Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder. The MSM lie again…..

First of all, thanks ever so much to Colin Brett Roebuck for this video & the link regarding what the husband of Jo Cox thinks of the mainstream media. Secondly, because I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like saying ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ I’m going to repeat this one more time because until it sinks in, none of you will be able to think clearly! It’s on my GMMuk FB page –


If you really do have a yearning for the truth there’s a simple rule worth sticking to – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

So think. Would they tell you if a mad killer shouted ‘Israel first?’ To hell they would. So if they’re prepared to completely block out the truth, aren’t they going to tell the odd porkie? Of course they are & the sad reality is because Zionists have the media locked up, ALL THEY EVER DO IS TELL PORKIES! Now, aren’t these professional liars just waiting for the moment they can tell another lie? Here was an opportunity to discredit Brexit & push the Divide & Conquer dagger in ever further.


Now, how would you feel about the murder of Jo Cox MP if you were one of the many who believed the total, utter bullshit that this loony who shot & stabbed Jo Cox ………


I’m afraid to say, this was just another typical Zionist lie. Yet almost everyone who I know who thinks the MSM is a purveyor of lies, nevertheless falls for it hook, line & sinker! I never once mentioned this ‘Britain first’ bullshit because THIS WAS WHAT WAS WAY TOO CONVENIENT…….. NOT JO COX’S DEATH……. as so many pointed out. Time & again I had to reiterate that this woman was anything but a target for assassination!


Oh my God I don’t know where to start! Now we hear the truth because eye-witnesses have seen how they’ve been misquoted & the public have been blatantly lied to. And what is the truth – only that this mental case naturally found himself in an altercation with someone else & poor Jo Cox just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In all likelihood she may have tried to stop the fight.


How would you feel now if you were told this crazy killer had no interest in politics or in the EU referendum! HE’S A RADIO RENTAL FOR CHRIST SAKE! And speaking of this, what did I say straight away – the media should have been pointing the finger at governments, both Tory & Labour, who’ve continually cut spending on mental health, while inexplicably always having more money to bomb countries Israel wants to see destroyed!


LOOK HOW THE MEDIA HAS LIED? But then, we know they do this all the time! Why do you think I keep saying ‘believe the exact opposite of what the media says?’ It may sound idiotic but I can assure you the last thing I am is an idiot! If I say this will stand you in good stead, THEN IT DAMN WELL WILL! The problem is there are a lot of people out there who want to think certain things & therefore become stubborn & others who think they’re a lot smarter than they really are.


Jo Cox’s bereaved husband says mainstream politicians are legitimising extremist anti-immigrant views –


I will keep trying till the bitter end. From where I’m sitting, the biggest error people keep making is they fail miserably when their theory doesn’t connect all the dots. The big giveaway here were the two major points I initially made –

1) Great as this fine lady was, she was never big enough to be a target for assassination.

2) How many more times do I have to say – THEY ARE GOING TO CHEAT! We will not be allowed to leave the EU because it screws the Zionist Rothschild plan for a NWO. These guys don’t take no for an answer. Therefore if their intention is to not leave the EU what earthly reason would they have to kill an MP in the hope it may encourage some to vote to stay in the EU?


This is why I immediately felt no way was this an assassination. But the only reason I wrote a piece about it is because every single post or article I saw got it so terribly wrong! Some real good can come out of this if people swallow their pride & this time around think about points 1 & 2. Then embed in your brain this – every piece of a puzzle has to fit. Even if 99 do but 1 doesn’t, then your theory is flawed.


I’ve just found this clip which has merely cemented my original view. Jo Cox would not have been killed had she not tried to break up a fight. It’s as simple as that & this is what the eye-witnesses are saying. What we originally heard is what the media said eye-witnesses were saying – MASSIVE DIFFERENCE! Please watch this clip & then make your call……




