Bullhorns Incorruptible: RT’s CrossTalk 11 April

Yesterday’s edition of RT’s CrossTalk was superb featuring three fine guests – Mark Sleboda, Stephen Ebert & Patrick Henningsen. I was particularly pleased they made a mockery of the way mainstream media has all but specialised in ignoring news item after news item, which in normal circumstances would be nothing short of ground-breaking.



“Where was the journalistic vigor; where was this great international consortium of investigative journalists when you have the family of the Turkish leader, Erdogan, dealing in ISIS oil, the very thing that’s actually making it sustainable in Syria. That’s a huge scandal……. & HSBC drug cartel money laundering? The majority of money that’s laundered in this world, I’m afraid to say, is not through Mossack Fonseca (Isle of Man). It’s through legitimate banks like Citibank, like HSBC & it’s done above board. This is where the trillions are. This is just a drop in the bucket what we’ve seen in this so-called leak.”




Bullhorns Incorruptible


While I applaud RT for highlighting certain home truths regarding the dreadful shortcomings of corporate media, I despair with exasperation how the natural extrapolation to ask the obvious ‘so let’s see who owns or controls the 6 major conglomerates that make up the entire mass-media’ is avoided like the plague! THIS IS IT – HERE WE HAVE THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM!


Zionist control

We’ve long since passed the point of merely stating the media lies with unerring regularity. Since there’s no question the media is neglecting to report items of news that by rights should be front-page headlines, then whoever controls what’s put out onto the airwaves, at the very least, has to be made to answer as to why they’re choosing to keep the vast majority of the populace in the dark.
Of course, I know the answer to this conundrum. The Zionist controlled media is all I ever go on about! This IS the crux of the problem. Why, after all, would Zionists bend over backwards for anyone other than their own? Moreover, if any group of people have ever chosen to make a point of specifically helping themselves & only themselves, they win hands down. No one even gets near them on this one!
As obvious as this next step is, why is it few dare to go there? Plain & simple, the moment one does, the floodgates open & the only thing that gushes is the truth. If I know this, then so do the chief protagonists. Therefore, it goes without saying – those involved in alternative media are permitted to go as far as to question mainstream media. However, venturing any further is strictly off limits. Doing so is tantamount to signing one’s own death warrant!
Make no mistake – allowing such an unacceptable situation to continue is no different to turning a blind eye to what the greatest criminals in history choose to do. We’re effectively saying ‘carry on as you are!’


Thanks to Michael Allen for sending me this most interesting link –
Stanford student leader: It’s not anti-Semitic to claim Jews control media, economy – 

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