Brazilian witness murder of Palestinian Hadil Hashlamun.

On Sept 23rd I posted about a poor Palestinian young lady, Hadil Salah Hashlamoun, only 18, who was shot for no reason by an by an Israeli soldier. She was left to bleed to death. No one was allowed to assist her. She was surrounded by Israeli soldiers & land thieves ie Settlers. (Since two more idiots today accused me of anti-Semitism from this day on I will now refer to Israeli settlers as land thieves).


The murderer


Yesterday I came across this post by Brazilian international human rights observer MARCEL LEME who was a few meters from the scene. He managed to get out of Israel with these photographs. Unsurprisingly Mainstream media publicised the ludicrous Israeli version of events saying this young lady was a terrorist. Marcel’s photos prove one thing – shock/horror the Israelis lied. What possible threat was Hadil? What possible reason was there for this scumbag to shoot her at point blank range? Here are the photographs & the eye-witness account of what really occurred.




Of course there’s nothing new about the IDF using Palestinians as target practice & just recently Netanyahu decreed it is perfectly legitimate to shoot & kill Palestinian stone throwers. Not that they’ve not been doing that anyway – this simply makes it all legal! And one must bear in mind what occurs before Palestinians ever resort to throwing stones. There is systematic & coordinated bullying & intimidation by land thieves & the IDF. If someone came to your home & turfed you out saying this is not your home anymore you want to do more than throw stones? 





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