Can you imagine producing an effective treatment for cancer & the end result is you serve 5 months in jail?

Yesterday I received an email from David Noakes & it contains some very important information. I tried to find out as much as I could in the short time we were together. I wish I hadn’t jumped the gun. I just felt the matter was too important. Anyway, here’s what Mr Noakes said –

Please, I’m not a doctor. I employed 4 scientists and 7 doctors, the most senior being Professor Marco Ruggiero MD. We supplied 240 doctors and over 100 other doctors were too scared and got their patients to purchase it direct. We saved 8,000 patients from 50 different diseases and 800 from terminal stage 4 cancer.
GcMAF is 1% the cost of chemo, 40 times as effective, and as a human protein it has no side effects.
The MHRA, big pharma and Parliament have been concealing it for 25 years, and killed two million people in the process.
Put in the NHS it would save 120,000 lives a year.
Please read, and search “Teri Davis Newman.”

There are 1,000 scientific research papers on GcMAF, 150 peer reviewed and in the worlds tops scientific journals, 70+ peer reviewed for a second time and on the American National Library of Medicine. We published 33 scientific research papers covering GcMAF’s success in patients. It clears incurable HGSC, the worst of the ovarian cancers, no survivors, see Youtube “Teri David Newman.

Our GcMAF is the only treatment in history to turn off the HER2 oncogene – we published 3 papers on that.

Well believe it or not, this is precisely what happened to Doctor David Noakes. This is no Julian Assange who ruffles the nastiest, most evil feathers on the planet….. but then, when you stop & think about it, aren’t exactly the same people involved here? I’ll endeavor to explain but first….

It is widely accepted Mother Nature possesses a cure for nigh on everything. However, it remains illegal to say food or herb products can act as a cure for anything yet since 1997 we’ve lived in a world where medicinal products can be advertised on TV claiming they treat all kinds of diseases & disorders. Confounding the issue further is the fact often these drugs carry terrible side effects, while some even lead to suicide.

I first read of Dr Noakes plight in Ian R. Crane’s group Humanity vs Insanity. Dr Noakes developed a treatment for Cancer called GcMAF which can save up to 200,000 lives a year in the UK alone. No Chemo or Radio therapy required. Wonderful so you’d think. End result – Doctor Noakes is sent to prison! How can it be? And what of the charities for cancer research that regularly advertise on TV begging for your money? Surely they have to be scams because the harsh reality is THE LAST THING THEY WANT IS A CURE! Ian recounts the story in this clip –

I followed this mainly because a similar story some 10 years earlier acted as a catalyst for me to take up writing on social media. Yesterday Dr Noakes was released from Wandsworth prison after serving 5 months, so I thought I’d go along, link up with everyone there & put together a post in order to raise more awareness. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Ian I’d have never known about this. It was great meeting the good Doctor, Ian & all those who’d offered support but I couldn’t help but feel so sad for what Dr Noakes has had to go through. Wandsworth prison really isn’t a nice place & to think how they let off all the Pedophiles in Westminster. What a sick world we live in.


After –

When I first heard of this my mind flashed back some 10 years when a good friend told me of the horrific case of Doctor Burzynski who was based in Texas. Apparently he could treat the most virulent cancerous brain tumors without the use of Chemo or radio therapy. Moreover, many of his patients were given the all clear. I didn’t believe it yet I knew my friend was no story-teller.

So I watched the video he sent me & was truly flabbergasted. Dr. Burzynski indeed had an effective treatment for one of the worst types of cancer, yet not only was he confronted with obstacles at every turn, the contemptible FDA, the Food & Drug Administration, treated him as if he was a criminal. I mean I knew we were being lied to by the media; 9/11 had to be an inside job; it was abundantly clear evil folk were calling the shots. However, at the time I never imagined the Pharmaceutical industry, energy, armaments & above all, the banking industry, were all inextricably linked. This is why I said the same people are responsible for locking up Julian Assange. It’s one ginormous cabal of gangsters!

