Brussels lock-down – NWO’s latest experiment

This chap pretty much nails it though I had no idea the alleged terrorists once again left a passport behind at the scene. I’m sure the guy in this video got that wrong because I just cannot believe they would have the audacity to give us this same crap…… AGAIN! If someone can please confirm this I’d be grateful but if this is actually true then it means they are deliberately taking the piss. It’s as if all this is about pushing the boundaries just to see what they can get away with.


Chris Everard


Perhaps this is indeed the case. It certainly seems they’re experimenting – picking out cities in Europe, especially in countries which are looking to recognise Palestine. They lock it down & then see what happens. See how far they can push it before there’s serious opposition to this obvious bullshit! Maybe this is what they want – people rising up against the fact their lives have been so rudely displaced because their elected representatives are so useless at fighting terrorism. When this happens we go to the next stage. Bear in mind the media will never tell the truth. They will NEVER help us!


Here’s a selection of links & clips I’ve received regarding this debacle in Brussels…..
Thanks to Linda Wal for putting me onto this clip – 


Thanks to Rhiannon Barrowman for suggesting I should have utilised the term ‘Martial Law.’ I didn’t use it because Martial law effectively has to be declared. Now I realise I should have made this point, so I am now. If they were to outright declare Martial law, people may act differently rather than meekly accept what’s on offer. This way the power-brokers see how much they can get away with without even asking the people. Like I said – this is the NWO’s latest experiment.



If you do your homework, it’s the same old story. Thanks to Kevin Brant for this link – 
Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport



Thanks to Mary Naro for this clip which pretty much explains it all – 
Brussels, Belgium: The New World Orders Latest Lockdown Social Experiment



Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this. Once again we follow a familiar theme – 


CNN Airs CCTV Footage From 2011 Claiming it Was from Tuesday’s Brussels Attacks


  • Sam

    What a great clip michael! Awake, informed and angry – that’s exactly what they don’t want us to be and so exactly what we should all be right now!

    • Yes indeed Sam. Once again if anyone does any research on the Internet they will see how the entire mainstream media is a Zionist lying machine. It is so blatant I struggle to believe they are getting away with it. The Russians have obviously destroyed ISIS. They wouldn’t have pulled out of Syria if this was not the case. Yet we’re being led to believe ISIS are alive & kicking all over Europe. Well, ironically….. THEY ARE….. because ISIS is effectively Mossad. All these alleged terrorist attacks are planned by Western governments whose allegiance is to Israel. The last thing the Zionists want is for people to believe ISIS have been destroyed.

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