Cameron: The Pedophile Protector

From the NYE BEVAN PAGE – thanks to Elizabeth Louise for the passage below which I copied & pasted. First though, I’ve got to put my two-pennies worth in –


Pedophile protector


This is what we have ruling us – scum of the earth! Remember Cameron on live TV said he would leave no stone unturned regarding the Pedophiles in Westminster. Well, it’s safe to say, no stone unturned has to mean doing bugger all! Now do I say this because Cameron is one no good, lying toe-rag? That he most certainly is yet….. NO! Since all he ever does is tell porkies I’d have to be a blithering idiot to believe anything he says! 

No. I say this because every journalist in mainstream media invariably has to be under the thumb of those whose specific aim is to protect these child molesters. If not, then tell me how it can be possible for Cameron to say these words only for the media to totally ignore the fact he’s done absolutely nothing for 5 years? We’re not talking about some poxy election pledge. This is about CHILD ABUSERS OPERATING IN THE UPPER ECHELONS OF POWER! Therefore, non-action can only be construed as deliberate & the media has to be complicit!

Of course, anyone with half a brain should have long since deduced there must be a definitive reason these vermin are off limits. I’m in no doubt. Zionists may exert ungodly influence over our entire political apparatus but in order to coerce senior politicians to work against Britain’s best interests ie commit Treason, there’s no better way than by encouraging & sponsoring sexual deviants into higher office. The more filth one has in the closet, the better! Consequently, these perverts will do anything not to be found out. 

Why else do we have an inordinate number of child molesters in Westminster? Why else does the media keep schtum? Since Zionist control the 6 major media conglomerates what earthly reason would they have to keep quiet? The only conclusion one can reach is there has to be an inextricable link between those who own the media, our senior politicians & pedophilia. This is why the BBC, the haven for Pedophiles, has been let off the hook. This is why Israel flouts international law for fun & woe betide any politician so much as saying boo! This is why we’re reducing all the countries Israel wants to see destroyed to rubble. We’re killing millions of innocent people who’ve done nothing & it all ties in with the Pedophiles in Westminster. 



Check out some of the people close to Cameron – Are you telling me our PM doesn’t know who he’s appointing? Give me a break!


The Tory who Dodgy Dave appointed as head of a task force on Internet pedophilia is going on trial today, facing accusations of possessing indecent images of young children. The trial of Patrick Rock begins today 31 May 2016 at Southwark Crown Court. Rock was a close friend and confidante of St Dave for over 20 years.


Cameron the Pedo man


This (child-molesting vermin) man was a Thatcher protege and has been an integral part of the senior echelons of the Conservative Party for decades. In 2011, David Cameron brought him into his government by appointing him as his 10 Downing Street Deputy Director of Policy. He had a special responsibility to oversee the government’s initiative to deal with the increasing problem of child internet pornography.


In March 2014 it was discovered that he had been arrested in 2013 on the charges of child abuse image claims. He resigned on being found out. Rock was charged, in June 2014, with three counts of making an indecent photograph of a child in August 2013. He was also charged with possession of 59 indecent images of children.


In December 2014 he pleaded not guilty to six charges of making indecent photographs of children aged between 10 and 13 and one charge of possessing 56 indecent images of children aged between 10 and 14. He appeared at Southwark Crown Court on Friday 16 October 2015, where Judge Alistair McCreath granted Patrick Rock bail until trial date in 30th May 2016 which was moved to 31st May.


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