Challenge the State – you’re mentally Ill! UK Column News 8th Feb

Whether it was Thomas Jefferson or Howard Zinn who said –

“dissent is the highest form of patriotism”

– who this quote should be attributed to is of scant concern for the treachery of Cameron’s government has long since reached biblical proportions. Under our very noses our most basic rights are being stripped away. For many though it hardly appears so because the very people they rely on for news are very much part of the whole coup.


As per usual there’s lots more. I’m going to highlight what I believe is most crucial but these guys do a fantastic job so it’s well worth listening to the whole show, as I try to do for every edition.


Two days ago, I posted a David Icke video which stated mere traffic wardens will be given special powers, if & when civil disorder breaks out. They will actually have the power to enter your home without a warrant. This will be because the Police may be too busy! Now think about this. Most traffic wardens are from ethnic minorities. If they were to follow such orders do I really need to say this could be a recipe for disaster? Don’t blame the traffic wardens – THIS IS DOWN TO CAMERON & HIS ZIONIST BUDDIES!


UK Column highlights how this abortion of a Home Secretary, Teresa May (33 minutes) who’s never achieved anything of any note yet has been given the job of stripping us of our rights. Of course she’s the proverbial puppet on a string. Following orders after being donated such monstrous powers is all in a good day’s work. It matters none this woman is hardly capable of organising a piss-up in a brewery! Stay with the video for 10 minutes & you’ll see how May is setting up these new ‘agencies’ like MASH – the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hob. Note the use of the word SAFEGUARD – a typical Zionists marketing trick – to fool people into think it’s for the public’s safety.


Incredible as it may seem, an unqualified nobody from MASH can knock on your door, decide you’re a bit loopy-loo & as a result, they can take you away to a ‘secure unit’. UK Column is correct in saying this is for the purpose of silencing dissenters because these are the first people who will be targeted. I however, prefer to be a touch more blunt – THIS IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF ERADICATING DISSENT!


It is imperative everyone understands who Cameron is working for – ZIONIST BANKERS! How many more times do I have to say – he cares more for Israel than Britain. The Zionists have already made it clear they want to make criticism of Israel illegal. Small wonder – THEY’RE THE BIGGEST BASTARDS IN THE WORLD! OF COURSE THEY WANT TO DO THAT! You see what they have planned is infinitely worse than anything they’ve ever done before. Do I really need to keep reminding people of all their horrendous crimes? Well 100 years ago they tortured, mutilated & massacred 66 million Russians including the entire royal family. Now, they’re far more powerful, wealthy & organised! Let your imagination run wild……


Cameron has already stated he wants to eradicate 9/11 Truthers. Sure he does! The Zionists were responsible for that too! And don’t for one second think Cameron only has mass-murder in his heart. He’s already responsible for killing god knows how many in Libya & Syria. Look what happened to his long-time friend & adviser. My God! 18.30 minutes there’s the case of CHRISTOPHER SHALE. Check out this excellent piece by WAYNE MADSEN.


I won’t beat about the bush – Shale was about to spill the beans so Cameron signed his death warrant. The media duly played their role by saying sweet bugger all….. just as they did with JOHN SMITH, ROBIN COOK, DAVID KELLY, PHILIP MARSHALL, MICHAEL HASTINGS, ANDREW BREITBART, JFK, BOBBY, MLK, MALCOLM X, GHANDI, JOHN LENNON……. I can go on & on naming people who so obviously have been assassinated by the expressed orders of the Zionist banking fraternity.

Don’t you ever wonder how only those who have a conscience are the ones who die under a shroud of bullshit? I said I can go on & on naming good people whose lives were tragically cut short. Here’s a simple lesson – try listing all the worst vermin you can possibly imagine, you know – people who if anything in a more just world would even deserve assassination ie Cheney, Bush, Blair, Cameron – they never bite the dust prematurely! There’s Netanyahu….. & just about every Israeli Prime Minister – funny how the only one who wanted peace……. Yitzhak Rabin…….


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