Charleston Shootings – What Needs To Be Said by STORM CLOUDS GATHERING.

A few days ago, while I was undergoing ‘browse through 572 notifications time’ I came to a tag – click – & off I went to the group INFIDELS OF BRITAIN. Lovely. It took me all of two seconds to see why my good friend Linda Morrison tagged me. Soul-destroying to say the least – bad enough FB censorship, specifically engineered to ensure all the preachers they don’t like ie those who see a splinter from a California Redwood, tend to end up merely preaching to the converted. My message; if ever I had a message that the media is our enemy – don’t let them make it a race war; they’re playing you; don’t fall for their unadulterated bullshit; they’re deliberately creating this hatred; this is all about divide & conquer, as a result rarely gets to where it’s truly needed.

Talk about upsetting my chemicals. This post featured a thoroughly pissed off Islamic religious freak erupting from every orifice. Of course the last thing the Zionist controlled media will ever publicise is the voice of Islamic reason which just so happens to outnumber Mr Sharia religious freak by 10 to 1. We never hear what they have to say! Instead Mr Islamic Gumba is sought out like one of those life-forms on Star trek, to seek out so that this brainless geriatric is donated Speaker’s corner & a microphone to boot so that he can spout his bile.

Sure enough – all the 6 pack loving, pizza take-away gorging, x-factor, Britain’s got talent fanatics piled in like a herd of wildebeest charging into a Nile tributary, infested with crocs that hadn’t had a square meal in a month of Sundays! I couldn’t believe what I was reading – 100’s upon 100’s of comments, one after the other telling Mr I like to pray 14 times a day, just where to get off! Talk about being reeled in….. hook, line & sinker. So I spent an hour writing a piece; I posted it ………. & what a waste of time! Then today I received this clip from STORM CLOUDS GATHERING which effectively echoed my very words – WE’RE BEING PLAYED!  WAKE UP, WON’T YOU!





For the record, this is what I wrote……….

From what I see here….. dearie me! WE’re bang in trouble. For crying out loud – the people masquerading as our elected representatives WANT THIS! Precisely what you lot are saying! TO CREATE HATE IN ORDER TO DIVIDE & CONQUER. Can’t you see the only people being killed in this so-called war OF terror are Arabs & Muslims? Of course they’re pissed off – the only people ISIS are killing are THEM! Wake up for Christ sake! The only real terrorists are the dual national Zionists & Israelis who carried out 9/11 for the specific purpose of creating the very Islamophobia we are now seeing on this thread.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe all religions yearn for the world to be under their God. Islam is no exception but since they’re greatest enemy are Zionists, they’ve been singled out for special treatment – this is what 9/11 was all about – to make people believe Muslims are terrorists who are against our freedoms. But…… to believe the official account of 9/11….. you’ve got to be brain dead! The media never once followed the money; they refused to ask Cui Bono – this should have made it obvious who was really behind 9/11. Why would Zionists lie for anyone else?

So, the US & UK to a lesser extent, embark on what was the plan all along – to destroy all the countries Israel wanted to see destroyed. Just watch Major Wesley Clark’s famous interview of how the plan all along was to take out these 7 Arab countries. Only Iran is left! This is precisely what’s occurred – any Arab leader who spoke out against Israel’s atrocious treatment of the Palestinians has either been killed or seen his country reduced to rubble. This is what’s happened! Only one country has gained from 9/11 – ISRAEL! Why do you thing the next day Netanyahu said ‘this is good for Israel?’ BECAUSE IT BLOODY WELL WAS! It’s the only time that piece of shit ever told the truth!

With the media totally in the hands of Zionists, it’s a relatively easy job not to publicise anything from the vast majority of moderate Muslims, while going out of their way to publicise fanatical bearded religious bozos for the sole purpose of vilifying Muslims! So far 2 million have been killed by the West in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen & Pakistan. When are the people in this thread ever going to ask themselves how they’d feel if 2 million of their own were being slaughtered or if they’re country was being reduced to rubble for no good reason?

It’s even been proved that the reasons given to flatten Iraq were entirely erroneous. I can name you the 3 Zionists who conjured up the lies – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith – 3 guys who also were part of the PNAC group which planned & executed 9/11. Of course the Zionist controlled media want to make people think Muslims are crazy, religious freaks! You name me one religion that’s not loaded to the brim with blithering idiots who believe all the claptrap written in these daft religious books? These hate preachers exist in every religion, most especially in Israel. The thing is they’re using their media control to highlight Islamic extremism so as to isolate Muslims throughout the world & manufacture civil strife.

In the US, Zionists are doing the same thing with Blacks & Whites as well as Muslims & Christians. This is how they do it – divide & conquer. If all you people can’t see you’re being played, I guarantee one day you will be in for a very rude awakening. You’ll realise who the real enemy was, except by then it will be too late. You don’t know it – the Illuminati, which was created in 1776 by the Rothschilds banking dynasty, has literally manufactured every war since & they’ve done so through their policy of Divide & Conquer in their quest to eventually create a one world government.

I suggest you listen to Myron Fagan’s 1967 speech regarding this goal or Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech which deals with how the Rothschilds engineered WWI, only to make sure that WW II would be inevitable. This created Israel. What’s occurred since 9/11 is for the realisation of Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel. Once you listen to these two speeches, which incidentally are by Jews who felt Zionism was a scourge on mankind, you will begin to realise how you are being programmed.


New News Source Please!

New News Source Please!


  • Linda Morrison

    Thanks Michael, tho I think the hate is so ingrained and the six to 24 packs well and truly drunk. Most of these people have had a crap education and hate is so much easier than reading books and trying to educate yourself.

  • Con Ken

    Telling us those poor Muslims r not telling the innocent westerns in Sweden Germany UK they r being attacked!

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