BUSTED? David Wheeler played TWO ROLES in Sandy Hook cover up?

When I first heard about Sandy Hook on RT it was a case of here we go again – more Hollywood bullshit. At the time, that awful specimen Diane Feinstein was trying to get Americans to give up their guns. No one in the Zionist controlled media ever said anything about the fact Feinstein, her family & all the scum in the CFR are protected 24 hours a day by bodyguards armed to the hilt, 24 hours a day!


Do you really need to be told be prepared for more of the same. Well, it’s a cast-iron certainty – right now, more false flag, fake shootings are being planned.



In fact the moment new gun laws were part of the agenda it was a nailed on – staged shootings were going to occur & do so with increasing regularity. Ever since then I have been inundated with videos involving these fake shootings. I think I watched just one for about 10 minutes – it was two hours long! What do I need confirmation for something I knew had to happen?
Check out the sequence of photos – 




DW 2


Anyway today I cleared my email backlog & sure enough among them was another Sandy Hook hoax video. So I put in on & the guy would make a good point only to repeat himself & then do the same thing, again & again. It drove me nuts. However included in the email were some amazing photos. Talk about every picture telling a story! The thing is there was no way I could post the accompanying video. Fortunately I found one that dealt with the same guy & it was much better & shorter.
To lobby Congress against guns, Obama personally flew Wheeler on Air Force One –


DW 3


And of course guess who still thinks Obama is great – 


DW 8


This vermin David Wheeler played two roles at the Sandy Hook non-shooting. There are no ifs & buts about this. Mainstream TV news coverage CNN, FOX, ABC & the BBC showed a man responding to the Newtown ‘school shooting’ dressed as a SWAT sniper. He was acting strangely though. Every time he spotted a TV camera, he looked down or turned away. There was good reason – soon everyone would see the same man as ‘grieving father’ David Wheeler. His son, Benjamin, apparently died in the Sandy Hook CT school massacre in 2012. Ever since, this sad ‘father’ has been lobbying to restrict your gun rights.


DW 5


DW 6


Of course this scumbag Robbie Parker was all over the Internet soon after this classic false flag. This ‘grieving father’ could be seen laughing before making his tearful interview. THESE ARE NOT GRIEVING PARENTS – If for whatever reason you think so, then you are an idiot!  



DW 7



DW 4





  • jill

    Parker is a Jew. He made sure he told us that Portuguese was the language his daughter was learning. Portugal is crawling with Jews I have read. The entire freaking Sandy Hoax Newtown was also crawling with wealthy Jews so what better town in which to have this event. They are trained in lying from birth it seems so there is no problem in their hoax on the conscience.
    Carver is the one that needs to be nailed down. A coroner with extremely bizarre statements and actions. Someone should be able to get to him and his fakery.

  • Henrik

    Yep most folks don’t have 2 hours. So you might post this 3-Minute preview version. It shows actor David Wheeler on cable TV at Newtown, caught RED HANDED, playing 2 Sandy Hook roles:

  • imo

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  • the thing about the photo of the three SWAT guys is, two of them are displaying “FBI” and both have cell phones attached to their vests, etc. But the guy who looks like Wheeler ISN’T. He doesn’t have any identifying badges, etc. And he’s the only one wearing sunglasses. Unlike the movies, in real life, it’s technically against the law for “secret” agents to actually use fake ID’s, fake badges, etc. Not to mention, snipers take up sniper positions. So, it’s not just the resemblance. It’s EVERYTHING about that guy. Plus, of course, the photos of that one girl who shows up at multiple scenes. Plus, of course, the staged attack on Paul Pelosi.

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