Can those who want us to stay in the EU tell any more lies?

Daniel Joseph England put up this post –


‘Well-known Illuminati puppets telling the electorate how to vote’



Celebrity whores

Needless to say, this got my blood boiling so I posted this comment below. I thought it was worthy of making it a post in it’s own right, though in the lead up to the referendum, which you can bet your life one way or another will be rigged, I will be concentrating both barrels on this topic…..
The question everyone should be asking is why did this crook Cameron not once but twice promise the electorate a referendum on the EU if he won the general election? The first time he reneged & typically, the media never once took him to task on this, perhaps because they knew they’d promise us the same thing again. So why has Cameron been so insistent on including this in the Tory manifesto, especially since it’s common knowledge he does not want us to leave the EU? The answer is critical to the whole argument – IT’S A SURE-FIRE VOTE WINNER BECAUSE THEY KNOW FULL WELL – MOST OF US WANT TO LEAVE THE EU. Of course, they’re never going to tell us that or the fact that the EU has been nothing but a con trick but people have come to realise this. What most of us perhaps aren’t aware of is – THIS VOTE WILL BE RIGGED just like the Scottish vote for independence. The media will do what it does best – lie through it’s back teeth to protect the crooks!


The Founder


The EU was all part of a plan to centralise power by weakening individual countries, eventually paving the way for a NWO under the Zionist Rothschild banking dynasty. One only has to look at what’s happened to British industry – we used to build the finest aircraft, both commercial & military. That’s all gone. Agriculture. Look at what’s happened here. It’s nothing short of a disaster. Add the greatest con trick of all to the coup – privatisation & we have effectively been stripped bare. Everything we once owned has gone. All the money went to the super-wealthy. That’s the good news. The bad news is these very same bankers weren’t happy with that! No. They wanted to make sure we had LESS than nothing! This is why we’ve been saddled with a level of debt we can never pay back.
Just to prove the media is owned by these vermin, all this austerity has been thrust upon us at a time when there has always been money to destroy all the countries Israel wants to see destroyed. Why doesn’t the media ever raise this outrageous anomaly? How come there’s always more money for war? We better wake up quick because now these scumbags are working on our fundamental rights, all under the fabricated guise of terrorism. Put the heinous TTIP into the mix & soon the true power-brokers will be able to commit mass-murder on a scale never seen before. These celebrities are spineless nobodies. They know their careers depend on them toeing the line. We better start realising our greatest enemy are our politicians & the media. Here are the true terrorists!


What occurred in 73

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