Cut a long story short, Cancer cures were & are being deliberately withheld from the public. Chemotherapy was a staggering $50 BILLION A YEAR INDUSTRY IN THE US ALONE. (This was over 10 years ago). Yet this method of treatment was developed in the 40’s in other words it’s archaic! This Burzynski movie explains why Chemotherapy remains the main course of treatment for malignant cancer tumors. What can one say? Here we have a crime of Nuremberg Proportions – a crime against humanity. I’ve posted this video half a dozen times on FB. If you haven’t already seen it, be prepared to be shocked.


  • Julian Payne

    I just checked out cancer research website regarding antineoplaston treatment, and the usual scaremongering that applied to gcmaf also is prevalent here.

    The usual ‘There is not enough reliable evidence to use it as a cancer treatment’!

    The best one is ‘ There is not enough reliable evidence that it can help to treat cancer’

    And there’s more evidence that chemotherapy and radiotherapy treats it more effectively?? More likely to kill you than cure you.

    How are we ever going to rid the world of these criminals?. It’s a hard pill to swallow realising these so called charities are a front for keeping the drug money rolling in.

    It makes me sick realising all the people I have known who have gone through the suffering that this disease brings, while real cures are buried, often along with the people that create them.

    • I know exactly how you feel Julian – these people are so depraved & like I said they’re all inextricably linked. Bad enough they’re suppressing cures but how sick to use cancer research as a front for just another massive fraud. Most people have no idea all the charities that advertise on TV are simply Zionist scams. They literally do not pass up a single opportunity & it’s all done through media control. None of this could ever happen if they didn’t have full control over the MSM. It’s amazing how low humans can sink.

      • Julian

        You’re always on the money Michael, and I recently started following Ian R Crane a few months back, which. Is how I got to hear about gcmaf.

        Keep up the great work Michael, and let’s make as many people aware as possible.

  • Linda

    We have just had the year from hell, my son diagnosed with Melanoma from sunburn and then during one of the scans they found a mass in his bowel. After numerous ops he is now on immunotherapy, it boosts the immune system to fight melanoma. It cost 5000 per treatment and he has to have it two weekly, then monthly for a year.. we get it for free here in Australia. The mass in his bowel turned out to be benign, if it had not been it would have been chemo. He says he would never have had chemo and all the patients in the amazing ward he was in hated what it was doing to their bodies. Having had large discussions with all the other patients, they all thought cheaper better alternatives were being kept from them by greedy big phama. I agree! I’m so happy that the last scan showed no cancer in my sons body, the staff and treatment he has received have been second to none. Now my dog has cancer in his paw, they liberally spray glyphosate all over the pavements here. They make a killing not just through humans. They would never allow a cure, can you imagine how much money those bastards would lose.

    • I’m so sorry Linda. You’ve been through so much. Hopefully you’ve turned the corner. What really is so unsettling is that your case is anything but an isolated one. So many people I know or hear about have to endure the kind of hell you’ve been through. And what is so infuriating is IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! It’s just a few unbelievably greedy, sick people who are doing this. I’m beside myself thinking hoe they can live with themselves inflicting so much needless pain. Their crime is so great I feel there exists no adequate punishment.

  • M Zaki

    Allah promised humanity that there is no disease for which He didn’t provide is a cure and I’m pretty sure chemo and big pharma aren’t that cure.

    There’s no money in a cure – for anything. The money is in the “research” and “treatment”. So as long as there’s primarily a profit motive, don’t expect any cures.

  • John Pike

    this is an area ive been into for over 20 years,got most of my info from reg gill who died in prison,he was deffo set up,i had one of his ifas machines,it was brill,worst thing i did was sell it when i was out of the top of my head,cancer cures or docs who could cure-dr.hulda clark,hoxey,gerson,royal ramond rife,willheim riech,gaston neesans,rennie caisse(essiac)contreras clinic(mexico)linus pauling(vit c),laetrile,b17,bicarb soda(doc in italy),all demonised,some imprisoned.r.caisse was curing people of terminal cancer for over 30 years under constant threat of imprisonment

  • Please, I’m not a doctor. I employed 4 scientists and 7 doctors, the most senior being Professor Marco Ruggiero MD. We supplied 240 doctors and over 100 other doctors were too scared and got their patients to purchase it direct. We saved 8,000 patients from 50 different diseases and 800 from terminal stage 4 cancer.
    GcMAF is 1% the cost of chemo, 40 times as effective, and as a human protein it has no side effects.
    The MHRA, big pharma and Parliament have been concealing it for 25 years, and killed two million people in the process.
    Put in the NHS it would save 120,000 lives a year.
    Please read, and search “Teri Davis Newman.”

