BREAKING BULLSHIT: Fears radioactive material stolen in Iraq could be used for ‘dirty bomb’

You know how mainstream media love giving it the large by saying BREAKING NEWS or NEWS FLASH? Well, from now on I’m going to give headlines the GMM touch – BREAKING BULLSHIT! And boy, have we got some grade A baloney here?


Breaking Bullshit


What makes it so sickening is this is from RT itself. Now I’ll praise them when they deserve praise & today what a great show from ‘Watching the Hawks.’ I tend to find it rather lame but when I saw JOHN KIRIAKOU, the man jailed for merely revealing the truth that the Bush administration engaged in torture, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention, I listened with intent. And it only got better. It must have been very satisfying for Kiriakou to see how others are now ripping into the Bush crime syndicate. ROGER STONE – you the man! Talk about getting the gloves off. You really want to see this –


Traitor terrorists


This is why RT is by far & away the best, being the only mainstream news channel that tries to report the truth. However, I’ve long since been convinced Zionist RT infiltration hardly stops at that sniveling little rat Larry King. RT’s news headlines are often riddled with what the Zionist controlled media wants us to hear.
For instance has RT even got near to stating the obvious that ISIS is an Israeli run terrorist organisation? No way. Has RT ever so much as said how come ISIS never attacks Israel & so far has concentrated only on Arab/Muslim nations? From day one I said ‘what kind of an Islamic terrorist group is this? One that’s deaf, dumb & blind apparently!’
By the way, if you believe that ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organisation then in my eyes you deserve what’s coming & if the worst comes to the worst, I’ll be thinking of all you dumbos out there. Are you going to be in for a shock. It’s a thing called slavery…… that’s if they don’t think you’re worthless!




So now, once again we’re being set up for a dirty bomb attack. I say this because they’ve tried this one before. So let’s break this story down by revealing all the lies just in the first paragraph –

Iraqi authorities are concerned with the theft of “highly dangerous” radioactive material, Reuters reports citing a leaked document. The material could be used by ISIS to build a “dirty bomb,” concerned officials told the agency.

Iraqi authorities?
So who’s in control in Iraq? WE ARE! By that I mean America & by that I mean Israel…… yet I will bet any money that if something like this does occur, no politician in the West will be blamed.
Any chance in letting us know some details like how anyone could just nick this stuff?…… somehow I get the feeling – TOM TOLD DICK TO GIVE IT TO HARRY!
“Highly dangerous” radioactive material?
Any chance of elaborating so that we know what to look for?……I mean how much did they nick & what is the potential danger? This much they must know…… when someone swipes something the person who’s been robbed has to know what’s gone on the missing list? Now this is critical. Who was supposed to be in charge of this material? Why isn’t any heat being applied in his or her direction?
Reuters reports? 
WOAHHH! Let’s keep this one short & sweet. Reuters = ROTHSCHILD’S ie Zionists ie greatest liars in history……. kind of makes your eyes red just thinking about it!
Leaked document?
Yeah. Haven’t we heard that one before? If ever there was a cop out, here it is!…… Any chance we can get to see this ‘leaked document’ or better still, WHO DID THE LEAKING?
The material could be used by ISIS?
Right. This one’s easy, though quite how they know that ISIS was responsible for this smash & grab job is another story. I wonder – did one of the cat-burglars leave their passport behind?……. What this actually means is…… when the Zionists are ready to inflict yet another one of their classic false flag attacks –
1) The operation will be carried out with military precision. It will be a total success.
2) The terrorists will get in & out as if Policemen don’t exist.
3) Whether the authorities this time really do kill innocent civilians remains open to question. This will depend on how much ‘dirty material’ is used or perhaps I should say, whether they want this to be another ‘catastrophic & catalyzing’ event ….. like a new Pearl Harbor. Who knows with these psychos?
4) When it came to asking patently obvious questions like ‘how these ‘terrorists’ could have got their mitts on radio-active material’, the media went schtum. When this attack occurs – SUDDENLY THEY’LL SPRING INTO ACTION!
5) The Zionist puppet leader of the country where this ‘attack’ will occur will have the oh so solemn look & say ‘Oh woe is us. The poor families. Our condolences. These terrible terrorist attacks’ & blah blah blah……& then we’ll hear – in order to REALLY protect us, new emergency laws will have to be ushered in. What the media won’t say –
i – these new ‘laws’ will effectively strip ordinary folk of their most basic, fundamental rights.
ii – most significantly, the media will neglect to ask the most obvious question – 
6) Before the attacks take place, those in charge ie Mossad along with the ‘intelligent’ service of the country where the attack is staged, will have already arrested & killed those who they intend to blame.
7) The media will then neglect to ask a host of obvious questions like –  
i – how come the alleged terrorists are always killed?
ii – Wouldn’t it be a good idea to take just one of them alive, you know, just so we can discover how they managed to get their hands on this radio-active material, then smuggle it & themselves out of Iraq, traverse borders, then find safe-houses where they could plan everything & then execute their plan with military precision?
iii – how come then having done all the hard work, they would be so daft to bring along their ID, only to leave it in the ‘getaway’ car? 


Even I will be amazed if they try that one on again!

Finally, note the word ‘concerned’ was used twice.
Are we ever going to actually see a concerned official? Easy answer to this one – NO….. because they don’t exist! This is all fantasy, made up like a soap opera. We’re simply being set up.


I don’t believe one single aspect of this statement & nor should you. Forget about the flippant manner in which I’ve spun this. Wising people up is one thing; I like to entertain readers too. However, this should not retract anything I’ve said. Break it down yourself, each facet & if for some reason you think I may have erred, all I ask is tell me where I’m wrong & why. It better be good because I can put my hand on my heart & say my analysis is sound as a pound.


Occupy London


  • jill

    I love your new invention of the headline! It is most accurate and innovative.

  • My last book (printed 2009) states clearly that “the land of ENG (ENG = GOD) 3 is the CREATIVE NUMBER, ENGLAND ADDS TO 3

    In the Roman/Judeo – English Bible, it reads “God is The Word / The Word is God”, so England 3 (creativity) created America 5 (energy) in order for the Zionists to rule the world; hence; the ONE WORLD ORDER. The second chapter of my book is SOCIAL CONTROL THROUGH SOCIAL ORDER I.E. POLICE, JAILS, ARMIES, WE ARE NOW IN THE LAST CHAPTER IDEOLOGICALLY. “IGNORANCE IS BAD LUCK; KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD LUCK.” THE BOOK IS “HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD”. READ IT AND WISE UP.

  • Sam

    Brilliant stuff Michael! Another important question would be What nuclear material did they find in Iraq? No reactors since Osiraq in the 80’s, hundreds of thousands of troops found not a trace of WMD of any kind and since they were highly motivated to find ANYTHING that could be thus described, I’m pretty sure they would have mentioned any “nuclear materials”. I reckon the only thing in that country which would make a Geiger counter give even a slight “ping” is the depleted uranium which we sprinkled liberally all around and that would be totally useless for a dirty bomb – spot on mate, bullshit of the highest order! Who do you think they will get with this dirty bomb? Maybe Turkey? Desperate as they are for a pretext to invade….

    • Great point Sam. Whatever ‘materials’ there are – WE PUT THEM THERE! I mean the Israelis broke every international law in the book making sure Saddam couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding! Yet when it suits these pathological liars, all these dirty bombs appear out of nowhere & always t5o further the Zionist cause. I can’t believe how people fall for it! It’s so obvious the only terrorists that exist are the Israelis!

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