Censorship is a road that leads to Tyranny

The moment anyone imposes any kind of restriction on what you can or cannot say, the loudest alarm bells should ring. Reaction should be no different than if someone suddenly pulled a gun out in front of you. Of course, the immediate act of censorship feels nothing like the threat & the very real fear one encounters when confronted by a firearm. Yet I can assure you – turning a blind eye to the censorship we’re witnessing today, WILL RESULT IN SOMEONE ONE DAY POINTING A GUN AT YOU… …….. which conveniently leads me to another moot point – WHY DO YOU THINK THEY DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE GUNS?

Soon after Theresa May became Prime Minister she wasted no time making all the wrong noises. I immediately got the feeling she, like Cameron, was going to be the perfect Zionist puppet. Of course, unlike Corbyn no one voted for her. At the time I couldn’t believe she was even a minister. I know it may sound daft but she has no major achievements to her name. Her finest quality is being as slippery as an eel, so two-faced she’s well on her way to establishing a third front! So I wrote this letter to her –

Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is essential. Questioning is to learn & advance. Questioning is everything! Not that it will make any difference to you but a great man of English ancestry once said something very profound. He was America’s 3rd President & one of the Founding Fathers. His name Thomas Jefferson. He said ‘dissent is the highest form of patriotism.’

If God exists, he, she or it gave us the right to think. We asked for no such favours. This was a gift Nature bestowed upon us. It therefore goes without saying – no one has any right or justification to declare, ‘what we do or say cannot be challenged.’ As well as being the ultimate insult, to compound this diabolical monstrosity, ‘anyone who defies us will be breaking the law & punished accordingly’ is tantamount to saying ‘we can behave exactly like Mafiosi gangsters & there’s nothing you can do about it.’

You are a mere puppet who’s selling your country & the people you’re supposed represent down the river, all to a bunch of Zionist banker psychopaths who are hell bent on establishing a New World Order. How on earth do you people sleep? Maybe it’s because you know the majority of UK citizens have no idea your despicable Tory government has all but declared war on them & I have to admit, nothing angers me more than the deceitful manner in which you & the media con the public. I hope I live to see the day where traitors like you get their just rewards. I feel this is more than likely to be wishful thinking because I for one have no intention of holding back. It is a fundamental right to question & I will question anything I so choose. To hell with you!


In 1986 I was working for my Uncle in Geneva Switzerland. We were having a chat about general things & I said – “FOR THE WORLD IT SEEMS WERE GOING BACK TO THE DAYS OF JULIUS CAESAR!”

At the end of 2015 I wrote an article explaining why I said this. It’s the first time I’ve read it since & it’s pretty interesting. (Check out the last two paragraphs especially).

And the bad news is this: Ask anyone who’s followed me over 7 years on social media. Many will say good, entertaining writer. Others will say fine judge on several topics but ask about my record when it comes to making predictions? On the one side I’m fortunate having a well-functioning brain. However, in my case there’s a terrible downside – I’m a Chronic Insomniac. The specialist at the sleep clinic said he’s never seen a case like this. My brain never seems to switch off. For 40 years it’s been driving me round the bend.

But then there’s a downside if you don’t exercise your brain. It’s like a muscle & therefore, if you don’t use it, you lose it! This is why so many people out there are seemingly brain dead. Is it their fault? I think not. More a product of the society we’ve been brought up in. Most people have a devils own job worrying about ‘normal’ day to day activities. This is entirely deliberate for the last thing the elite need are people who think & thus ask questions. They much prefer slaves & I’m afraid to say we’re pretty much there. Most people are oblivious so it’s a tall order trying to alert folk to the very real dangers facing us. The truth is all the skulduggery occurring today can be equated to the elite trying to rid themselves of the one problem they have. What’s that you may ask? US! You see the one thing they do not possess is the one thing we have – strength in numbers. It’s the only threat that faces them.

I feel I know what they’re up to & why. This is my forte – analytical prowess & I’ll tell you now, I’ve met many that leave me behind on the academic front. However, even these people readily admit I have a unique ability to unravel the truth. If you prefer to think ‘what a bighead’ then more fool you. This is not about giving it the big I am. This is all about self-preservation. Only morons lacking common sense have big egos.This is merely a demonic side-effect of human nature so let’s drop all that shit now because there’s zero doubt in my mind – censorship is bad enough but when it’s being utilised by the greatest gangsters ever then you can bet your life, it’s a precursor to tyranny, may I add, the worst kind of tyranny imaginable.


  • Roy G

    Another good and true piece Michael…
    The world is moving closer with great similarities to all the futuristic films i used to watch in the 70s and 80s.
    Our world been controlled by policing and loud speakers commanding us to follow lines etc etc.. and ofcourse our zombie population falling for it..
    And the latest futuristic is ” Hanger Games ” ,where the people are fighting in arenas for survival and entertaining the wealthy like they did in the old Roman arenas..
    God ( if there’s one up there ) bless us…

    • Thanks Roy. I must admit when I said that to my uncle back in 86 he didn’t think I was mad because he already knew I was one for making bold predictions. A year before that when Ayrton Senna was driving for Ted Toleman, I told him this guy is phenomenal – he won’t just become a multiple world champion but also be regarding as one of the greatest drivers ever.
      I still think we’ve got them worried though I wish to hell we were more organised.

  • Censorship, Austro turf, shadow banning, corrupt search engines, fake news, propaganda are at epic proportions, and only going to get worse.

    Platforms like FB, blocking people, an purging accounts is horrific. Accounts like The Free Thought Project, millions of followers, just purged. Years, thousands of hours, families, workers, destroyed at a whim. Wrapping barb wire around out tongues, and no means of address, or relief. I would love to see a class action law suit for billions in damages filed. But the courts are as corrupt and dirty as the corporate media.

    Not a single politician is standing up against the war against truth.

    • That’s right Fredi. This is why I forever telling people to follow this rule of thumb – ‘WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!’ If every activist just opened the eyes of one person, it would make a huge difference. I’m telling you – I convert at least 3 people every week with my media line. It’s something that’s very easy to back up.

  • Linda

    Love the letter to May, absolutely brilliant! I had a nice image of her sat reading it and choking to death. Roll on the next election, sooner the better.

    • Indeed Linda. That’s exactly what I thought. How would she feel reading (if she ever did) & at that moment I added ‘TO HELL WITH YOU!’
      I’m convinced they’re going to cheat big time in the election.

  • neil unwin

    Your opinions are exactly right Michael. But please,dont forget that n0-one is allowed to criticise the terrorist criminal Israeli regime. Unless they are prepared to be labelled an Anti-semite of course- a term that is fast approaching being (if not already) past its sell by date, with regards to criticism of Israel.. The re-defining of Anti-semitism just to enable the demonising of critics of Israel is so bloody obvious to some of us- but not to the majority of the brainwashed masses unfortunately..

    • Thanks Neil – I think the good news is more people are realising the Zionists have way too much power. I think here in England the demonising of Jeremy Corbyn was just way over the top. They are getting desperate.


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