Brendon O’Connell: Support BDS, Israeli High Technology Exports, Israeli Spying

One of the very first posts I put up on this website was –

It was the first time I ever heard of Brendon O’Connell. That was back in May 11 2015. A few days ago I was lucky enough to have BOC accept me as a new friend on FB. It also gave me renewed confidence that my memory was not on the wane as I previously suspected. You see, for almost two years I hadn’t heard a thing from BOC but a few days ago I saw another video of his & straight away I thought ‘don’t I know this guy?’
I posted that clip & since then I’ve been going through several of his videos. My conclusion is this guy deserves to take over the mantle Ken O’Keefe once held. Whether KOK was set up I don’t know. Certainly Max Igan is not the type of guy who’d make things up but whichever way you cut it, what occurred with KOK is nothing short of disastrous. We desperately need activists like him who are prepared to go the whole hog. That means naming & shaming the Zionists & Israel as the chief protagonists behind all the skulduggery we see in the world today.
And this is exactly what Brendon O’Connell does. He doesn’t hold back one bit. His knowledge is immense & I believe his judgement is sound. This is why he’s given such a hard time by the authorities. As I keep reiterating, those on the mark are the ones singled out for special treatment. Also there’s no point even being an activist if you’re afraid to be labeled anti-Semitic. The reason we’re in this mess is because we’ve allowed them to slip under the radar for way too long.
Not that we haven’t made huge progress, largely thanks to the Internet but the world nevertheless lies in a precarious state. It’s not so much we have gargantuan criminals calling the shots. Our predicament is, with 9/11, these Zionists crooks took us past the point of no return. We’re talking about Treason, mass-murder & crimes against humanity. Therefore there’s simply nothing they won’t do to hold on to power. As Dr. Alan Sabrosky so rightly said, “9/11 was an all or nothing exercise.”


You know I’ve disagreed with people over the Jesuits, Putin & Trump but this is all peripheral stuff. What’s critical is understanding how evil the Zionists are & crucially what their intentions are. I’ve said it a million times – the West has effectively been taken over. We’re occupied territories & right now they’re coercing our politicians to strip us of our fundamental rights. This is precisely what’s happened to the Palestinians & bear in mind, these poor people never did anything to Jews or anyone for that matter. We should be on our guard.
This link has several important videos but I though I’d highlight this one from 2009 (27.03). Here BOC talks about how the Israelis have basically stolen all the new high tech stuff. It’s all rather disturbing but the answer is the BDS movement. We simply have to boycott Zionist/Israeli companies. One thing I’ll say for the Zionists is they attack on all fronts. They are relentless. This is why it’s imperative we get behind people like Brendon O’Connell. Watch & share his videos & help him out financially if you can.



  • So what happened to Ken O’Keefe? Has he becoem a turncoat?

  • Eva Nielsen

    Ken O. Keefe was sincere – but what happened? Did Mossad put a gun to his head?

    • Eva – to be perfectly honest, I really do believe this was some sort of set up job. It ended up with Max Igan accusing Ken O’Keefe of embezzling or walking off with mission funds. Of course this could have happened but what a result for the Zionists & Globalists. Here we have two of the greatest activists in the world slagging each other off over a bit of money. It may not stink of Mossad but one cannot help but think they were involved. Discreding good people is after all one of their fortes.

      • Eva Nielsen

        That’s sad – do you know how the situation is today regarding Ken O Keefe?

        • Only that it doesn’t look good. The more one looks into it, the more one feels KOK allowed temptation to get the better of him. He’s tried to refute these claims & has only succeeded to lose even more credibility. The problem for KOK is Max Igan is such a great guy & an amazing activist. There’s no way Igan would accuse KOK if he wasn’t sure. It’s very sad.

  • I have done a little research on Google and YouTube on this. I have to say that Max Igan commands more credibility than does Ken O’Keefe, particularly in view of the latter’s paranoid and hysterical “subversion” letter. According to Max, Ken O’Keefe is a “plant” who has set his schemes up to fail and ran off with the cash,, thus causing the truth movement to lose much credibility in the process. I am inclined to believe him.

  • I WOULD PUT MY HOUSE ON IT THAT kEN O’kEEFE IS INNOCENT. tHIS GUY IS ONE OF THE MOST PASSIONATE MEN i’VE EVER SEEN SPEAKING ABOUT ZIONIST WRONG DOING. If he was a money head, he wouldn’t be a writer/journalist specialising in the subjects he does….. no bloody way. So quite frankly, to believe this bullcrap story is playing right into zionist hands and I’m not having it. Perhaps things were done in such a way that Max Igan was 100% convinced KOK was ‘at it’…. But with the resources at their disposal, setting up literally anybody even Presidents is a piece of cake. … If I am proved wrong (though I doubt it absolutely) KOK is still one of the bravest Truther journalists I’ve ever had the privilege of reading/watching.

    • I agree with you Tim. I can’t help but think what’s happened to KOK is what the Zionists wanted more than anything but even if KOK did have his fingers in the till, in my eyes few people have ever done more to alert the world about this cancer of Zionism. I so hope he doesn’t slip out of the limelight.

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