  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    Whilst I completely understand your point about not jumping to conclusions about this case, my intuition tells me this was no random nutter, more like useful idiot or Manchurian candidate, the statistics tell me all I need to know – of 650 MPs this random act hits a lovely, kind hearted, pro Palestinian MP, not a repulsive, venal, child- fucking one or a slimy, closeted whore to Israel as the odds would so obviously support! This is like hitting the “0” on ten roulette tables at once mate or to quote Douglas Adams, like dropping a ball bearing from a cruising 747 and hitting, say, an egg sandwich! For me, there are obvious parallels here with the murder of Anna Lindh on the eve of swedens vote to join the Euro, – a cruel act designed to sway people’s opinions but designed by psychopaths who misunderstand how the majority of our minds work as they project their own mentalities onto us. Outside the MSM the witnesses didn’t hear him shout “put Britain first” but if that’s what we are supposed to think he wanted then he could scarcely have chosen a more counterproductive method of grabbing our attention than murdering a young MP and mother in the run up to his historic chance to vote for what he wants, wouldn’t he be more likely to kill an asylum seeker? The fact that campaigning was suspended, buying time for the now apparently losing side to regroup and once more try to portray anyone who wants out of the EU as a raving nutter is just another pointer that this was a cruel and calculated act and I so I have to suspect the cruelest, most calculating fuckers of all – and we all know who they are……

    • Yes indeed Sam. Many folk are with you on what you say & I would be too but the truth is this was a random nutter & he didn’t even know who Jo Cox was. I know what you’re saying & boy, have the media used it but now it’s backfiring on them big-time because all the original shitbags who went on line to say he said BRITAIN FIRST have now taken down all their tweets. Now, doesn’t that stink? For me it wreaks to high heaven because I would never take anything down even if I was proved wrong. I’d simply admit I was mistaken. Nobody can be right all the time. BUT TO NOT WAIT ONE SECOND TO TWEET THE BULLSHIT & THEN WHEN THE DAMAGE IS DONE & THE ALLEGED EYE-WITNESSES SAY NOTHING OF THE SORT WAS SAID, THEY TAKE THEIR TWEETS DOWN TO COVER THEMSELVES? That stinks. Though a lot points to what you say there’s one factor that is huge – nobody ever heard of this lady. Sure, such a shame it wasn’t one of the child molesters but even if it was one of them, the media for sure would have have made an even bigger deal.
      Sam. I can’t say I know for sure but I feel I’m right about this. I wouldn’t stick my neck out if I wasn’t sure but then I’m not here to court popularity. I call it how I see it & a lot more often than not, I’m ever proved wrong! If I am wrong I’ll be the first to admit it but you watch how many people tell me I was right when it transpires that I am. Very few. This is a thankless task. Just on this post alone you wouldn’t believe what I’ve had to put up with.
      One thing I will say I was sent no material at all regarding Anna Lindh so I really didn’t follow that story. I must find the time to do some research on that. From what I hear she was more high profile than Jo Cox. Anyway I’ve found another video which I really believe is genuine. I’m going to slap it onto the same post. It’s up to you Sam. I’d never want to put you or anyone wrong. I’d honestly feel mortified if I did that!

  • steve

    You really should keep your stupid loony agenda out of tjhis affair because you are clearly so far out of touch with reality that you are a joke. Every part of this article is risible.

    Jo Cox wasn’t the target of an NWO assassination – she was muredred by a right wing fanatic spurred on by the vile bullshit spewed out by the likes of that viscious piece of filth from the British First organisation THAT YOU GAVE SPACE TO ON YOUR BLOODY SITE.

    You actually gave space to a spoketurd from the very organisation that spûrred on the guy who admitted he was a right wing activist and gave his name in court as ‘Death to traitors Freedom for Britain’.

    HOW MUCH EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED that he was a right wing firebrand pent up with fascist bile? You dozy conspiracy fuelled dolt.

    You have no credibilty left your site is now Junk and you should shut the fuck up.

    • Sam

      He never said she was the target of a NWO assassination Steve, he said she wasn’t, you’re not paying attention, if you don’t like it here, just go elsewhere mate, plenty of mainstream sites you can go to, you could change your Facebook pic to a picture of the deceased or hold up a card saying je suis un MP if you like……

      • Sam – you’re my right-hand man & my left-hand man! Can you believe the bollocks I have to put up with. I actually agree with most of what that idiot says. It’s just unbelievable!

    • Thank you for that Steve. One thing I like more than anything is seeing my detractors spout bile. I want you to carry on as you are – I make point after point & back them up with what I truly believe. You puke acid – I love it!

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