‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’

What can I say Ken Livingstone? Well done mate. Fair play to you. 

Cameron’s government, for the last six years, has been about a small elite getting richer while the poorer get left behind. He shouldn’t just resign, he should be sent to prison.”
A former mayor of London saying Cameron should be slung in jail. Too right! More of the same please. This is what’s needed – pressure being piled on these gargantuan criminals.


Nice one Ken


Austerity has been thrust upon people all over the world simply because the one industry that never contributes anything was literally allowed to raid our coffers. As a result, several countries are now stricken with debt. How did this banking fraud come about……. & make no mistake – THIS WAS ALL PLANNED. It was Bill Clinton who inexplicably repealed the Glass/Steagal act – an act that for decades protected the public. Quite simply – it forbade Banksters from taking undue risks.
Now we’re beginning to see damning evidence that the people who are at center stage insisting that austerity is the only way, have been busy stashing untold millions away in safe havens in Panama of all places. Didn’t the the West get rid of Noriega for laundering money? I mean it’s just unbelievable! And it gets even worse. Thanks to my old mate Thomas Noll for sending me this link –


Amid Panama Papers leak, it has emerged Cameron intervened to prevent the EU from acquiring offshore trusts in tax havens to reveal owners







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