to be easy. Yes you & your wife could live out your days not caring about anything else as many people do. That’s a choice you make. I cannot turn my back on such evil, all the victims, the starving, those rotting away in war zones, those locked up for merely speaking the truth, not to mention all the children who are mere playthings for the elite to indulge their sexual fantasies. I have no children either. I don’t know if you do but is it fair to leave our children a world where evil reigns supreme?

  • JennyG

    A great post, and with out a doubt rings true on all levels.
    It is so obvious when you really see these things with an open mind and look and watch history.

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