CANADA: Meet The New Boss – Same As The Old Boss.

Harper out/Trudeau in – the more I think about this, the more I feel this is a case of deja-vu – out of the frying pan, into the fire! Remember how we all felt when we couldn’t wait to see the back of GW? Not that I wanted Obama. I was a RON PAUL man. Still, I wanted Obama to slaughter Romney. Now I realise Obama, Romney – there would have been nothing in it. What we’d have ended up with either way is what we got – a continuation of GW’s policies. 


To be honest I should have known this before the last US Presidential election. What difference if they have a willing puppet like Romney or a not so willing one like Obama? For the dual national Zionists in the US it was all about stopping RON PAUL. That was the key. Of course people like Netanyahu want the lot. That’s why he threw his weight behind Romney & by doing so destroyed any chance he may have had. Nice one Nutty!


And I sure wanted to see the back of that lousy, no-good piece of shit Harper & even after what’s happened with Bush & Obama I’ll step out on a limb & say – surely Trudeau cannot be as bad? And I don’t buy all this nonsense about pulling the Canadian military out of Syria as anything special. The Russians made that decision for him. But I took one hard look at this baby-face & all I felt was pain. This guy’s ego is already in the stratosphere yet he’s nothing. I don’t like it one little bit.


DAN DICKS, who’ve I’ve seen appear on the Corbett Report, gives a pretty accurate account of what to expect – 


Here’s Dan Dicks with JC on the Corbett Report – 





  • Lesa & Al

    Photo ops, attack ads, speech writers and people believe one person is actually in control .. Libs and Cons are nothing but puppets for the shadow government … Oil and gas, military industrial complex and central banksters … We are in for another rough ride unless people wake up and stop believing in fairy tales .. and take matters into their own hands .. start demanding real change … first order of the day .. bring back the Bank of Canada for the People … please help share this info

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