Cameron booed at Wimbledon after Andy Murray paid tribute to PM

I’ll start off by saying nice one Andy Murray. I love you – not because he won Wimbledon but because in the euphoria of victory he mentioned our Prime Minister. I never thought I’d say it but the Wimbledon crowd made our football hooligans look like a bunch of pussies.


I don’t know about you but Tennis was never up there for me until Federer arrived on the scene. Sure I watched Borg & McEnroe; I love watching all Grand Slam finals but ever since Federer appeared the standard has gone into the stratosphere – Nadal, Djokovic & Murray along with Federer I believe are the 4 greatest players ever.


The final was great. Of course it would have been more of a spectacle if it went to 5 sets but that was hardly likely because I’ve never seen Murray play better. He never gave Raonic a sniff & the big Canadian was ready to pounce but the opportunity, hard has he tried, never presented itself. Raonic though deserves all the credit because he never stopped fighting till the bitter end.


And the bitter end was oh so sweet. Murray, trophy in hand, was being interviewed. He went through the motions of thanking his family & team but then, out of the blue, he mentioned our Prime Minister, David Cameron. What happened was beautiful. I could have kissed everyone in the Wimbledon crowd.


Booed at Wimbledon


You can’t blame Murray. With the adrenaline pumping he meant no harm whatsoever when he said –


“Legends up there watching, it’s a pleasure to play in front of you. The Prime Minister of the country here as well.”

That’s all he had to say yet the crowd’s tone quickly changed. Rapturous cheers descended into a crescendo of booing. You could almost see Cameron was visibly shaken. That wasn’t expected. Remember, this is SW19. If ever there was a sports event laden with Tory voters, THIS WAS IT! Yet the booing rang out & continued. Murray realising he’d unwittingly put his foot in it actually came out with a perfect line. He said –


“I think playing in a Wimbledon final is tough but I certainly wouldn’t like to be a Prime Minster, it’s an impossible job.”


Well, that made my day because it proved something which I keep trying to reiterate to people. We have enormous strength in numbers. The media will never tell us how powerful we are & moreover just how unpopular the current policies of this government are & that most definitely includes foreign policy. The only thing we really need to do is get organised.


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