Censorship is a Bane of Mankind – as Governments Secretly Strive to Censor the Internet.

Censorship for kids on certain things I’m all for. Censorship for adults I couldn’t be more against. Everyone should get this into their heads – THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO RESTRICT WHAT OUR EYES SEE & OUR EARS HEAR! THE INTERNET IS OURS! That’s why if I was given one wish how best to improve mankind, on my short list would be to outlaw censorship. Yes! Surprised? You see I’m in no doubt – HISTORY IS RADICALLY ALTERED FOR THE WORSE AS A RESULT OF CENSORSHIP!


Before I qualify this statement ask yourself – what right has anyone to decree this is not for your eyes? One tiny example – look what’s happening to the £10 million that the people of the UK have so far spent on the Chilcott inquiry? Just today I heard our major ally America is refusing to release classified information regarding the two war criminals Blush & Blair. Moreover, our current ‘leader’ has been in power for 5 years yet in 2010 as leader of the opposition he had the gall to moan that the inquiry’s findings were being held back! REALLY NOW? Well if they were Cameron, WHAT A GOOD JOB YOU’VE DONE SINCE! 


Government censorship


Not to mention how Cameron’s deemed the crucial data on the Black Boxes of Flight MH17, which would prove who’s really responsible for shooting it down, isn’t for anyone’s eyes! What makes this infinitely worse, in the meantime he’s allowed to blame Russia’s President for this outrageous crime so as to render a world super-power an enemy of this country. Why isn’t the media constantly badgering Cameron with ‘okay. We hear what you say about Putin but you’ve got the evidence in your hands. SHOW US YOU SLIMY PIECE OF SHIT!’ Of course we should know exactly why the media’s blatantly neglecting to do its duty & as a result we’re fobbed off with the same crud – ‘it’s in the interests of national security…. & blah, blah, blah!’


You can bet your bottom dollar –

1) The government is lying.
2) The government is enforcing a cover up.
3) The government is responsible for a heinous crime.
4) What’s being censored is the truth!
5) If you knew the truth, many of the policies we see today, the very policies that are pushing us toward WW III, could never occur.

Therefore, I cannot begin to stress the significance – HISTORY IS RADICALLY ALTERED FOR THE WORSE AS A RESULT OF CENSORSHIP! Here are some examples –

1) The confiscation of CCTV footage from 38 cameras that surround the Pentagon. What earthly reason does the US government have for not allowing those who pay their wages to see what actually happened at the Pentagon on the day of 9/11?
Conclusion – this CCTV evidence would have proved 9/11 was an inside job. Thus the war on terror, the deaths of 2 million innocent folk, the chaos & destruction of several Arab/Muslim states, the surveillance state & all the laws since ie the Patriot & NDA Acts as well as the militarization of the police – NONE OF THIS COULD EVER HAVE OCCURRED!


2) The censorship of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn book “Two Hundred Years Together”. This man after all was a Russian dissident who spent years in a gulag! He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1970 for literature. This man’s credibility cannot be questioned yet this book was censored in North America & several European countries. Why? Because this book detailed how the Ashkenazi fake Jews (the very people who are responsible for Israeli policy), were the ring-leaders in one of the most vile episodes in the history of mankind. The Bolshevic Revolution of 1917 heralded the start of the systematic annihilation of some 66 million Russians. Some of the methods of torture & death were so revolting it beggars belief how any human could be so evil. Ironically, so sickening are some of the accounts paradoxically one can understand censorship because this is not for the faint-hearted. Believe me – I’ve read it.
Conclusion – I can go on forever here so use your imagination. The possibilities are endless so I’ll just say this – it doesn’t look too good when the very people who forever remind us that 6 million Jews supposedly died in the Holocaust were actually responsible for the massacre of 66 million Russians. Pot calling the kettle black, they vunt to vipe us off the map, they are killing our vimin & our children, Israel vunts peace & so on & so on!


3) There’s the JFK assassination; the attack on the USS Liberty; I can carry on listing examples – each & every time the public has a right to know everything yet all we ever hear – ‘it’s classified!’
Conclusion – the undeniable truth is the integral reason why the greatest gangsters in history control the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany etc. You know what I’m talking about & more crucially who. Trouble is, that Z word is well, almost classified. You see they’re working on that too!




PS: If you think this is all hogwash I suggest you go & look in a mirror & recite these words – I am a victim. I have been brainwashed……… over & over again. You never know – it might do the trick!


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