Burzynski Documentary: Cancer Is Serious Business by Eric Merola.

I started writing on FB in October 2011. If anyone would have told me I’d be doing this 5 years ago I’d have said “look. You just don’t know me. That’s impossible!” For the life of me, at that time, I could not comprehend how people spent so much time on their computers. I had no idea I’d be doing this full-time. My best friend hassled me literally for years. I remember him saying “you don’t realise it but social media, especially FB is made for you.” In the end he simply opened an account for me in March 2011. I can see him now tell me “it’s there for you if you want it.”


At the time I’d long since grown weary trying to educate people. No one ever admits or says ‘damn, did you read it like a book’ but they’re quick to remind you when one prediction out of ten goes pear-shaped! I knew also that whenever I went out with friends, so long as the situation was entirely natural it would not take much for people to listen with interest. If I wanted I could choose the moment to be the center of attraction. This was the case even when I was working for my Uncle in Switzerland from 1986-90. His friends were the real big boys. In 86 I can tell you – I was in awe. By 90 it wasn’t quite the other way round; let’s just say it pretty much was! I just got fed up with all the wrong people picking my brains. It was a thankless task!




Now my buddy knew I’d written what should have been a book on the history of the Universe – how it sprang to life some 13.7 billion years ago, the birth of stars & planets, the death of stars, the evolution of man, physics, history, war, religion etc. I called it ‘DOES NATURE HAVE A RULE BOOK.’ The trouble was, in the end, there were 3 books in there. I was knocking back so much booze, anything that came into my head had me scribbling away like a lunatic. Small wonder I never got to sort it all out, especially when 9/11 reared it’s ugly head. I’d almost finished but such was the magnitude of the event, I felt compelled to amalgamate it into the original draft. By the time I did that I remember thinking ‘what the bloody hell have I done here?’


However, the only reason I wrote the book was because I’d hit a brick wall with the screenplay I was writing, something called writer’s block apparently. When I finally went back to the screenplay it was plain sailing from there. After countless edits & 4 years of hard drinking, the screenplay was finished. Since my friend was in the entertainment industry (musician) I thought maybe he knows some people. So I got him to read it. Cut a long story short, both of us, still, to this day, cannot believe it hasn’t been snapped up. When I think of the garbage Hollywood is churning out & each year it’s getting worse, quite how my screenplay has not been made into a film for me is symptomatic of exactly what’s wrong with our world – totally the wrong people are in positions of power!


Anyway, back to FB – before the end of 2011, though I was receiving plenty of feedback, I spent much of my time in the beginning browsing through the works of those who I felt had something to say. I believe this is what ultimately acted as the catalyst for me to become glued to my computer. You see, even though I felt I was one click below a know-it-all, for the first time I realised WHAT WE WEREN’T BEING TOLD! Up till then I could almost instinctively sense if I was listening to porkies! Being an insomniac I’d forever question & mull over conundrums. I’d work out what’s what so that the moment I heard something it was a simple task knowing if people were being led up the garden path. Now I realised two things – the internet confirmed all my beliefs but now I could connect all the dots.


Sure enough, one of the first videos I ever posted was this one. I remember seeing it on the FB homepage & it blew my brains out. I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly I realised the ‘news’ we were being told did not constitute 10% of what was really going on & indeed some of the things that were being deliberately withheld from the public were literally gargantuan crimes against humanity. Chemotherapy (something which incidentally I’d decided years earlier I’d never utilise) is a staggering $50 BILLION A YEAR INDUSTRY IN THE US ALONE. Yet this method of treatment was developed in the 40’s! IT’S POSITIVELY ARCHAIC! This film explains why Chemotherapy remains the main course of treatment for malignant cancer tumors. To say it’s scandalous is the mother of chronic understatements. I’ve posted this video half a dozen times on FB. If you haven’t already seen it, be prepared to be shocked.  



  • Sam

    Fascinating stuff, thanks Michael! The drug companies would be fucked in the event of a cure for sure, I would like to draw people’s attention to the benefits of concentrated cannabis oil(the essential oil not hemp seed oil), it has had amazing results in treating many types of cancer and many other chronic diseases. It works on the endocannabinoid system, which among other things, mediates the bodies immune response to illness and damage – it cured my stomach ulcer in a matter of weeks and I’ve seen it stop trigeminal neuralgia (aka suicide headaches) and even Tourette’s! A good place for people to start is the YouTube film “run from the cure”by Rick Simpson or to google Dennis Hill on treat your own cancer.org I think…. It really works and unlike most medicines you can make it yourself quite easily!

  • Indeed it is Sam & thank you for all the tips. Of course cures for cancer go back 100 years. Burzynski is hardly the first one who’s had the rug pulled from under him. For a long time I’ve believed cancer research charities are simply major Zionists frauds as are most charities. I say Zionist because the media buries every single case of ‘charities’ that have been found to be siphoning off lumps. In any case I also believe our so called elected representatives are actually involved in the business of not just suppressing cancer cures but also trying to give the populace cancer, what with all the sweeteners & preservatives? I know people will think this notion ids far-fetched. I say to them why don’t you ask why cancer rates continue to increase? We could have had cures long ago. As for Chemo…………

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