Cameron Trying to Stem the UKIP Tide by Deceiving the British Public over Europe Again

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Cameron Trying to Stem the UKIP Tide by Deceiving the British Public over Europe Again

Whatsupic — The Tories are getting tough on the EU – Brussels is not working! Let me tell you now – this is baloney! Over two years ago I wrote an article explaining why the entire media apparatus would do everything in its power to get Cameron re-elected as Prime Minister. None of his shenanigans, failures and downright lies would ever be highlighted, while his opponents would be tripped up at every opportunity. This is precisely what has happened. Do people have such short memories? Before the last election the Tories promised they’d offer its people a referendum on whether to stay in Europe. Why do you suppose Cameron reneged on this promise? He said he’d do this because he knew it would guarantee a few extra votes. He had no intention of ever honoring this election pledge! Considering how Cameron barely managed to sneak into power with only 36% of the vote in a low turnout, wouldn’t you agree this proved to be a good move? In the meantime, we’re still waiting for that referendum. But look at the media’s role here – instead of taking Cameron to task on this, they have the gall to try and make us believe Cameron’s getting tough on immigration and the EU ………. AGAIN!

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We are being played left, right and center by the Zionist controlled media. Now that UKIP has eaten into Tory votes and since the true brokers ie the Zionist war-mongering bankers, want Cameron back as PM more than anything, every trick in the book will be utilized. The other day when questioned over Europe Cameron said – ‘I answer to the British people!’ I mean, this is laughable! If this was the case why doesn’t he accept the fact that the people of this country are fed up with war as well as incensed with the manner in which Israel treats the Palestinians? Has Cameron budged one inch here? Now we’re fed this garbage – Brussels in not working? Believe what you want but Cameron will NEVER take us out of Europe – get that into your head! The very people who own the media, own him and these people were very much responsible for the creation of the EU. Their aim was to undermine European nations through a policy known as DIVIDE and CONQUER.

Why do you think every politician opened the immigration doors and even though the people have always been dead against it, these doors have remained wide open! Once again, look at the media’s role in this – from the word go, anyone expressing concern that for the best part, humans of different race, culture and creed do not integrate, would find themselves systematically vilified by media and politicians alike. No one could say anything – the implications for the NHS, the welfare state, the infrastructure; the fact homeless folk littered our streets – this mattered none! They could not wait to plonk their moral high hats on, attacking those opposed to mass immigration by labeling them racist! Now this should bring to mind the only other glaring example of such irrational vilification – everyone knows full well what occurs when you dare criticize Israel – you’re branded an anti-Semite! Who owns the newspapers? What irony – the Zionist bankers encourage our politicians to open up our borders while Israel is most racist state on the planet! In the meantime, these bankers emptied the coffers of just about every nation in Europe.

The day David Cameron became the leader of the Tory Party in 2005, I felt something was drastically wrong. Out of nowhere, here was another potential Prime Minister with no CV! Tony Blair was a non-achiever. He never held a ministerial position. Daft as it may seem, just about the first thing of any substance on his CV was ……… ‘in 1997 I became the Prime Minister of the UK!’ Now, the very last thing Britain needed or wanted was another non-achieving nobody leading this country.

To catalogue each and every one of Blair’s errors, the corruption, the humungous lies, would take forever and a day. I’ll just say, it’s nigh on impossible assessing the damage Blair’s 11 years did to this country. What makes this all the more infuriating is no PM in history had ever walked into 10 Downing Street in so favorable a position. The UK economy was in great shape; we were in the black. What we tend to forget though is, at the time the people of the UK were prepared to accept ANYTHING Blair may have wanted to do in order to propel the country forward. The time was right. It was perfect for him to fulfill his destiny and so go down in history as a great PM.

We know of all the lies that led to the illegal war in Iraq. I’m pretty certain though few of us are cognizant of the fact Blair’s New Labor overspent by on average of approximately £1.5 million per day. Doesn’t sound much does it? Well, that’s over £500 million a year and so after 11 years the UK was over £600 billion in debt! Do you, as the people of this country, even remotely feel that you got something for all this wonga that went up the Swanee?……… Take a wild guess where it all went?

But one of the worst things Blair did was to purge the BBC of anyone opposing his war-mongering ways. Now you could be excused for thinking ‘well, so what? That’s no big deal!’ More fool you. It’s a bigger deal than you can possibly imagine. Of course the BBC wasn’t going to publicize this but what this effectively did was ensure that the UK’s pro Zionist, interventionist foreign policy, which incidentally was identical for both Labor and Tory, would not only never be scrutinized or questioned but the BBC would now serve that very agenda. Who do you think took complete control of the BBC? Suddenly it was in the hands of those whose allegiance was to Israel – the most brutal, evil regime on the planet. Once again, it may not seem so but….. I cannot begin to emphasize just how significant this is. In fact I’d like to bet not one in a 10,000 people in the UK have as yet worked out that Blair’s act of treachery with the BBC directly resulted in another nobody becoming the leader of our country!

