Cameron vs Corbyn – A Lesson in how Propaganda is constructed.

I believe there has never been a case in the entire history of British politics where the two leaders of the main parties are so poles apart when it comes to honesty & integrity. I’m not just saying this because I despise everything about Cameron. I have studied British Constitutional history in depth & if my life depended on it, I’d stand by this. It is difficult to imagine there being a more truthful politician that Jeremy Corbyn, let alone a leader. David Cameron is a pathological liar!


Fat Cat

We cannot let that man inflict his security threatening, terrorist sympathising, Britain hating ideology on this country we love.

Despicable words are bad enough but to come from a man who’s made an enemy out of Russia just because his Zionist banker friends ordered him to do so? It simply beggars belief. I still cannot decide whether Jeremy Corbyn is right not to unload on Cameron. He has so much ammunition whereas Cameron can only make up bare-faced lies. It’s positively sickening that Corbyn said nothing about Pig-gate letting Cameron off the hook, yet look what he got in return? I hope I’m wrong but frankly I’m not so sure there are enough smart people in this country to make Corbyn’s decency work in his favor. 




Of course anyone who thinks Cameron was justified in any way to slander Corbyn as he did at the end of his speech, apart from having ulterior motives, that person must have atrocious judgement or is simply one nasty piece of work. Bear in mind, after all the personal attacks Corbyn has unjustly had to suffer, never once did he flinch, let alone stoop to the gutter levels of Cameron & the media. To create unjust wars & then to accuse a man who’s always believed in diplomacy & peace with outrageous lies? This is simply unforgivable. 


Cam the C.


All that nonsense about terrorism? Like Blair, Cameron has lied about 9/11. He knows who really did it because he works for the very people who did do it! I’m sorry to all those who come to my website who disagree but I’m not afraid to say you’ve really got to be an idiot or inherently lazy to believe the official account of 9/11. I refuse to court popularity or pander to anyone. If you’re smart enough, do some homework because whether you like it or not, THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF 9/11 WAS IMPOSSIBLE! You cannot defy laws of physics & that’s what Cameron wants you to believe – the impossible. Why else would he say at the UN –


This statement itself is an affront to freedom of speech & democracy itself. Thanks to Jonathan l. Trapman for this video.






    if politicians do not impeach cameron… i feel youth up rising, fuelled by refugee stressing adults .. when i bought first house one was mortgaged upon muliple 31/2 ones income……. banks bankers builling ceo have forced cameron to allow multiples up to 12 times ones income…… the wealthy are absolutely certain those houses will be reposest ed auctioned sold 1/2 market value… original motgagee will be in debt for enternity…….. a crash/ revolution certainly major strike for minimum wage closer to£15 an hour……… those forunate to work over time on flat rate must resent no time half sat aand double time for sun……. i ask my self why do english accept such austerity while cameron doubles nat debt 1600 billion… after bailing out insolvent banks….. there are 100’s of corrupt bankers never like to be prosecuted by conservatives,,,,,,, cameron reported to be drug dealer at school and charged with theft of ketomin from vet howon earth did he wriggle his way into canservative party…. hes despicable sick twisted arsehole

    • Now here’s a guy who’s speaking my language. Fair play to you Ronald. Cameron is by far & away the biggest crook we’ve ever had leading our country. And the proof is in the pudding – no PM has supported the Zionists, Israel & the banksters as he has. Goodness knows how many times he’s committed Treason yet the media say nothing! He most certainly is a despicable, sick, twisted arsehole but then that’s being too kind.

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