    • Oh dear, I’m really sorry David. We briefly met the other day & I mentioned I wanted to put together a piece to highlight this scandal. I tried contacting you & I thought I got the wrong email. I also contacted Ian trying to get more information but he never got back to me. So I went ahead & to be honest the post received a terrific response so I was quite pleased.
      Tomorrow I will endeavor to add all the information you’ve given me onto the post. Best wishes – Michael

    • Fredi Hazeem

      Thanks for sharing the fist hand info David.

  • Ian

    Can this treatment be got in the UK or throughout Europe?

  • Eileen Brophy

    A friend on told me that there is a risk of Lyn Thyer, who has worked with David Noakes, being extradited to France and that there is also a risk of the same thing happening to David Noakes. She told me that she is going to write a LOT of letters tomorrow to try and prevent the extradition and that she is very indignant about the whole situation. I am too, my sister is suffering from bone cancer and knows nothing about such a wonderful cure and when I tell her about the negative effects of chemotherapy, she calls me a lunatic!! These big pharma criminals are killing people or letting people die, simply because they want money and are not at all interested in curing cancer or other serious health problems if they can’t make money at the same time.

    I found this link Michael which says how even the Judge did not agree with accusing David of a crime, plus the information about extradition of Lyn. I just hope that they remain safe and sound in the UK.

    • It’s a typically disturbing case. We’re dealing with the worst kind of mafia. These are the people in control. I met David Noakes. Great guy who just wants to cure sick folk. It’s disgusting what’s going on.

  • Marigold Clevely

    Is there any way we can somehow unite and be a real threat to all the dreadful lying that is going on. Ian crane does a great job but not many people know about him. I only do because Lynda Thyer told me. I grieve for her in this cold weather.
    How can we unite and form a stronger voice? I went on the demonstration we did in London back in September. We had quite a lot of people but how can we form a united front and attract more to join us.

    • Sorry for not replying earlier Marigold. I’ve decided to stop writing so I only look at my website once a week.
      Of course what you ask is the $64,000 question. Sadly I’m beginning to think we have little chance of ever uniting mainly because the media’s main job is to keep us divided. They do this a number of ways. It would take a while to explain this in depth but one thing is certain – the media, after 100+ years of telling out-&-out lies, have now perfected their modus operandi of Divide & conquer. The dumbing-down process, as well as austerity have helped in their cause because the last thing they want is people asking serious questions & by making it as tough as possible for the vast majority of working people to have the time or the inclination to care about anything that’s not directly relevant to their own lives, it is difficult to see how we can ever utilise the only power we possess – strength in numbers. Zionist media control remains the key. This is what we have to somehow unlock.

  • Eileen

    My sister has bone cancer and I told her and my other sister that there are alternative treatments that are much more efficient than chemotherapy and they told me that I was talking rubbish and that the only efficient treatment is chemo. If so many people are brainwashed by mainstream media, how can we unite people Marigold? People need to know the truth first and that is very difficult with mainstream media telling their lies and standing out much more than other alternative sources. They are doing the same to homeopathy, when that is also efficient. I used it on my dog and cat when they had health problems and it worked. It couldn’t be a placebo effect because they didn’t know what I was giving them to treat their health problems. All the Big Pharma care about is money, money and more money!!

    • Sorry to hear about your sister Eileen yet how sad is it that these people aren’t prepared to even try to help themselves? It astonishes me no end how so many people rely on Chemotherapy – A 50 YEAR OLD TREATMENT THAT IS NOW A $75 BILLION PER YEAR INDUSTRY!

  • Eileen

    It is well known, if people investigate, that Chemotherapy does more harm than good, even doctors refuse to accept that treatment.
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