When the candidates were announced in the leadership contest for the Tory Party, I remember thinking ‘David who? What the hell did he put his hat in the ring for? I’d never heard of him! David Davis was the bookies favorite at even money. Then there was Ken Clarke, Liam Fox and David Cameron. All of a sudden, the tabloids were giving an inexplicable thumbs up to the rank outsider! Then, I just happened to be watching Newsnight, one of BBC’s flagship political programs – lo and behold, David Cameron was the best thing since sliced bread! Again, I remember thinking – how the hell can they say this? He’s never done anything! In my mind there is no doubt whatsoever – the ONLY reason Cameron became the leader of the Tory Party was because of the bizarre endorsement of the BBC and the favorable publicity he received from all the newspapers. This catapulted Cameron to the forefront. None of the other candidates were afforded such favors.

Yet if anything, David Davis was the one who deserved a break. He never had a silver spoon stuck up every orifice like Cameron! He was born on a council estate. He’d worked his way up, slowly but surely to eventually become a senior voice in the Tory party. Don’t get me wrong – at the time, I didn’t care who became Tory leader. My interest in politics was as non-existent then as it is now. But my curiosity had been aroused. Quickly I realized, not one favorable word was being said about David Davis…….. anywhere in the Zionist controlled mass-media! Cut a long story short, Davis in the end was edged out by Cameron and was never even considered for a ministerial position he so rightfully deserved.

Significantly, Davis then surprised everyone with his resignation as an MP and from his position as Shadow Home Secretary. Now get this – his by-election of 2008 was a political campaign specifically against the EROSION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES IN THE UK! Er… HELLO! ………… Did you hear that? ………… He won with no other candidate polling more than 8% of the vote. He received a whopping 72% of the vote. Now don’t you find it rather astonishing how the entire mass-media made nothing out of this? Here was a man who should have become the Tory leader. HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD HIS NAME MENTIONED SINCE? He was not involved in any scandal; he was squeaky clean yet the Zionist controlled newspapers, along with the BBC totally and utterly froze him out!

Now let’s examine what’s happened since. Cameron received but 36% of the vote. Considering how sick the public was of Blair’s new Labor, this was hardly a glowing endorsement. Every which way you look at it, Cameron got in through the back door. Has he delivered? The bankers – no new regulations; massive bonuses continued while we were told austerity ruled. We had no option but to tighten our belts yet there was always more money for war! Needless to say, while the media lied through its back teeth praising Cameron with fake economic data, UK national debt soared to over £1 trillion! Tax rates for the wealthiest were relaxed; loop-holes allowing big business to avoid paying tax on billions in profits, were left gaping! Our private E-mails and phone calls were handed over to the Zionists in the NSA! Sanctions on Iran and Russia even though this was against the best interests of the UK. All the pedophiles were protected by Cameron and the media. While he had the temerity to say certain rulers were despots, Cameron never opened his mouth when Israel indulged in yet another bout of ethnic cleansing on the hapless Palestinians. Oh I lie – he did say, Israel had the right to defend itself! Of course when Israel is concerned, no one else has that right! The public was vehemently opposed to military intervention abroad, yet this meant nothing. Even when Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat over the issue of bombing Syria, instead of resigning, there was ZERO media pressure and instead, adding insult to injury, they donated an unchallenged platform for him to spout the same bile.

In short, the perfect puppet Israel could have ever have is in 10 Downing Street. The British public have been well and truly conned but what bothers me is the con continues. It’s an ongoing process and I’m not that convinced people are cottoning on. So just to show I’m prepared to put my money where my mouth is, this is what will happen – before the election the media will have us believe it’s touch and go; too close to call. This is for the purpose of arousing interest; we will never hear how so many voters are sick to the back teeth of the corrupt two party system which merely serves to fulfill the interests of big business and Zionists. Any poll that makes the printing press, will be pie-in-the-sky drivel – simply figures conjured out of thin air! Independent polls revealing the truth will remain hidden from public gaze. Our election next year will be riddled with serious voter fraud in order to ensure Cameron stays in power. The Internet will then be flooded with videos which more than suggest blatant voter fraud took place. The media will never mention this; the Police might say they intend to investigate and it will be all she wrote! I know this because this is precisely what occurred in the last 6 Presidential elections for Clinton, GW Bush and Obama.

Fortunately Cameron was idiot enough to spill the beans at the UN when he said ‘anyone questioning 9/11 is as dangerous as ISIS terrorists!’ Yes, the very terrorist organisation Israel, America and the UK created for the benefit of Israel! He went on to say ‘and THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD USE ALL MEANS AT ITS DISPOSAL TO ERADICATE THESE PEOPLE!’……….. Thank you for showing your true colors Cameron! Now do you see the significance of David Davis resigning his seat in order to campaign against the erosion of our civil liberties? This was 6 years ago! In other words, before the Tories had even taken office, the erosion of civil liberties was in the pipeline. THIS HAD ALREADY BEEN DECIDED AS POLICY, yet this was never mentioned in any manifesto pledge! It pains me to say somehow I feel too few of us are aware of the ramifications of this. More than anything it proves there’s a hidden agenda. I’ve said it time and again – it’s not so much the lies; it’s what we were not being told. The entire corporate media is complicit. Whatever they say is for their benefit. The only thing they will never tell us is the truth.

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