By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Do War! – MOSSAD!

Category: SpecialPublished on Monday, 12 May 2014 02:44Hits: 2498 , Author: Michael Aydinian

By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Do War! – MOSSAD!

Whatsupic — Mossad’s motto is “by way of deception, thou shall do war!” And this is exactly what the Zionists are doing. Most people have been deceived. What looks like America going crazy, with the EU following suit like blind lemmings, is really the orchestration of a Zionist plan for eventual world domination. Just the fact America & the EU is doing precisely what the Zionists want is testament to the power they already possess. 


Obama doesn’t want to indiscriminately commit murder through drones & targeted assassinations; THE ISRAELIS DO THOUGH! This way they can create the extremism they so desperately need so that they can keep saying “look at all this terrorism. Every day 100’s of Hamas rockets are being fired into Israel! Ve have to defend ourselves. They’re killing our vimin & our children!” Of course most people now realize this is mere Zionist clap-trap! The problem is few people realize Hamas itself was a Mossad creation! 

Obama doesn’t want all this grief with Russia & Ukraine; THE ISRAELIS DO THOUGH! Ever since Putin stepped in to stop the US & UK doing Israel’s dirty work in trying to oust President Assad of Syria, Putin has had the kitchen sink thrown at him. The Israelis do not care that the world has as a result moved closer to WW III. If they did the Zionist controlled media would be pouring scorn over such unbridled folly! They’re saying nothing because it is not the policy of the US & the EU – it’s the policy of the Zionists!

So what do the Zionists hope to achieve by creating all this turmoil in Ukraine? Well it is abundantly clear NATO is being pushed ever nearer Russia’s borders. While Putin is doing all he can to diffuse this dire situation, up to now those in control in Kiev, it seems for the world are being encouraged to murder unarmed protesters in the South & East of Ukraine. Why has the media turned a blind eye to all these blatant violations of international law? Because it’s what the Zionists want for if this lawlessness continues, it is inevitable civil war will break out! The Russians will then have no alternative but to help the majority in Ukraine who want nothing to do with the thugs in Kiev! 

When this happens I guarantee Israeli jets will bomb Syria with the aim of either killing or ousting Assad. They will divert international criticism by making up some garbage story blaming Assad for bombing Israel first claiming “they are killing our vimin & our children. Ve come in peace! Ve are only defending ourselves!” Civil war will then break out in Syria & in the ensuing mayhem Israel will secure a no-fly zone over certain parts of Syria which will allow them to steal all the recently discovered oil & gas off Syria’s coast & in the Golan Heights! By doing away with Assad, only one adversary will remain in the Middle East – Iran!

Over two years ago I said NOTHING HAPPENS IN AMERICA UNLESS THE ZIONISTS WANT IT! Not only is America & the EU being used by Israel but all policy decisions in the US, especially ones regarding security, are designed solely for the purpose of keeping the dual national Zionists & their corrupt traitors on Capitol Hill in control. The Patriot & NDA Acts; the building of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps, the dreaded NSA, the inexplicable urge to disarm Americans, are all designed to stop Americans taking their country back. I reiterate – Obama does not want to kill American citizens but to stay in power, the Zionists will stop at nothing!

I hope & pray Russia & China warn Israel that they will not sit idly by & allow them to do as they wish in Syria. It is up to us to apply as much pressure as possible on our bent politicians. We simply have to let them know that we know they’re under the Zionist thumb & we’re not just sick & tired of it but every last one of them will be held to account! I’m sure more Americans than ever are aware their rulers do not representative them. The problem is for many Americans is they are proud patriots & it is indeed a very bitter pill to swallow admitting how their country has been taken over from within. However, the time has long since passed where we all need to start facing up to the facts!

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