Cameron is being let off the hook when there’s ammunition to bury him.

I AM SO ANGRY. At Prime Minister’s question time all I saw was Cameron back in his comfort zone when the treacherous little rat should be grovelling. I presented Jeremy Corbyn with the perfect question after all, Cameron had the temerity to accuse the new Labor leader of being a threat to national security yet when he became PM we were friends with Russia. Now we’re enemies! WHO’S A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY?   

Within 24 hours of this heinous act Mr. Prime Minister, you accused Russia of downing flight MH17. After 15 months of exhaustive study & analysis however, the Dutch investigation could not arrive at the conclusion you drew within 24 hours. Is this the reason why you refuse to hand over the data on the Black Boxes of MH17 & by not doing so, haven’t you hindered this very investigation?

Afterwards I realised I omitted the perfect line – ‘are you looking to put all air-crash investigators out of business or is there something more sinister involved here?’ The Z word perhaps? Seriously though, tell me what’s wrong with this question. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Maybe you can tell me what’s not relevant or poignant? I’m lost for words & I ain’t never been that yet!


No Truth


What really annoys me & it truly beggars belief – 15 months investigating just to produce lame drivel from a bunch of paid off plums who deserve to be strung up by the balls & all the while the biggest scumbag of all, Cameron, sits on the Black Box data that would have rendered this 15 month period of bullshit a figment of our imagination. Not only was there no mention that had the Black Box data been released we wouldn’t have to suffer this but no one is applying any pressure on Cameron whatsoever. 


I’m fed up with telling people the Z word is written all over this! I knew that within half an hour of the plane going down. I explained all the reasons why. Then when the Black Boxes are sent to London & not Malaysia we’re told the data can be extracted in 24 hours so I explained why & I waited. 6 months passed so I thought – better write to our Prime Minister. I wanted to say – WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RELEASE THE DATA YOU LITTLE PUKE? But I thought better tone it down a notch or ten – 

“If a British plane was shot down over Ukraine and then out of the blue the Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia, what would you say to the British people if the Malaysian authorities withheld the all-important data in the Black Boxes for 6 months?”


Give us the data


No reply. No mention in the media. What Black Boxes? You know the ones that will reveal who exactly shot the plane down! Another 9 months pass & not one iota of pressure is put on Cameron to release the data on the Black Boxes of flight MH17 & in the meantime the media is still placing the blame on Putin. At least RT won’t do that but they deserve ZERO credit because they never said a word about how the Black Boxes remain hidden from public gaze in London. This is Russia Today…….. & they aren’t even saying what’s patently obvious! 


The problem for me now is I’ve OD-ed on raising the Z factor. Fed up trying to tell people of all their bribery, coercion & threats. I’m sick & tired of saying the same thing over & over again. It’s become repellant! Instead I’ll send Jeremy Corbyn the perfect question…………. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


Trust Not


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